Healthy Mindset For Weight Loss – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Healthy Mindset For Weight Loss – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

in order to be successful in anything
that you’re trying to do you need to get started today we’re gonna talk about how
do you get started on keto in a way that’s gonna pretty much guarantee your
success hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet
I’m Violet I’m a psychologist the reason to make these videos is how people to
understand that your physical health and your mental health come together to
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please subscribe before we can start anything we need to know what we’re
doing when people talk to me about weight which is often the first thing I
tell them is to do some research and it’s not just research into the diet
that you want to do you actually need to research what you have actually been
doing for the last X amount of years what I mean by that the first place that
I point people when they’re trying to understand why they weigh what they
weigh is at solid information about what causes weight gain eating too many
carbohydrates causes the body to store that’s the starting spot insulin pilots
off high levels of insulin also cause the body of the store another starting
spot eating high carb plus high fat or high carb plus high protein causes by
the store again when you look at those pieces of information the first thing
you need to do before you do anything else is look at what have I actually
been doing when you take a step back and look at your current diet what you’re
gonna find is that very likely you’re eating very high carb and well beyond
the numbers that it would take to fuel your body we only need about 20 grams of
carbs and I say need 20 grams of carbs is more than enough carbohydrates in a
day for people to be fueling their body in a way that allows them to eat food
that also tastes really well we can do it on zero carb though I mean that’s
just the truth so when we talk about how many carbs are too much on some level
anything more than one could technically be
called too many but we’re not going there today we’re talking about low carb
so truthfully anything you’re doing over 125 would be considered too much like
well too much and if you’re trying to live a ketogenic lifestyle anything
you’re doing over 20 would be well too much but keep in mind we need zero
that’s part one asking people to take the time to really study how many carbs
they’re having on a daily basis now when I ask people do this they usually come
back with some number between 275 and 400 and 400 is a real number that I’ve
gotten like four four or five three and I need whatever I’ve gotten that number
from someone more likely it’s around 300 and the thing is is that we need to keep
in mind if my body actually technically needs zero carbs from the environment so
why do we need zero carb from the environment because we can create carbs
so if my body needs zero carbs from the environment and I’m eating 300 grams of
carbs per day this helps to explain why I’m gaining weight
but there’s more to this okay how much fat am i eating because I’m eating carbs
well when you eat carbohydrates especially anything over 20 grams your
body is in the position where it’s burning carbohydrates primarily for fuel
because that’s the safest thing for to do since we don’t need extraneous
carbohydrates if we are eating them the first thing I body’s going to try to do
is neutralize the excess that means any extra carbs are going to get stored away
fat any extra carbs are gonna get stored away as glycogen and any extra carbs
that can be used right away will be used right away now why is this important for
us to know while my body is storing carbohydrates as fat it will store any
accompanying fat and protein along with it right while my body is in storage
mode it’s in storage mode and why is that well basically there’s too much
energy if my body has too much energy it will put it away so if I’m giving my
body 300 grams of carbs per day with is well more than it needs from
carbohydrates but I’m also giving my body another hundred grams of fat which
is another energy source well what’s happening now well I’ve got and maybe I
mean I’m even only giving my body 50 grams of fat it doesn’t really matter
how much fat I’m giving myself it’s another energy source as well as a
macronutrient that we need to survive so on some level wheat we have to eat that
again don’t need to eat carbs but we have to you fat so my body will put away
that excess energy at the same time as putting away the exit because excess
energy is still excess energy so right taking this picture of what I’m doing
right now I know what my starting point is this is the way of eating that has
allowed me to gain weight over the years and it might not have been a lot of
weight it might have been anything from half a pound to two pounds a year but
the thing is is that if I gain half a pound to two pounds a year and I’m now
in my 40s consider and and we’re not gonna count the years 20 and be low so
just talk about that last 20 years that’s 40 pounds now some people
especially if you’re eating on the higher end of that carb number maybe 325
350 you’re very likely gaining more than that actually many people are gaining
more than that some people are doing 345 pounds a year again over 20 years it
really adds up understanding where I’m starting helps me to plan better for
myself long term what’s the next thing we need to learn so now I have a picture
of where I’m starting I also need to have a picture of what I’m trying to
accomplish so let’s talk about a ketogenic livestock’s I feel like it’s
the best example that I can give and it’s the example that solves the
carbohydrate problem and I really feel that if you’re trying to solve a problem
then going with the answer that actually solves a problem is the smarts way to go
so I’m gonna explain to you why I say that if I do a low carb lifestyle which
is totally possible it’s possible to be at a very healthy weight and low carb
light however one thing I would point out is
that in order for me to look very healthy lifestyle on a little carb
lifestyle what that means is that I come in to this story already a good way I’m
already in a position where my body is using the energy that is getting in a
very efficient manner I’m not having any signs of insulin
resistance I’m not having any signs of inflammation my body is functioning
really well at 120 grams of carbs or less per day
and so if I walk into the story with that type of health but I want to make
sure that I’m future-proofing myself keeping my grams of carbs 120 or less is
going to make sure that I’m future-proofing myself but for everybody
else everybody who’s coming into this situation because you’re trying to lose
weight because you already have signs of insulin resistance or even worse you
might have some kind of metabolic issue like Oh diabetes like PCOS like obesity
like heart disease like Alzheimer’s like okay so my point is if you already have
some signs that metabolically you’re not doing well doing a low carb lifestyle is
not where you should be looking because you’re already not doing well so then
what do we do we’re looking at a ketogenic lifestyle okay so let’s talk
about that why is a ketogenic lifestyle gonna solve what a low-carb lifestyle
does it it’s got 20 grams of carbs as we’ve been told over and over and over
by dr. Westman that famous white coat video when you eat 20 grams of carbs or
less most people will fall into a state where they are burning fat for fuel this
is most people for those people who can eat 20 grams of carbs per day or less
and still be burning carbohydrates you need to go even lower which means that’s
how much your insulin is not being regulated well by your body that’s how
much the carbohydrates are actually affecting you if you need to go down to
50 if you need to go down to ten if you
need to do carnivore your body’s already screaming to you the amount of
carbohydrates you’re eating is hurting your body now again let’s talk about why
this is happening when you eat 20 grams of carbs or less so most of the
population your body switches over into a ketogenic state this is the normal
state that humans used to be in all the time in this state your body will take
the energy that it receives proteins and fats and the very small amount of carbs
that you’re giving it it will take that energy and it will use that energy to
fuel itself it will use that energy to build its body and that energy is being
is coming from the fat that you’re eating because you’re not eating that
much carbs the fact that you’re eating is giving you energy and it’s giving you
those fatty acids that you cannot produce yourself which is why it’s so
important allowing yourself to eat a proper diet that fuels your body
efficiently and it gives you all the energy that you so the energy that you
need and those fatty acids that you need remember most of our body is made of
some sort of membrane so some kind of cell membrane and cell membranes are
made up so that’s part one in order for me to do an appropriate
diet I need to do the research about why the diet that I’m going to do will work
so that’s the diet part and where I’m starting from why is what I’m doing
right now not working if I don’t know why it’s not working I’m not gonna know
what I’m trying to fix and then you need to implement okay this is again trickier
than it sounds you know I’ll go it’s amazing to me when I talk to people and
they tell me I’m doing a key to their lifestyle and you know things are going
well and I’ve lost weight but now I’m stalled and do that and then when I
start to talk to them about you know okay what kind of things they’re eating
and what kind of schedule of food they’re on they so they said they’re
doing a ketogenic lifestyle but then when they’re talking
specifically what they’re doing it sounds like what they’re actually doing
is eating a lot of fat but their understanding of what proteins do in the
body is not there so they’re not at all focused on having the right amount of
proteins and they’re not even necessarily choosing their protein
source in a way that’s beneficial to their body so what I mean by that is we
need to eat meat to get all of the amino acids that we need we can get a good
number of amino acids from plants but we can’t get them all so one of the things
that I’ll see is that people are heavy on the plant and plant proteins so
they’ll be doing things like shakes they’ll be doing things like replacement
bars etc which are usually using plant-based proteins and but then
they’re not feeling great and they don’t understand or they’re not losing well
and they don’t understand why this is not functioning for them again we need
to understand that our body being animals and being the kind of animal
that needs to eat animals then we need to eat animals now I know that that
doesn’t seem like the popular thing to say I know that that’s not the
politically correct thing to say but it’s the truth thing to say so many of
us are putting our ideas about how the world’s functioning before our personal
health or we’re so focused on getting correct macronutrient percentages that
were not focused on where those proteins are coming from where those fats are
coming from eating a certain amount of fat isn’t gonna necessarily stop me from
having inflammation if the fat source is man-made process so canola oil vegetable
oil like these oils that need to be chemically extracted they’re still gonna
hurt my body compared to butter compared to lard compared to olive oil coconut
oil which are naturally occurring oils I’m trying to help you to understand
that when you’re doing your research part of the research is learning what’s
a healthy protein source for human what’s a healthy fat source for a human
and then using that information when you’re choosing your foods for your
meals so that you can create appropriate meals and create the best possible body
that’s gonna get you further into the future the planning process the planning
stage of all of this is so important you need to do your research so that you
know what you’re trying to accomplish now there are so many people that talk
about how long does it take to change a habit and how long does it take to you
know be able to do something without having to think about it a lot and
honestly yeah there’s a lot of information on that but it’s really
gonna depend on you here’s the thing how long have you been struggling with your
weight because it’s a habit for sure but it’s even more than a hat I have it it’s
a pain its frustration its guilt its sadness
it’s feeling ostracized from the rest of society our weight affects some of us in
such a negative way that when you talk about weight even if you’re trying to be
positive some of us feel attacked right away now if you’re one of those people
that falls into this category then the question you have to ask yourself is is
it possible that when I’m trying to manage my weight is it possible at the
one I’m trying to do the things that are gonna help me to be healthy I might have
some ideas in the back of my head that still push me towards trying to use food
for things that’s not meant to be used for like some soothing is it possible
that I might resist eating a certain way in front of people because I’m afraid of
being judged because again if I’ve been belittled because of my size if I’ve
been attacked because of my size then eating a little teeny tiny salad that’s
actually more harmful to me than eating a piece of rib eye is gonna seem like
the better thing to do because then people are gonna
look she’s trying so hard she’s eating a little tiny salad but the truth is if
all I have in there is salad if there’s no protein source then what I’m really
doing is I’m eating a good amount of carbs with a dressing that probably has
carbs and X I’m gonna go for that low fat dressing and but there’s still some
fat in there and guess what’s gonna happen I’m storing all of that and I
really helped myself in that story not at all but am i doing something to try
to make you feel okay about what I’m doing yes and how does that help me after doing all the research that you’ve
done to understand why this diet works we also need to be able to commit to
doing the diet plan right this becomes your way of life regardless of who
you’re with the meal is the meal because no matter who you’re with if it’s
poisonous to your body it’s poisonous to your body I want us to start accepting
the fact that whenever we eat carbohydrates were actually poisoning
our body because we produce all the carbs that we need so eating excess of
carbohydrates is just polluting your body for no reason
causing inflammation causing you yourself to feel horrible and especially
if you’re only doing it because you don’t want other people to judge you are
they around later on when you go to get out of your chair and your knees hurt
are they around later on when you try to stretch for something on a high shelf
and you can’t raise your shoulder you need to think about the things you’re
doing and how they affect you if you’re going to do a ketogenic lifestyle the
only way that this lifestyle will really help you is if you actually do it the
other element to making sure that you can do a key to make lifestyle in a way
that you’re gonna absolutely be successful is making it sustainable for
yourself what does that mean means that I need to have a good amount of recipes
a good amount of things that I like to eat so that I can eat comfortably
happily my meals so in the regular standard American
what were the things you were eating I really again this is about doing that
research at the beginning of this process I asked people get a paper and
pencil write down all the different meals that you have in a month in a
given month why because I want them to see something very very important
something that most people don’t think about standard American diet standard
Canadian diet doesn’t matter vegetarian vegan doesn’t matter when you write down
all the given meals that you’re making in the course of a month what you’re
gonna notice is that if you really love cooking and really love being
experimental maybe there’s ten meals that you’re cycling through if you’re
like most of us you’re probably cycling through more
like why okay now when you go out to eat I will give you that that you’re
probably more likely to go for something that’s a little bit different and but
even I will say even some of my clients when asked when you go out to eat where
do you go they named me the same restaurant most
of the time and they’re ordering the same meal because they really love the
way that restaurant makes it so again most people have somewhere between five
and ten things that they’re eating over and over everyone so then my challenge
to them is this can you sit down and think of ten meals that you could make
that you’d be happy to eat I’m ketogenic lifestyle so right away it’s how many
different types of meat do you eat so we have chicken we have pork we have beef
we have fish multiple different kinds of fish we have lamb
we have gold we have I mean again we have bison and if you’re more
adventurous in your meats so and then all the different cuts of pork all the
different cuts of steak all the right all the different cuts of whatever
you’re happening to eat so when you look at all of those different meats and you
say okay so those are the meats we probably just named at least six or
seven that you actually eat then when you take those six or seven how can I
compare them I can fry I can bake I can boil I can slow cook I can write so all
of a sudden we’ve got this number of meats then we can bury the way that we
cook it and the way that we spice it to make several different meals out of one
type of meat and we can do that for every one of these types of meat and
then we go into the different vegetables that you currently like and the
different vegetables that you will experiment with because you’re changing
your way of eating always looking for the lowest glycemic values that we can
what’s my point with all of this if I want to invest in a ketogenic lifestyle
it also means me investing in what I will eat so how will I cook the things
that I’m going to cook because the truth is if I was one of those people that
like to have those ten or ten different things and I would cycle through them
and I was really enthusiastic about cooking then having at least 10 things
that I can cook now and I keep doing lifestyle is gonna make me happy
but if I was like the typical person and I had like five things that I was
cycling through and maybe going out to the restaurant and eating the same thing
over and over chances are very good that I can have five different meals that I
cycle through and go find a restaurant that makes something that’s within my
ketogenic lifestyle that I also like and now I’ve recreated the story that I used
to live why is this important when you’re living a new situation that’s
healthier for yourself you want to feel like you’re winning the truth is if I
used to do five but now I can find a sixth one so I have six meals I’m
cycling through instead of five I’m already ahead having a way of eating
where I’m liking what I’m eating will encourage me to keep eating it they were
talking about sustainability at this point doing the things that means that
you’re gonna like what you’re eating and that you’re not going to be lusting over
someone else’s meal lusting over someone else’s lifestyle remember you’re not in
their body you’re in your body you know how your body feels right we all have
lived the story where we’re walking around as if we’re okay but inside we
feel horrible this is your opportunity to walk around looking like you’re okay
because you actually feel okay don’t downplay how important that really is
obviously the final step of all of what I’m talking about is applying it on a
regular basis when you do a kid lifestyle you get the benefits of a
ketogenic lifestyle and I want you to be open with yourself so open to ideas open
to information you know one thing that I will say that has really helped me to
fully embrace the ketogenic lifestyle and not only just embrace it but to
continue to level up and what I’m doing for myself is recognizing that what I
know right now is helping me to feel better and everything that I learn aids
me to feel so when you’re open to gathering more information when you’re
open to seeing how can I apply some of these new things to my life what happens
well I started off with a ketogenic lifestyle
slowlyslowly I’ve moved towards carnivore but I did I still eat
vegetables and I still eat salad but every once in a while I’ll have a
carnivore day every once in a while I’ll have a carnivore a week even because
that’s where my mind is that that’s where am I my desire to eat is that and
then I’ll go back to eating vegetables and I’ll go back to eating salad so
again having flexibility means that I can have different recipes that allow me
to accomplish different things if I’m trying to be more carnivore style then
there’s different recipes that I create for myself then when I’m trying to be
more keto style right and this is important for us to recognize because
it’s gonna be boring if im doing a carnivore meal and all I have on my
plate is a steak right so finding the ways to make a meal that looks delicious
but yet is mostly protein again carnivore style I’m not a I’m not a
carnivore so I don’t mind if there’s cheese and what I’m eating I don’t mind
if there’s a little bit of spices or a little bit of peppers or whatever if if
the amount that is coming to is like one gram for the whole meal for me that’s
more of a carnivore style meal than a ketogenic meal right because when I do
my key to Jack Mills I’m like more like 1517 carbs grams of carbs why is this
important when you allow yourself to be flexible
then you also give yourself more options and when you allow yourself to learn you
start to understand how different things help you to feel better like for
last thing was another thing that I added um and by allowing myself to fast
once a week how did my body improve and that was the most amazing thing for me
because my when I started fasting I was very very close to my goal weight it
wasn’t about losing weight it was about feeling better and interestingly enough
I continued to fast even though I’m no longer losing weight so I’m able to fast
and yet maintain my stable weight because around days that I’m fasting and
fasting and on the days that I’m eating I’m eating and even if I miss it with a
week of fasting I don’t gain weight because I eats association not to
fullness but you’re gonna start to realize is that your body knows how much
energy that it needs and if you allow yourself to follow your satiation the
chance that you overeat so have extra carbs or extra fats that need to be put
away is much less I want to talk about the possibility that you might want to
fit grass-fed organic foods into your way of eating again this is about ideas
this is about logistics this is about being realistic what can help me to do
better and what can I afford to do that will help me to do better you know at
the end of the day go back to basics it’s 20 grams of carbs or less that gets
me into a ketogenic state it’s good quality oils that helps me to build the
best possible body and good quality protein that’ll be the build the best
possible body we can more like 99.9 percent of us we can afford good quality
oils most of us can afford relatively good quality meat so that’s the meat
from the grocery store it’s the good is a good enough quality
to get you through or you’re trying to accomplish but if you can level up and
afford grass-fed if you can level up and have those pastured chickens that are
gonna give you a freedom better if you can have hens in your backyard and and
really benefit from those eggs if you can do things that level up that just
means that your health is not you’re building an even better quality
body you are not gonna know this if you’re not allowing yourself to do the
research research is so important understanding what you’re doing is so
important if you want to live a ketogenic lifestyle and solve your
metabolic issues living a ketogenic lifestyle and doing it successfully
means understanding why it works all right
first and foremost those 20 grams or less why it works keeps us in a KD genic
state and then everything after that is about you understanding what you were
doing versus what you’re doing now that’s helping your body to feel amazing
I want to thank you for watching a video all the way to the end if you’d like to
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  1. I shoot for 0 carbs/day but typically come in about 10 carbs/day. I like plain unflavored greek yogurt which is why I don't get to 0. I only eat enough fat to stave off hunger. Works well. Currently 88 lbs down, 64 lbs to go to optimum healthy weight. Pretty much my mindset about keto/fasting. Not a purist though, not yet.

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  3. Hi Violet, how bad is milk? One article says it increases aging, another says its highly inflammatory, now they're saying it shortens the telomeres. Is milk really that bad? If it's really that bad, would you recommend to stop it all together?

  4. Nice job Violet, you really covered it all with this one. 😊👍 Glad you brought up not needing vegetables everyday and stopping eating when satisfied not full. Have a great rest of the week. 🌼

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