Exogenous ketones – The big test, do they work?

Exogenous ketones – The big test, do they work?

Check… one, two. Yeah, didn’t feel much at all actually. The taste of it was maybe
the most impactful. Didn’t taste great… yeah. As the keto diet gets more popular a number of keto related products
are coming onto the market. Exogenous ketones are one of them, a supplement that claims to boost up
your level of ketosis and by doing so, increase physical
and mental performance, improve mood and energy levels
and reduce hunger and brain fog. But do they work? With the help of some
of the DietDoctor team members we’re going to put
some ketone supplements to the test and find out if they really do have
all the benefits they claim to. Hi my name is Kim. I’m here in the DietDoctor kitchen
in Stockholm. Today’s the day one
of the ketone supplements experiment, so what we’re doing here now is we’re going to mix
the different supplements that we have. We’re only going to give them a number so that our test subjects don’t know
which supplement is which. And that’s also really important because one of the supplements
is actually not a supplement. It’s a control. We’re going to use this sweetened drink that
says it’s got natural colors and flavors to have something that tastes a bit like
a ketone supplement, but isn’t actually one. And our subjects are not going to know
which one is which. If there are any effects
from the ketone supplements, whether those effects
are down to the ketone supplements or whether there are some other factors
that’s causing them. So this is the number one.
It’s the Prüvit KETO//OS Max. Number two is going to be the control. And next we have a Ketōnd Advanced
ketone blend, that’s number three. We have Perfect Keto’s chocolate
sea salt based ketone supplement. And then we also have this powder
from Kegenix Prime. So we’re just going to mix those
according to the manufacturer’s instructions and then there will be ready
for our subjects to drink. Each day of the experiment
I mixed four of the drinks, one for each of the team members
taking part. We ran the experiment over five days
so that each person tested each drink once. Now we have our four supplements ready. This is number one, the Prüvit KETO Max. This is number two, which is the control. This is number three,
which actually needs topping up. That’s the Ketōnd Advanced. And then this is
the Perfect Keto chocolate sea salt one. Our test subjects think
that there are five ketone supplements. They don’t know
that one of them is a control. So we try to make this one to taste as much
as possible like the other ketone supplements. So we’re now going to go over
to our team members. We’re going to do a physical test,
a mental cognition test and a ketone test, both before
and after taking these supplements. So let’s go over and meet the team
and we’ll get the test started. It’s time to meet
our team DietDoctor test subjects. Cheers. Cheers, people. Bottoms up. So welcome to the DietDoctor couches. This is where we hang out,
have our coffee breaks, but today we’re here because we’re going to start rolling
with the ketone supplements experiments. So Giorgos, you’re going to start
with cognition today. Emöke, you’re going to start with push-ups. Jonatan, you’re going to start
with the questionnaire and Erik, you’re going to start
with testing your ketones. -Okay.
-Let’s do it. Over five different days
the team members will run through tests both before and after
taking the supplements to check blood ketones,
physical performance and mental cognition. They’ll also answer a questionnaire asking about hunger,
energy, mood, brain fog and taste. We’ll compare the results
to measure the effects of the supplements. That was the sweetest thing
I’ve had in like a year and a half. Wow! A full dose. I recommend to friends and family. Even though I liked the taste
of the supplement, it was surprisingly good, after I drank it I felt quite a bit nauseous
and also I got extremely hungry. It was like a monstrous hunger
that came over me. I haven’t felt like that in months
I would say. So I didn’t have such a positive experience
to be honest. Yeah, didn’t feel much at all actually. The taste of it was maybe
the most impactful. It didn’t taste great. The supplement I tested was…
I think the flavor was chocolate. It didn’t say but that’s what I reckoned. I didn’t feel perfect later in the evening, but a couple of hours later it was okay. I felt nothing special at all. The only thing I felt
was a little bit of hunger and it didn’t feel very nice to my stomach. That lasted for a few hours I think,
until I went home. It was very sweet and I would probably blame
this nauseous feeling to the sweetener, because I’m not used to that. But again, I don’t know, I’m just saying. I didn’t feel very much, to be honest. I don’t know what the reason was for it, but maybe I felt just a bit less energetic. I had this small nauseous feeling, just a tiny sensation. I tend to be suspicious of companies
that promoted supplements as an easy alternative
to lifestyle changes. Ryan Lowery does research
on ketone supplements and he is listed as a specialist
on Prüvis website. I wanted to ask him how he recommends
using the supplements. I think real food and whole foods is key,
it’s a priority. I think getting people closer and closer
to that is absolutely essential. The key is also to figure out how to make
this lifestyle sustainable. I’d rather provide someone
with tools and resources to make sure that they are able
to sustain this for a long-term, rather than, “Hey, I’m just going to do
this diet for a couple of weeks and then go back to my old ways.” I think ketones can be
one of those options. But make sure you’re not utilizing those
every single day and relying on them as a crutch and eating all these sweets
and sugar replacement things all the time. Error number four. Suck on their own blood.
It’s delicious. Like this. It’s down, out, back and up. That was 49. How many did you? Dude? -I did 49.
-Oh my God. -How many did you do?
-28. Could you say the number? You don’t want to hear it, Giorgos. It was only 51. It’s the end of the experiment. So what did that test subjects think
about the experiment? Well, I thought it was pretty fascinating because I didn’t know what to expect. And I think probably…
maybe or maybe not… I was one of the participants
with the least bias so to speak knowing that there should’ve been
some sort of drastic improvements both physically and mentally and not sure that that ever happened. So I actually made a wild guess
which one was the placebo and it turned out I was right. It was obviously the one
that had the best taste. I would recommend these ketone supplements
to my friends and family… Once they have so much money
they just don’t know what else to spend it on. It was kind of fun to do the experiment
for the science, right? I don’t think I would be able to tell
any difference from the results on either one. Even though one was a placebo. But I don’t know, for some people
it might work better than for me. Yeah, it was fun to be part of it. For sure I was very curious. I still am very curious about like seeing
the final result of the experiment with it. It was just fun to do it, you know,
in a random day here, all of us, colleagues and friends
just taste some supplements. And you know, see what happens. Well, I can tell for sure that
I haven’t noticed any positive effects, but negative effects
maybe it was one, for sure, maybe two, if I try to look back and remember now, maybe there were two supplements
that made my stomach a little bit upset. All of the five days that we did the ketone
supplements experiment I was fasting, so I took all the supplements
on a fasted stomach. I didn’t really enjoy any of it. Well, it was fun competing
with some of the other employees like when doing the physical activities. I could watch the difference
in ketones afterwards. Some of them were better, of course. But aside from that, no. From maybe one of two of them I noticed that I got this bit of nausea and I can’t say that I felt like that
with all of them. So yeah, that was probably the only thing. We were unable to show you
that the supplements had much effect on any of the markers we tested. On average there were small increases
in mental performance and moderate increases in mood when comparing the supplements
as a group to the placebo. There was no difference in brain fog and
there was a small decrease in energy levels. In fact the supplements were associated
with a big decrease in physical performance and even more surprisingly blood ketones
had only increased by an average of 0.3 one hour after taking the supplement. You can see the full writeup
of the experiment plus the breakdown of the results
for the individual brands on DietDoctor.com. What do you think about the way
that ketone supplements are marketed? So unfortunately ketone supplements
when they are brought to market are marketed as,
“Hey, drink this and lose weight”. And that’s really not the intent
and that’s really not what they do. And I am glad that now
more and more research is coming out showing that, “Here’s the real benefits
of exogenous ketones. Here is where they may have application.” It’s one of the reasons
we’re looking into traumatic brain injury and some of these neurological deficits where a lot of it
is impaired glucose metabolism. And if you provide a fuel source
that is superior, like ketones, that your brain can still take up and utilize,
you do see improvement. So that’s where the research needs to go, I think there’s a lot more being done
in the right way scientifically, to really analyze
what they do do, what they don’t do, but people just need to be careful
when they see these claims being brought out like, “Hey, drink this and you’re instantly
going to lose weight.” That’s not the intent. Nothing in the world that you take, that you’re going to be able to drink
and instantly lose weight, I haven’t seen any product in my entire life
that can do that. Our conclusion? You don’t need to spend money
on products to revolutionize your health. Just enjoy real,
delicious, low-carb food, get plenty of sleep, some exercise
and reduce stress. And remember, when the way a product
is marketed sounds too good to be true… it probably is.

30 thoughts on “Exogenous ketones – The big test, do they work?

  1. yesterday I tested my blood glucose and ketones for the first time. I tested at night before bed 9pm. Blood glucose was 84 mg/dL and ketones 0.1. After fasting for around 16 hours (last meal around 4pm), I woke up and tested again. Blood glucose was 83 mg/dL and ketones 0.2. I ate breakfast at 8 am (2 eggs or 3.3 oz scrambled, 1 oz mushrooms, 3.4 oz avocado, 0.5 oz unsalted butter, 2.25 oz grass fed lamb, 0.5 oz spinach) and 10ml Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil (c8). I tested again after 1 hour around 9 am. Blood glucose was 86 mg/dL and ketones 0.1.

  2. I was expecting these results. If I've understood keto correctly, its whole intent is to adapt to burn ketones instead of carbs. No supplement will do that. Sticking to a low carb high fat, moderate to low protein diet will do that which is what keeps insulin levels low, promoting using fat as fuel and up-regulating mitochondrial function.

  3. Supplements aren't tested regularly or at all in the US & Canada. If that's not scary enough, "natural flavors" & "artificial flavors" can be anything & those ingredients (like anything that has a concentration of.05% or less) are not required to be disclosed. Since you can eat crap & still get into & stay in ketosis I don't get why anyone would want something like this. You don't even need a ketone meter!

  4. That was an interesting subject 🙂 i was wondering about this actually even though i'm not spending money on it. Special thanks to Erik that had a solar energy and smile that warmed up my day 🙂

  5. I only want to know one thing… at the start of the video, who is the blond goddess in the background on the sofa with her legs crossed????

  6. Awesome to know cause i have lots of friends in the pruvit community that keep telling me i can enjoy sweets with there supplements and not worry. Sounded crazy to me. And just cant trust those pyramid scams… this vid just saved me money. Ill just stick to my keto lifestyle

  7. Does anyone know if these help with keto-flu during the induction of keto. I run an acupuncture clinic in Los Angeles, where about half of the people are seriously overweight. I am personally on a keto-fast, drinking bullet-proof coffee in the am and eating dinner around 4pm. It works well for me, but my patients have trouble making the keto-adaption. I am not trying to lose weight, but enjoy better energy and cognitive function on keto.

  8. Might have been better to have a varied group of test subjects. These are all skinny fat 30 year olds. They all look like you found them at Portland Starbucks.

  9. 9:35 Are those really MONKEYS? Dont know about EMF from laptop? EMF from 4g DATA (her)? Just morons still who should not work there.

  10. In theory since the diet is supposed to have somewhat of an adaptation period, shouldn't any experiment with supplements cover at least that amount of time? Most places say two to six weeks for the adjustment period.
    I can't help but think this test should have been about 4x as long.
    Edit To be clear I'm not siding with the supplements. I'm just curious if this is truly a good representation because I was curious about what, if anything, these do.

  11. Feeding exogenous ketones to an individual running on a good amount of glucose is absolutely pointless. Your body is not setup to utilize ketones. It's like putting a hybrid vehicles battery in a regular fuel running car and wondering why it's not using any of the batteries energy. It's not setup for it. Supplemental ketones are only useful when energy is needed and there's not enough glucose around due to medical issues, starvation or the transitioning stage of starting keto. (Keto flu) For anyone else…..save your money!

  12. A lot like a lottt of people take cholesterol and pressure meds even just as prevention cause the docs here like to do that , would they be harming themselves if they went on Keto diet

  13. Thank you for Video. Save your money 💰 and eat Whole Foods…Moderate fatty protein, good healthy fat and keep your carbohydrates under 20 (total) grams. Your body will make “Real” ketones. Don’t let people Scam you.

  14. This was such a joke. Not only did your "test" not cover the required time for each supplement but, you didn't even mix them as directed. I know because I'm currently using one (with excellent early results!) and know that you didn't use even half the necessary amount of water!

    This was more of a comedy act than any sort of scientific, unbiased test.

    Drinking Ketones is also more than just drink this and don't change anything else. You set these people up for failure and significant problems!

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