Full Body Aerobic Workout Special 90min

Disclaimer You do this workout on your own risk. Dr. Daniel Gärtner presents … Your Best Body – Workout Class 90min full body workout “aerobic special” Equipment: Dubbells, rubberbands, gymnastikmat, chair, towel, something to drink. Hi Guys, welcome to my aerobic class. Today’s full body aerobic special. Have fun! You gonna sweat. I promise. We’ll begin with a 40min aerobic session followed by full body strength exercises. Warm Up: Spread your legs slightly apart. Breath in and breath out. Easy stretching. Arms straight forward. Hold this position staticly for a while. Release. Turn your palms forward and move your arms overhead as far as possible. Bend over forward and stretch the hamstrings. Keep your spine straight. Move to one side and increase the stretching level. Easy dynamic stretching. switch to the other side Swith to a deep lunge position. Keep sure that your knee is behind your toe. Dynamic stretching. Switch to the other side. Now we move to the middle. Push your knees back and stretch the adductors. swing slightly from left to right. Release and take a deep breath. Are you ready? Let’s go! March The first thing we do is an easy aerobic warm up. After that we create a chreographie. breathe evenly. 8-7-6 … tap lightly with your ball on the floor. 4-3-2-1 Move your arms forward. 8-7-6 … Arms overhead. Final round. 4-3-2-1 Move into grapevine. Leg curl at the end of the grapevine. Is the body warmed up well, isn’t it? Take your time. Knee side raise. Knee up. Knees moving more and more higher. Nice. Final round. Very well folks. 8-7-6 … Do you feel the energy? I can feel it. yeah! 4-3-2-1 and march. Breath in and breath out. Grapevine and march Grapevine and stay. March. Other side. 3 reps knee lift. 1-2-3 1-2-3 You can lift your arm or just leave them at the waist. I prefer a one arm lift. Final. And march. Stay calm. take a deep breath Now we move into jumping. Easy jumping. The next round works as basis for our choreography. Straddle jump. open and close your legs. Keep your core in tension. 4-3-2-1 Move into jumping jack. March March forward and backward. Move up your frontknee. as well as your rearknee. nice Close your legs and move into jumping. Cross legs. March forward and kneelift March backward and kneelift. Repead knee. 3 reps. left-right-left right-left-right March forward and jumping jack. Final march take a deep breath Grapevine and march. pull through Core is under tension. Next we do leg curls inside-outside-inside. do the exercise with a slight twist. After the first leg curl, step down your leg in front of you. Now we do the first and third leg as a knee lift. knee lift – leg curl – knee lift Final … and march Next: Grapvine march and march forward. Other side Grapevine. March. March forward. Now we come to the first cardio climax. Are you ready? Moving into jumping jack. Speed up and do it more powerful. Cross legs. Grapevine and march. March forward. March backward. other side. Ok just watch. March. All right? Well done. Just watch! Front knee lift and rear knee lift. All together. 2 more rounds. Come on! Increase the power! march Are you ready for the next step? Well, just watch! Forward running and jumping jack. backward running and jumping jack. Grapevine Other side. Grapevine. Oh that’s great! Now we do all together. Let’s give this a try. Easy. Just for your brain. That’s it. Great. Now we know how this combo works. So we can do it more powerful. But here comes one more challenge. At the end of the combo we do it reverse one more time. oh come on. Give this a chance. You can do this! Keep calm and take a deep breath. march All together on both sides. Attention. Other side – Go! And we did it. Perfect! Do you wanna do one more? All together from the beginning 4-3-2-1 Go! Now without me. Try it alone. ohhh. We take a deep breath. One more time. Focus. And Go! And march. Nice. how does it look like. do you want to to this again? one last time. I promise. Other side. From the beginning. Almost done. keep up and push through. And we did it. What a great job of you guys. Take a short break. Don’t forget to drink something. Ready Here we go. The strength part is waiting for us. First, we integrate some strength exercises into the aerobic part march Bend your legs into a half squat position. Deep step touch. Side to side. But stay down. Final March. Look to the side. Diagonal lunge position. Arms raised up. Diagonal knee lift. And go half time. And move to the other side. Other side. We do it double time. only 4 reps 4 reps Move into a wide squat position. up and down. Stay in a squat position and speed up in a half range of motion. Move into a side knee lift. Other side. Other side and double time. Go! Other side. How many? 8-7-6 … Other side 8 reps. Other side 8 reps. 4 reps 4 reps 2 reps Move into diagonal knee lifts. 2 reps Side knee lifts 4 rounds. Come on. Push through!! Final round. DONE!! you can be proud of yourself that was the cardio part. We did it. now 60 minutes of strength training are waiting for us. For that we need power. For that you need power. First. Deep breath. prepare for strength training. we do some stretching to the side. Other side. Stretch forward. Static stretching. Release Bend over and stretch the hamstrings slowly switch to the other side Stretch adductors by pushing back the knees. roll your hips forward and backward. And from one side to the other. Close your legs and relax. Are you prepared? We are. Let’s go. Take a deep breath. Short drinking break. We are back soon. We need dumbbells, tubes, a mat, a chair or a stool and a towel for sure. Squats and push ups are waiting for you guys. ok. let’s go. Take your equipment. You don’t listen to music here. To motivate you better, run your own music as support. The first exercises are squats. Feet are parallel and your spine is as straight as possible. Heels stay on the floor. don’t move too much out of your back but out of your legs. don’t bend your back. Otherwise the intervertebral discs will be heavily loaded. make a light hollowing lordosis. Focus remains on the heels. Take your legs apart a little over shoulder width so that you feel stable. If you can’t keep your heels down, your Achilles tendons may be shortened. You can then put a small increase below it. 1-2cm. For example a dumbbell disc or a board. So you can move correctly. Let’s go. Takes a weight that you can do about 30 reps with. Ready and go. 20 reps left. Final 10 reps. Relax Put down the dumbbell or take a heavyer or lighter weight. We go on soon with the second set. Ready and go. 10 more reps. 3rd and last set We slow down the movement. 10 reps in regular speed followed by 10 reps in slow motion. The bent part will last for a very long time Ready and go. If you don’t have dumbbells you can use tube like this. Stay down and hold for 10 reps. Deep position and move up slowly. You can also put the feet wider on the floor Push through. Final rep. Done. That’s it for the first leg exercise. Now we move into a exercise for our gluts, chest and arms. lie on the floor with the front We are coming up with dog outs. This is for your chest and arms but muchmore for your gluts. You will well the pain in your a**! Gluteus maximus. bend the leg and lift it to the side of the body as high as you can. thighs and torso should be at right angles if you want, extend your leg. Then the exercise becomes more difficult. And move up. 10 reps left Don’t cheat. Leg at a 90 degree angle to the upper body. Short break. Relax. Swing left and right. Do some stretching for your gluteus. Other side. Ready and go. 10 reps left. 90 degree angle to the upper body. Relax. Great job. Do some stretching for your gluts. Next set. 15 reps only. Core is in tension and spine stays straight. Keep your tension 5 reps Knee up. Come on. Higher. As high as possible. Relax. Do you fell something? Yeah! Other side and go.

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