(ENG)예뻐졌네!머했어?🤔12minute Diet Dance Workout[Chueonny Home Diet Exercise]

We’re having a hard time lately. But let’s get over it! In this situation is, the more you must work out more! When you exercise, a lively energy rises Positive energy is generated. From now on, let’s start exercising together to become healthier, happier and more beautiful! Click Like, Subscribe, Set the alarm and Let’s start powerfully! Stretch your sides. Stretch your back and arms. Stretch your chest Stretch your shoulders Spread your feet as wide as the pelvic width. And your feet are slightly diagonal. Make the ends of your feet and knees exactly the same when you see them from above. The inner thigh muscles are activated. with open chests and diagonally upward Please match the shoulder with the extension below the ear. Suck that bellybutton in The right posture is important. We’ll just move the pelvis. Let’s start with the first move. Please raise your arm. Suck that bellybutton in Just move your pelvis back and forth. Put your shoulders down. Don’t let the book fall on your head. Then turn round. Reverse a little faster Raise your hands above your head and your chin slightly upwards. Next, open your feet wide. Put your knees outwards, and sit deeper. Don’t move your knees and upper body. Don’t let an apple fall on your head. Bear with it even if your legs hurt. Next a little faster Spread your knees outwards. Reverse a little faster Sit up straight. Stand up your upper body and suck that bellybutton in Up and down in this state. It’s a hip exercise. Your upper body must not bend forward. Look above you. Stretching a shake in your legs Straighten your knees. Reverse Take a deep breath. Let’s repeat it one more time. Please put on the right posture as I mentioned earlier. Breathe in through your nose, inflate your chest, exhale through your mouth, and suck that bellybutton in It’s the second set, so let’s do it a little faster. Once you get used to this gesture, try moving your upper body. Make the ends of your feet and knees exactly the same when you see them from above. a little faster When you do this, suck that bellybutton in Push your sphincter. Look at the sky. Don’t look at the ground. a little faster Don’t move your upper body. Reverse a little faster Spread your knees outwards. You don’t usually do pelvic exercises like this, and that will weaken your pelvic muscles. For the elasticity of pelvic muscle! a little faster Let’s be happy to see our changed figure. When there’s nothing to laugh about, let’s work out and laugh. the knee outward I recommend it to people who can’t do squats because their knees hurt. You have to do this for the elasticity of your hips. leg shaking This movement helps the blood circulation of the legs and makes the legs slimmer. If you can do more, do more. Everyone, please do this exercise from time to me. For our happiness and beauty. Thank you for your efforts. Subscribe and Like is a big help to me! Subscribe and Like are free

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