Goku’s CHEAT CODE STAMINA Explained!

Goku’s CHEAT CODE STAMINA Explained!


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  1. The anime's blue is different from the manga's, only the manga's drains ki (how did Goku beat golden freeza, if it were the case ?)

  2. Goku is so strong compared to kalifla, he can recover while fighting her. Plus he gains energy when he gets excited by fights.

    Kalifla is no fking jiren

  3. With applying real life logic a counter argument could be u can take a shorter break and before u stamina is fully recovered u can take lighter weights and then build up again done similar workouts myself except in fiction these guys are saiyans and the show doesn't go into specifics of how much time these characters need to even slightly recover their stamina and for a minute or two according to the anime time Goku was getting smacked around not fighting back against the robots that might have been his recovery time where he gained a bit of stamina to fight caulifla then just as I said comparing to real life workout even though I'm not at the capacity to lift the same weight I was doing before I can still lift lighter weights as I catch my breath as I'm giving minimum energy while I get my stamina back to bring out more energy to increase my weights so yeah hope I'm making a bit sense just comparing my workout style to animes stamina recovery logic the problem is the anime won't go into specifics they would just give a vague statement so you would have to come up with headcanon for stuff like this it's like the anime is leaving this upto the viewers to think about such plot points on how they work and I believe this stamina recovery method is valid it's just recovering stamina that fast is non realistic but hey it's an anime after all😂

  4. So from a more realistic perspective, Our time only applies to earth it doesn’t apply to anything outside of our earth. Although we’ve been watchingvthe tournament of power for months, 60 minutes in the void is equal to as long as we’ve been watching the tournament. So when people complain about time in dragon ball in general it’s not really incorrect. One could argue the the whole majin buu saga happened in 1 day on earth but i mean it’s a cartoon haha just offering real life perspective but yeah.

  5. I think they hinted at this in the buu saga. Excuse my ignorance on dbz sub or manga, but when goku was fighting kid buu, he asked vegeta to fight for 5 minutes or so to recover and he will win definitely . Though unsuccessful initially, maybe goku was hinting at something for late future

  6. Well maybe you could argue that fighting Kale and Caulifla takes Goku SO LITTLE ENERGY and effort, that you could say he's still resting. Let me explain myself better.
    Let's take the gym example per say (I'm going to use Kilograms as in Switzerland we use the metric system) and let's say you are training your biceps with like 12 KG, you give it all you got and you get really tired as you said in your video, you sit for a moment and rest, then you take your phone out of your pocket to change song from your MP3 player. You could somewhat argue that the amount of energy and effort it takes you to rise your phone and change song is the same effort it takes Goku to keep up with the two sayians per say.
    But that would mean that Goku would have to be RIDICOULUSLY stronger and the actual power gap between the Sayians would be too huge. And that of course doesn't make sense because after that it takes Goku's 100% rested body, power and Ultra Instinct to compete with them. So yeah that's what I thought but ultimately I understand it doesn't make much sense. I thought it could be a fun thought for y'all. Great content as always Q!
    Edit: corrected a few spelling mistakes.

  7. I agree, I sit there while watching questioning alot of things but I also don't over analyze it cuz it is dragonball and I love it for the most part. I did the same while watching dragonball and dragonball z as well but I still love the series. But yes I agree.

  8. Well after a hard run, do you not recover stamina while walking? After the hard run(Jiren), kale and califula were the walk.

  9. Goku was SUPPOSE TO run out of power and got eliminated by Kefla episodes ago! He has gone super saiyan blue kaio ken more than 20 times and he went ultra instinct AGAIN WHILE HE WAS DRAINED OF POWER and he is still fighting like he is an android when goku ran out of energy against kid buu he COULD NOT FIGHT ANYMORE AND WAS USELESS goku should have been eliminated long ago but people WILL complain about Kale and Caulifla having buttpull power despite the explanation that saiyans

  10. Well it's more like a video game because if you think about it all of the saiyans and other characters do not have a power bar unless they either fight or power up

  11. I think its an after effect of UI in all honesty.. heres why and hear me out.

    After Goku lost UI they said he was out of energy.. so he then suddenly starts recovering during battle not getting weaker as usual or getting tired. Hes getting better and recovering.

    That didnt happen until after he got Ultra instinct. He didn't start spamming Blue and Kaioken Blue until after he got UI.

    I believe Ultra Instinct after unlocked gives you the Omen of not losing stamina while fighting, only when you power down all the stamina is GONE because you used it all up on your instincts dodging.

    Another good factor is this. Goku Black Vegeta stated black was from a further future than in trunks time. That means that Goku was a post Tournament of power Goku. So black had the ability to grow and recover while fighting.

    Like Goku does now after UI.

    But why didnt black have UI? Because that wasnt Zamasu's body and he couldnt truly master it or wasnt given the time. Black is the only goku to recover while fighting.

  12. Super is a joke. It seems like it's written for idiots to watch.

    -Far too much dialogue to make up for any foreshadowing and to point out the obvious for what ever reason.
    -Lack of consistency for example; Power levels don't seem to matter at all, but power levels are still thrown about as if they make a difference.
    -Too much plot armour.
    -Lack of logic.
    -Should have been named Dragon Ball Goku.
    -Lack of foreshadowing of "villains". An audience doesn't care about cannon fodder characters. But Super tries to make you care through that shallow dialogue that keeps insulting your ability to understand what's going on.
    -Shallow character growth. Giving a character a shiny form doesn't all of a sudden add depth to the character. Look at when Vegeta first gained Super Saiyan or when Gohan was fighting Cell. Those are examples of better character building.
    -Did I mention dialogue?

    Was DBZ perfect? Nope, there were a load of flaws. That "aeroplane" sound when fighters fly at each other always made me cringe. But it wasn't trying to pander to a bunch of idiots who gobble up shallow content. "WOW SHINY NEWE POWA! Thanks unimportant dialogue for explaining it to me!"

    I feel like Zeno is the embodiment of most the audience of DBSuper. At least the outspoken ones. Brainless fools impressed with anything that's not a spoon.


  13. It seems like they made a point of showing goku’s powers changing. During universe 6 vs universe 7 he could barely go on without a sensu bean, then the gods specifically banned the use in big tournament. Something big is happening to Goku, stamina regeneration is one facet.

  14. Well vegeta was also depleted of stamina and energy in the last episode but we find out now he will be fighting for two more episodes. Secondly vegeta will be fighting jiren alone as goku will be passed out or something, so their is no one to save his ass so that he can recover, like jiren is more serious now, then the time he fought goku so obviously he would ring him out. Same goes for goku if hit didn’t come and save his ass then goku would of been eliminated that episode so your point is kinda invalid as goku had time to recover thanks to hit but in this scenario goku is down, frieza is most likely hiding so there would be no one to save him and give him some time to breath.

  15. Goku was probably recovering energy because he was so far above Kale and Caulifa in terms of power(individually) that he was probably barely trying. Though, everything else where he just pulls energy from no where is crazy.

  16. Maybe if you think of it like a phone charger it would be more sensible? Yes, you can use your phone and you are using electricity but you're still gaining battery instead of losing but you're not going to have it charged…but big fights still kinda throws a wrench to that

  17. You forgot something. This is possible, when you push your body to it limits (and they’re Gods level now so they got bigger limits) there 2 things that will happen, you will push through and get stronger or you’ll die

  18. Vegeta fanboy sees vegeta survive a suicide attack then instantly transforms back, starts talking about goku's stamina.Lol Vegeta fanboy deflections.

  19. No it doesn't make sense…but in the grand scheme of things and all of hte things I've suspended my disbelief on… I can let it slide…
    Talking bout a race of monkey men… idk how their physiology works, it seems similar to humans but at the same time they get stronger every time they fight so who knows…
    Maybe he learned from Dr. Gero tricks and fighting Kefla he was sapping bits of their power into him as the fight progressed 😀

  20. I think it's pretty simple actually. Like when Goku was explaining to Gohan in the Hyperbolic time chamber you achieve and grow through "need" not a desire. Think about it goku broke through against Vegeta out of need not desire. Goku broke through against Frieza out of emotion AND Need to gain Super Saiyan after he was out of gas. Same with Gohan beaten pretty badly by cell and responded to a need and emotion. To achieve SSJG it was out of need not a desire(Beerus was going to destroy the planet) and so on. Against merged Zamasu, overpowered merged Zamasu through need and even managed to go kaioken before passing out. It's inate for Goku to respond to a "need" it's instinct now basically. Now Goku demeanor lately has been the desire to get stronger but there is no need the ToP provided the need because the stakes are the highest it's the only way he can improve. Ultra instinct was triggered out of his need to fight not a desire same as against kefla. After 1st Jiren fight Frieza gave him energy kinda like a jump start and then after Jiren insulted Goku by saying there's noone left for me to worry about. Before this point Goku motivation was out of desire then it became a need. The need to get stronger for a 2nd encounter in order to ensure universe 7s survival. Vegeta has always been fueled by Desire up until Goku Black arc. Then he pushed more out of need instead and got Royal SSB and defeated Toppo. After Jiren tanked his Final Flash right then. His desire became a need because of his promise to Cabba and fueled him to beat toppo thinking of his family it wasn't out of pride or desire it's how Saiyan break through thier shell although with an exception of Vegeta who like Jiren broke through certain limits by desire for strength alone. Summing it up the stamina is being fueled through a need at this point and that's how he's always broke through his shell. Vegeta is just really beginning to do that as his character changes more. Sorry to ramble hope this all makes sense

  21. You are complaining about stamina when he's only holding these forms for less then a min each time and falling out of it you need to think a little harder before making vidoes he's not gaining stamina he can barely get back into his forms for less then mins at a time you are trippin. He's not gaining anything he's pushing out bursts of strength to fight. It's why he falls to the fucking ground and drops out his form every 5 seconds dumb dumb

  22. This is true… Kaioken was something that he was using like 3-4 times because it was draining a lot of energy and NOW he is using Kaiken x10, x20 in every other episode combined with SSGSS like, it doesn't make any sense XD

  23. But right after Goku fought Jiren, Frieza did give Goku energy, although this only explains him recovering after that fight, it doesn't explain how he keeps getting back up

  24. my theory is that ultra instinct probably has some after effects like gradually recovering stamina and ki just like the dbz games or goku's will to fight jiren again would be enough to keep him going.

  25. Well take it from a rpg point of view ok so you using 5 points of stamina per minute but you you’re getting 20 points per minute also goku can’t recover like that unless he’s fighting a grunt and ssb doesn’t drain as much stamina as before iirc. Also it’s like running at full burst then walking or jogging you’re still going and gaining stamina

  26. Goku can last a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGG time………COUGH(Chichi would ) what i didnt say anything IM SUING U

  27. Goku dont use stamina in Super Sayan since Full Power Super Sayan (except for ki attacks) so it is not ridiculous that can actually recover energy now in this state. The writers of dragonball dont do a good job in descibing how strong the characters of the show really are and they have to make the tournament enternaining for everyone to make more money so they dont get in technical details about anything as much they should, shame on them cause it could be a much better show.

  28. From a martial artist stand point, when you go from fighting someone of greater speed, power and strength, then you will get hella tired. But if right after, you fight essentially a basic brawler with good power and less of everything else compared to yourself, then you could actually recover while fighting simply because you can use the least amount of effort to thwart them because you outrank them in almost everything. Goku was soundly handling SSJ2 Caulifla in base form because he was far more skilled in fighting and fighting techniques. It only gets ridiculous when he has to go SSJ2 himself then fight both Kale and Caulifla. That's when Goku is hax

  29. Totally get what you're saying, and I agree with you! But to play the devil's advocate :
    If I know that my car will run out of gas in 5 minutes if I keep going at the same speed, and I know that the next gas station is 10 mins away, and I can reach it if I reduce my speed, then I will reach that station.
    Or if 45kg is gonna exhaust my body, then I'll just go with 30 instead…
    That being said…this can be only applied to certain scenarios in the tournament of power, some other scenarios really make no sense at all.
    Ex : (SPOILER ep.127)

    Vegeta after final explosion going into SSB beyond right away.

  30. DBS doesn't care about logic and I only continue to watch it because of nostalgia, but anything can be explained if you try hard enough. Best done with numbers.
    Imagine it's a video game and each character has certain stats. Let's say Goku's stamina pool is 1000 and he regenerates 10 every second. Fighting weaklings in his base form uses 2.5/s, SS1 5/s and SS2 7.5/s – which means he regenerates stamina faster than he's using it up. It's like you're running until you're too tired to run, so you slow down to a walk, and after a couple of minutes you can run again.
    Fighting Jiren in blue form would be draining something like 20/s, while Ultra Instinct increases his stamina regeneration to 1000/s – basically infinite.

  31. Perhaps Goku "recovering" means that he was fighting the weakest opponents and exerting minimal energy; kind of like a battery trickle charger?

  32. Goku still has energy, its his body that’s worn out. If you sprinted for 10-30 minutes non stop, then you would need to rest. Though people normally rest after a run is by walking or even power walking then in a matter of minutes, you’re good to go. So when Goku recovers while fighting Kale and Caulifa, he’s taking a rest from his full power while at the same time exerting minimal effort. So when his body recovered for maximum effort, then he fired up his energy. If Goku tried to fire up his energy while exhausted, either it just wouldn’t work or he would pass out from flexing out. As long as Goku has energy to move, he will continue to fight. So its a matter how much can Goku take before his body gives out on him rather than when will he give up

  33. glad someone actually pointed that out. "recovering energy while using energy." lmaoooo! like every other db tuber pretend like it didn't happen and like it wasn't mentioned in the show. they not even making videos. props to this video

  34. This actually has not been a problem since the tournament of power began…
    This was a huge factor on why the fight between Beerus and Goku to me, felt stupid. fake. Extended for noreason. Ever few moves or 10 minutes Beerus would beat Goku, and I do mean defeat. And then Goku would pull energy out of his ass and keep fighting. and it happened at least sven times and the ONLY excuse is… Goku is not taking any of this seriously. When you go all out, you go all out and you're TIRED at the end. But here,Goku just goes hard, "tires" and then gets more power out of his but and it is the most annoying thing I have ever said. It enraged me at the start of the series and it completely took me out of the tournament of power when I decided to try and get back into it.
    In the end…it's just bad writing. bad storytelling, and bad all around.

  35. Not only that. There is an episode after the first tournament and Goku even loss the ability to fly correctly because he used kaioken in SSB. Kaioken doesn't make sense to be used like an on off button. I would have liked if Kaioken served as a last resort.

  36. He could absolutely recover while fighting two significantly weaker opponents. Every soft punch against his unbreakable arms is a chance for him to catch his breath, every obvious flaw he exploits in their inferior and far less experienced technique delivering damage many times what that amount of effort normally would. Watch a real life master martial artist fight a less skilled opponent, theyre not wasting their energy. Theyre efficient, calm, almost relaxed as they exploit weak spots and centers of gravity to down even much larger unskilled opponents. He even downgraded his transformation to i believe SSJ1, a form he was shown to have mastered so efficiently that he could take a nap while in it. He was catching his breath the whole time, even the pic you chose to use to prove your own point demonstrates this! He looks calm, almost bored, certainly not exherting himself or feeling any pain. It wasnt until Kefla showed up that he had to start trying again. And then took another break after that fight! Please read this! Please somebody read this, because i rarely put so much effort into these…

  37. goku saiyan saga: *uses KKX4 gah i cant move gah huff puff
    goku namek saga:uses KKX20 shit no effect on freiza let me throw a spirt bomb drain all my power while getting beat up in base witch was alredy beat up
    goku cell saga:fights cell couple of mins gives up
    goku buu saga:goes ssj3 this is a form i cant controll nore use to long
    legit not even 3 months of not training B.O.G Saga: spams ssj3 some how masterd ssjg that used his stamina in minutes while he was getting beat by beerus senseless
    R.O.f:this form takes too much stamina to be used more times
    U6VSU7 SAGA:spames ssjb with kkX10 gets damaged too near no ki ablity
    goku black saga:getting beat up agein and agein and agein
    T.O.P:legit spams every form till he get ui…
    whats next is he gonna start spaming ui now?

  38. You are a idiot you gained the ability to recover with god Super Saiyan. I hate idiots that make shit about shit they have know idea about

  39. This is how I'm assuming it works, before the T.O.P, Bulma made a NES controller, gave it to Goku, and Goku did the Konami Code.

  40. Listen to all people who play xenoverse 2 the game was meant to fight with your CAC if you fight otherwise cool that’s how we got here but don’t complain on a op built original character that’s just garbage get better or use your CAC lol

  41. @Qaaman
    Lmao 135 bench.
    Anyways real talk, how i related goku's energy recovery as he was fighting was to long distance runner's acclimation allowing to them to "recover" when they slow down even though they are still running due to being used to such a much higher level of activity but then again that was my logic which is nothing to go by.

  42. this is nothing more then a repeat of the end of the buu saga against kid buu there is no evidence that leads to the implication that goku will never lose energy in any fight, that said plot armor er plot energy

  43. Goku did that namekian fuse thing with Android 16 comfirmed by Nappapa and Hit's clone that is still in the tournament.

  44. toriyama the master of writing:
    I learned nothing in 30 years
    let's see what other people do
    sees naruto having unlimited stamina and that everyone without a brain loves him
    guys, I have an idea for a new DB anime!

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