Henna Hair for Beginners ❤️ The Healthy, Natural way to Dye Hair at Home!

Henna Hair for Beginners ❤️ The Healthy, Natural way to Dye Hair at Home!

Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel.
Today we are going on a journey together we are going to dye my hair. If you guys
have been watching me for a while, either on one of my previous channels or on my
vlog channel, you know that I have probably had most natural hair colors
under the sun. I have had extremely dark hair that was borderline black; I have
had platinum blonde hair; multiple levels of brown in between, and I have ventured
into the more unnatural colors when my hair was blonde (on bits and pieces of my
hair, I don’t think I ever dyed my entire head of fun color). But I think out of all
of the colors I’ve ever colored my hair, my favorite of all time was red. Deep
down inside, I want to be a redhead so badly. I have wanted that my entire life.
This is my natural hair color I haven’t colored it for probably a few
years now. If I play in the sun enough it actually pulls a little bit red, but I,
alas, I’m not a redhead. But today that changes; we are going to make new redhead.
So like I mentioned, I have actually colored my hair red in the past. When my
hair was red, I could not take a shower without it bleeding out a little bit, and
I think that’s a pretty typical experience for most people who are not
natural redheads. But there is one way to get red hair and have it not fade over
time and that way is coloring your hair with henna. It is considered probably one
of the most permanent colors you can color your hair, and that’s actually
exactly why I wanted to give it a try. I want the red hair back, but I don’t
want it to fade. That’s where henna comes in. For those
of you who don’t know, henna is literally just ground-up leaves.
Henna comes from the plant called “lawsonia inermis”. I’m probably butchering that name, but that’s where it comes from. And it has been used for thousands of
years for body art, and to color your hair. It is not capable of lifting your
hair color. You will not be able to bleach your hair with henna. It can only
deposit color, so it essentially stains your hair. So you can’t be super, super
dark brown and color your hair with henna and be strawberry blonde; that’s
not really how it works. It can only deposit color, it can only stain your
hair color. But because of that, it’s actually a really healthy way to color
your hair. Anyway, I have never colored my hair with henna
before, so we are going to learn together Let’s get started! So the henna that
I’ll be using today is by Light Mountain Natural This is just in the color red
you can identify it because of the fox on the front. I personally got this henna
off of Amazon and I really like that, because it comes in a three pack for
like a grand total of about $15 I recently saw one package of
this particular henna brand at a health food store and it was going for like
$8 a package, so I think I got a pretty good deal. This particular brand
of henna is linked in the description bar below if you want to go check it out.
But no matter what kind of henna you’re using, no matter what brand, make sure you
read the ingredients label because you only want one ingredient in your henna
and that is pure henna This ingredient box only has “lawsonia inermis” in it
which is pure henna leaf powder that is exactly what you want if you are
coloring your hair with just henna Light Mountain Natural actually makes henna
blends, so depending on which box you pick up from this particular company, you
might notice that it has henna in it, as well as “indigo” or “cassia,” all of which
are completely natural dyes that are just prominent in nature, and have been
used for thousands of years to dye clothing, and skin, and hair. But in this
case, because I’m wanting a red I just want henna. And of course no matter what henna you’re using make sure you read the instructions. Instead of water as the mixing medium, I will actually be using tea. This is because
tea has a lower pH — it’s a little bit more acidic — and because it does have a
lower pH than pure distilled water, it will actually give your hair a more
golden hue, versus a more burgundy hue. I’m going for the golden hair look, so
that’s exactly what I want but if you do want a more true red color, or even a
more burgundy or deep purplish tone, I’ve linked a couple recipes in the
description bar below where you can figure out how to achieve that when
you’re mixing up your henna. I’m also squeezing the juice of a
whole lemon into my tea, just to add a bit more acidity, again for the golden
tones that I’m aiming for. Then, when I’m ready to go, I’m just going to mix my
henna with the tea that I brewed. The consistency that I was aiming for was
kind of a really thick pancake batter consistency, or like kind of stirred up
yogurt. And then when everything was all mixed together, I just covered it with
some saran wrap, and pressed it against the surface of the henna mixture, so that
way, no moisture could escape. In order to activate and actually dye your hair,
henna has to kind of sit and basically cure for a couple hours. I let my bowl
sit for about three or four hours. Once it was done, I actually went upstairs and
grabbed a little bit of leftover hair from my hairbrush and just applied the
henna to it and wrapped it in a bit of saran wrap, just to see kind of what
color I was gonna end up with. I let that sit in a warm place for another two and
a half or three hours, and rinsed it out. I was pretty happy with the color that I
was gonna be getting from my strand test so I went ahead and started to get my
battle station ready. I laid down towels everywhere, because henna is notoriously messy, and this particular henna recommended you apply it on clean, towel
dried hair, so I took a shower, I shampooed my hair, and I dried it just
a little bit. I sectioned my hair off and I applied some lotion to my hairline and
around my ears and on my neck, so that way, the henna wouldn’t stain my skin in
those areas. And then I just started painting it on. Whenever I dye my hair, I like to focus on the roots because I find that roots
are kind of the hardest spot to get for me So I started with the hardest spot
which was basically at the nape of my neck. Little by little, I took tiny sections and painted the roots for just a couple
inches or so down the length of my hair, and basically repeated that process all
over my head. It’s kind of hard to describe, so I just recommend watching this bit. When my roots were all don,e I was not
about to paint the entire length of my hair with that little brush, so I just
put on some gloves and I went to town, literally plopping it on the length of
my hair, and running it through with my fingertips. It was much faster this way,
and I recommend doing it that way. With the leftover henna that was left in
the bowl, I kind of massaged it through my hair just to make sure everything was
really, super saturated. Then I wrapped my hair up on top of my head with a bit of
saran wrap, wrapped it up in a towel, and I actually just went to bed, making sure
that my pillow was covered with a towel beforehand, just in case I had any
accidents. All right, so it is 10:30 in the morning now. I started the dyeing
process at about 9:30 last night and then I just went to bed. I tried to sleep
on it, but it was so heavy and awkward on my head — I ended up getting a
lot of neck pain as I was trying to sleep throughout the night, so I got up
and took a shower and rinsed everything out at about 12:30 or 1:00 o’clock in
the morning. So the henna was sitting on my head in my hair completely saturating
it for about three to four hours. Which is plenty long enough to get color
payout. So this is the color that I ended up with after about eight or nine
hours later. The funny thing about henna is that the full, true color of the henna
itself and how it will stain your hair doesn’t actually start to appear for at
least a couple days after you dye it. so So even right now, it’s a little bit orange
in spots, particularly up by my scalp because I’m sure my scalp got stained a
little bit. The skin staining will fade after a few days, and at the same time,
the color will develop an even deeper color. So like I said, this is a few hours
after the dyeing process this is the color that I’ve ended up with so far.
We’re gonna check in in a couple days and see what the color looks like then. Okay, so this is a couple days after I have colored my hair. You can see that my
roots are a little bit oily; I have not actually washed it with shampoo since
I’ve colored it. I have taken showers since I’ve colored it, I’ve rinsed
everything out with a little bit of conditioner, and some just warm water but
I haven’t actually washed it with soap yet, just because I wanted to make sure
that the color was settling as it should. I’ll probably actually take a shower
tonight with shampoo and we’ll see how the color payout is tomorrow, but so far,
I’m actually really really happy with the color payout. I love the color I have
gotten so far and roots are definitely a lot less orange
which is fantastic. I even colored my eyebrows a little bit which might look a
little bit orange because I actually did them a day after I henna’d my hair, so
there’s still a little bit more orange here than there is compared to my scalp. But now my eyebrows match my hair so I’m happy with that We’ll probably do one
more update once I wash my hair so we can kind of compare colors once
everything is complete, but this is after three days of not washing it, after henna-ing it, and this is the color payoff. Okay, so I think this is the final update for
my hair this is what it looks like after I didn’t wash it yesterday but the day
before yesterday so it has been shampooed, my scalp is no longer a weird
orange color, and I honestly really, really like the color that I’ve ended up
with. It’s a lot warmer, but it still looks pretty natural. I’ve noticed barely
any bleeding in the shower at all, I think what I have noticed is just a
little bit coming out when I was like shampooing it out for the first time and
I haven’t noticed it since which is amazing. My hair finally smells a little
bit more neutral; something that I didn’t expect when dyeing my hair with henna
was that it smelled a little bit like a barn for a little bit. It now no longer
smells like a barn, which is amazing. Yeah, so this has been my henna experience, my
first time dyeing my hair with henna. Like I said I’m really happy with the
results! You guys can feel free to follow me on my vlog channel, which is linked in
the upper right-hand corner, and also in the description bar below, if you kind of
want to see the updates and how it looks from here on out in a more candid kind
of way. Be sure to check out all of the resources that I provided in the
description bar below if you want to also dye your hair with henna I’ve
linked the Amazon link where I purchased the henna that I used Really, really happy with it so I hope you guys will be as well. I hope you guys enjoyed this
video and I will see you next time! Bye!

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  1. Hey guys! First of all, I'm SO happy that so many of you found this video helpful! Second of all, there are more videos like this to come, so if you haven't subscribed already, feel free to do so! ❤️ If you're curious about my day-to-day life as well, I invite you to come on over to my vlog channel and hang out! Things are about to be changing like crazy in my personal life (moving, new jobs, and just a fresh chapter in my life), so those vlogs are going to be a roller coaster for sure. You can check out the vlog channel here: https://www.youtube.com/culpfiction

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