First Look: Strong Women Take the Field in Secret Deodorant’s Super Bowl Ad

Another game coming up. I don’t know if
you’ve heard about it, but it’s called the Super Bowl. And I can’t wait to
see the commercials. I’m in one of the commercials
during the Super Bowl. Me and Portia. [APPLAUSE] Look for me and Portia in
a Super Bowl commercial. I got a first look at
Secret’s newest ad. And it’s all about
equal possibilities on and off the field
for women, which I love. I wanted to show
y’all before it airs. Here it is. [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] [CHEERING] It’s good! [CHEERING] [GASPING] [CHEERING] Secret. All strength. No sweat. [APPLAUSE] Very cool. Very cool. You don’t have to
sweat anything today because you can all shop
Secret with this $150 Walmart gift card. [CHEERING] Let’s watch more commercials. We’ll be right back.

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