[ENG/체험 삶의 공장 FULL ver] 치즈승기와 호흡을 맞추게 된 나후배! 둘의 노동 케미는?! | 금요일 금요일 밤에 Friday Joy Package EP.3

[ENG/체험 삶의 공장 FULL ver] 치즈승기와 호흡을 맞추게 된 나후배! 둘의 노동 케미는?! | 금요일 금요일 밤에 Friday Joy Package EP.3

(Appearing through the gale) Good. Your stamina is good. Seunggi, where are you going? (U-turn) Life Experience Factory. I’m Lee Seunggi. We talked about a ranch
the other day. The cheese. I’m full of desire. To test my desire, the sky gives the gale, can you see that? It’s a strong-wind warning today. I have to win on this tough day. I’m unbreakable today. Until untying my shoes, and until taking off
my hat and gloves, I’ll not relax. We have good news and bad news. – First, good news.
– Yes. We’re at the cheese factory. Hygiene is very important here. 95% of the process is automatic, so workers are not needed much. It’s a perfect win today. There’s bad new too. Even so, there’s 5% left that
requires human hands. Packaging part. (Suddenly tears?) Do you get it? (My last failure came to my mind) I’m weak at packaging. You know what’s important
for the newbie? Get-up-and-go. ‘Hello, I’m Lee Seunggi.’ ‘I’m the newbie, Lee Seunggi.’ Let’s get going. (Let’s go) – Hello.
– Hi. I’m the newbie, Lee Seunggi. Nice to meet you. (Today’s work cloth) (Go change) The glass is see-through. – I’ll change quickly.
– Okay. (We protected his privacy) (He changed quickly) Doesn’t he look like a thief? (I’m the newbie) (Seunggi’s work schedule) (9 a.m. Packaging / 12 p.m. Lunch) (1 p.m. Making hand-made cheese) What kinds of cheese are there? There are over 2,000 kinds
of cheese in the world. – That many?
– Yes. I know cream cheese,
cheddar cheese, – and Camembert.
– Camembert. These three. There are two primary
kinds of cheese. Natural cheese
and processed cheese. There are two kinds. Natural cheese is the most common when rennet is added to milk, the liquid and solid separate. Processed cheese is made
from this natural cheese. We call this processed cheese because it’s processed again
from the natural one. The thin and square one
we usually eat. Sliced cheese. That’s all processed cheese? Where can we see natural cheese? The common one is string cheese. (Ah) I ate it yesterday. (You’re going to make it later) Softly. We’re going to watch
the place for processed cheese. Wow, it’s big. (You’re going to work here) Wow. (The birth of cheese) (1. Milking) (2. Milk clotting) (3. Grinding) (4. Mixing and heating) (5. Putting in the frame) (6. Freezing) (7. Packaging) (This is how cheese comes to us) (An amazing sight
while looking around) (The machine even does boxes) (The machine folds it) (and fills it) (The finishing touch is perfect) (Moving along the conveyer belt) Didn’t it lead to the car? It leads to the cold storage. I had a hard time folding boxes. That’s how it’s done. Those in Gangwon-do
might need this machine. How much is it? Isn’t it expensive? (Yes, it is) It’s really hard by men’s hands. – Right.
– Yes. I don’t think there’s
not much work left for Seunggi. Right. I don’t have any. Isn’t it easygoing today? Here is your workplace. As you can see,
there’s no machine. People have to package by hands. I’ve done that last week. I still have the touch. I only put it in, right? Yes, right. It’s simple. (Putting the products in the box) (Moving to the place where
the expiration date is added) (This adds the expiration date) (Lastly boxing them) (Let’s start the packaging) Today’s work must be hard for you. I saw it from upstairs. I’m worried about my energy for this work. – You have me do anything.
– Okay. I’ll do it. Spread this well. Grab 5 of them like this. Put it this open way. 5 of them per box. It’s 5, not 6. – I got 6.
– Yes. It’s 5. Isn’t it easygoing today? This is faulty. – It’s upside down.
– Upside down. Or sometimes,
the picture is crooked. You have to look carefully
when you put them in. Really? In such a short time? That must be hard. – 5 of them this way.
– Yes, that way. (It’s 5 right this time) (Trying hard) It’s easier to put them in
when grabbing this way. You can do that,
or the other way around. – Like this?
– Yes. It really doesn’t matter. You seem a bit angry. No, I’m not. Pick an easier way to put them. – An easier way to put them.
– Yes. This is hard. With my heart. Put it here. It should be done quite fast. Yes. (They keep coming out from here) You’re behind your work, Seunggi. Wait a second. It’s not easy to check faulty and put them with my heart. My eyes are sore. You’ll have a long way to go. (Slow) (Slow) Shouldn’t they not
piled up like that? Right. They shouldn’t. (Traffic jam) I’ll speed up. (Speed up) – Oh, 6.
– It’s the same. Can’t you count numbers? It’s quite hard to count numbers. A fortune teller said
5 doesn’t apply to me. 5 is not good for me. (The senior started to help) (Fast / Exact) (The traffic jam is relieved) – Try again.
– Yes. (Focused) (He’s quite fast) Oh. Okay! I think I’m playing go-stop. I can grab the exact number. I think you got the ropes now. Yes. Rhythmically. (Gaining confidence
with the rhythm) I have to be like a gambler. After this… (Satisfied) (He’s reborn like a gambler) (Focused without breathing) Oh, the machine doesn’t rest. It doesn’t have mercy. No mercy. If someone helps only this… Can you help with this? Then I can do it. (Taking it over
without complaining) I called my junior. Don’t you worry about me anymore? (I’m counting on you, Junior Na) I don’t think Na’s help is enough. It’s not closed well. I told you so. You have to
experience it yourself. We’ll conquer here together. We can do this. (Not reliable) (Senior, I’m waiting) I caught up with you. I did. (Junior Na works fast) I think I get the ropes now. Do you want to try this? (Junior Na tries boldly) Do this and fold it slightly. Put 5 in each box. (I’m your senior.
I’ll teach you how) Junior Na, try it yourself. You have to check faulty. You’re too slow. Fast like this. (I got you) I’m sorry.
I thought you’re so slow. You changed your mind? This is different
when actually doing it. It really is. There’s no time to agonize. Put them in fast. (He got caught in running away) Numbers… You can’t count, right? I told you so.
You can’t count numbers there. You’re in trouble. You’re like old me. (Does anyone know
why his shoulder is like that?) It gets my body twisted. (He’s about to lie) (Giving up) I thought you’re shopping here. (Making fun of him
at another level) (Shameful) He was like
‘How many do I have to buy?’ Look at this carefully too. – What’s this?
– It’s not right. – You got wrong again?
– It should be in the middle. Is it printing something? Yes. (The laser puts
the expiration date) (They must go through
this machine) (Earlier) (Passing the machine) (Putting in front of it) You made a more critical mistake
than mine. I meant well. Take it easy. We’re not busy. (Sweeping) (While putting the boxes here) (full already) Oh, my god. (Flustered) They’re piled up. Director, help me again. (They’re piling up to 3 stories) – Again.
– What are you doing? Again. (Working together again) (This time, without any mistake) This is not easy. (Working well though) (Tap, tap, tap, tap) You’re doing it really well now. (I’m not afraid of the machine
anymore) I’m amazed by myself too. I’m amazed by myself too. I think we make a good team. Team Nice? Senior Lee, Junior Na. (Perfect chemistry) It’s lunchtime. What we worked on goes into storage. (Come on) (Stopping at the set place) Shall we go for lunch? I’m hungry now. (Lunchtime) (He found something) (The board people write
what they want to eat) Cheese-tteokbokki. (Today, it’s pork cutlet
instead of tteokbokki) Wow, look at the cheese. Do you use the cheese
from the factory? Yes. (Getting dessert too) Enjoy your meal. You too. It’s even better fresh
out from the factory. – Right.
– Yes. The fresh one is more delicious. Mozzarella cheese is on it. I’ve worked and I think it’s not an easy job. Have you done packaging? Yes. I do it when they need help. I’m kind of sick of them
coming out endlessly. I was so surprised. Junior Na worked hard today. It was hard.
It’s different from what I see. It is really. I’m the genius here. It sounds a bit stretched. Honestly,
don’t I learn really fast? Normal. – Am I normal?
– Yes. Really? What about Junior Na? – Pass.
– Pass? As in getting fired? (The lunchtime is over) – It was for the processed cheese.
– Yes. Now, it’s a natural cheese place. Natural cheese. Your steps seem confident. Did something happen to you? When you see a person beneath you, you get confident. Junior Na came into the factory, so I got confident. I’m not that bad. The source of my confidence,
Junior Na. (He didn’t know then) I didn’t expect
this encounter there. It’s not like I suffered
a reversal. What is it then? In New Zealand, Mr. Lawrence… I’ve been working since 1988. Mr. Lawrence was my tutor
30 years ago. But I live 10-minute away
from here during days. I talk to cheese. So I’m called ‘the man
who married cheese’. (The man who will surprise
Seunggi appears) – Congratulations on working here.
– Thank you. (Lee Yuyeol / Production team /
33-year experience of cheese work) We are a food company. The most important thing
is hygiene. We’re going to the place
where string cheese is made. I like string cheese. This is our workplace today. (This is Seunggi’s workplace) (What will Seunggi do?) Put your hands here and knead the dough, which make cheese stretchy and have a lot of layers. Use the warm water. It doesn’t
get stretchy much when it’s cold. (Cheese doesn’t stretch enough
in the cold water) Oh, it’s getting soft. – Right.
– Like this. Keep kneading in the hot water. – Keep kneading?
– Yes. Until when do I have to knead? You have to feel it. Stop it when it’s stretchy enough. Seunggi, work with your heart
and skills. The thickness should be constant.
The layers should be a lot. Please make it like that. (Let me see) (Seunggi’s first string cheese) It got better. (Put it in the shaping frame) That’s it. Oh, it’s not bad. Put it in the frame and pass it to the freezing step. (It goes through a
10-minute freezing) How long have you been working
in this cheese industry? I’ve been working since 1988. Cheese wasn’t popular
back then yet, was it? You’ve live along with
the history of cheese. So I’m called ‘the man
who married cheese’. – Is that your nickname?
– Yes. Who gave you that nickname? I made it myself. (Ah-ha) Do you do
this process often, Mr. Lee? I do this twice or three times
a week. These days, workers usually do it. When I learned this 30 years ago, I learned it from tutors in
the Netherlands and New Zealand. – How to make cheese.
– The Netherlands is home of it. Yes. My tutors are Tolsmar
from the Netherlands and the one with 40 years of
experience from New Zealand, Mr. Lawrence. – Mr. Lawrence.
– Yes. You’ve obviously
thought about it a lot. The 2nd generation,
Brian Bennett from New Zealand was the factory manager. Did you know
I’d ask this question? – It was an abrupt question.
– Was it? That being said,
the 3rd generation is Im Chaemun from Korea, who learned it in the U.S.A and taught the other Koreans. And the 4th… Don’t you have too many tutors? Every tutor has things to learn from. Who was the best of all? Of course, Mr. Lawrence. – Mr. Lawrence.
– Yes. I’ve been taught by him, so I consider you
as my apprentice. I’m trying to teach you. Who do I say my tutor is? The leaner from all those people, Lee Yuyeol would be my tutor? Then, you have to say
the competitive rate is 40:1. – 40:1?
– Yes. I haven’t seen the other 39. The actual competitive rate is about 40:1. This company is stable
and has a future. (Showing off his company) You should think about that. You have to work faster. Stretch it like this. It’s just stretched like this? (Focused again) (Kneading to make more layers) (Layers, become a lot) Oh, my waist hurts. Yours doesn’t? My body is too circular to have a waist. You don’t have a waist? (Puzzled) Then, did you study abroad when you learned
from Mr. Lawrence? It was a business trip. (Ah) Mr. Lawrence was my tutor
30 years ago. He said a natural cheesemaker has to live 10-minute away
from their workplace. It’s because natural cheese
takes a long time. Living nearby, keep an eye on the process and if there’s a problem, go to the factory right away
to solve the problem. It’s like an E.R doctor. Right. We call this 911 too. That was my principle. My home is in Gwangju. But I live 10-minute away
from here during weekdays. – Oh, you live alone here?
– Yes. So if there’s an emergency or if I think something is wrong, I run to this place to talk to the cheese. What do you talk about? Is the ripening going well? – Do you ask it?
– Yes. Then, it answers. – What does it answer?
– ‘It’s a little dry.’ That’s it. (Ask anything) Labor is not just about physical work. It requires principles and
philosophy. I think that’s important. Then, Mr. Lee. What’s your principle or
philosophy of cheese? It’s devotion. Even if I have
skills and know-how, without devotion, it’s not just 2% lost, but it ruins the entire quality. I’m learning again. (With Mr. Lee’s principle,) (he tries hard at making cheese) It gets better every time. It requires using hands. I like this delicate work. Wow, it came out pretty. Cut the one you made
in 10cm length. – Consistently.
– Okay. For a sweet guy like you, you cut this like a razor blade. – Very exact.
– Right. I’m precise when I’m needed to be. Sharp as a knife when working. – That’s good.
– Cool-headed. This year is
the Year of the White Rat I hope you work hard this year and seize the chance to victory. Don’t miss any chance. Win the grand prize this year. Thank you. But I was born
in the Year of the Tiger. – What?
– I’m a Tiger. (String cheese is done) (Checking the layers) When I rip it apart… There’re a lot of string
like layers. A lot of layers make it
more delicious. The texture is soft this way. Young people rip this apart
and eat this while walking along the street
talking about old times. – While eating this?
– Yes. They talk about their dreams. They do. All the process is finished. This is the one. From the stretching part to the one like this. It’s really satisfying
making this. Right. Thank you for this. I’ll have principles
when I eat cheese. I’ll treat it nicely. Using Korean milk and cheese develop Korean dairy industry and protect our farms for the next generations. It’s to protect our land. It’s to protect our lives. Okay. I’ll keep that in mind. In 2020, I’ll promote that
around me. – Thank you
– It was honored meeting you. – Thank you.
– In 2020, I hope it’s your year. – The Year of the White Rat.
– The Year of the White Rat. – Seize the chance at victory.
– Seize the chance at victory. – Succeed in everything.
– Thank you. – Go! Thank you.
– Thank you. Thank you. – Time for repentance.
– ‘How was I today?’ Personally, I got used to the first process. It was a real
Life Experience Factory. I’m ready to do this feature. I’m ready after 3 episodes. But, only I regret this.
Only this… I didn’t know I’d meet
the father of cheese. Korean father of cheese. I didn’t expect
this encounter here. For this short time… For a few hours,
I was kneading cheese, I learned about the history of
cheese and the tutors of Mr. Lee. I talked a lot about principles. What I’ve learned
working at the factories is the workers there mostly have
principles and a philosophy. This is something else, but… He keeps saying, ‘Succeed.’ I thought,
‘Do I look like a loser?’ What’s your score today then? Today… It’s… It’s not like I suffered
a reversal. What is it then? It’s forfeiture. I was stepped on. I can’t get up
after being stepped on. It was like being thrown away. Especially, principle-wise. Principles about cheese. – I became humble.
– Awe. I felt awe
and I accepted my failure. Although, I’ve upgraded
after 3 factories. I’m finally ready now.

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