Eat With Me: My Goals For 2020 – Keto, Life, Grad School, Boys & MORE I Little Caesars Keto Mukbang

Eat With Me: My Goals For 2020 – Keto, Life, Grad School, Boys & MORE I Little Caesars Keto Mukbang

Hey YouTube family so in this video I am
going to be sharing my goals for 2020 and my goals are basically pertaining to
health lifestyle fitness boys personal stuff you know relationships all this
stuff so um yeah I’m going to be breaking my fast in a few minutes so
we’re gonna be doing like an eating show as well hashtag you know keto mukbang
or a keto mukbang so as always you guys grab a snack sit back relax and
enjoy the video so y’all we’re about to walk into Little
Caesars I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve been in here but I
just really wanted some hot wings so yeah okay y’all so we have our wings we
are about to break our fast at 111 yes thank you God my soul cries out
hallelujah thank God for saving you look at on mmm these are the
buffalo wings thank you guys I’m so ready to eat y’all yes we gotta hurry up
and get into this video and to drink y’all um I really don’t like oh you know like
drinks are in a plastic bottle I mean I would drink it if I have to but I just
prefer light drinks like this so I just got a Coke Zero from Burger King and I
was like okay that work oh what’s a happy so yeah y’all let’s go ahead and
get into this keto mukbang okay y’all so we’re ready to break this 16 hour fast
y’all hashtag intermittent fasting queen over here that’s how I feel right now
y’all like you know what you really proud of yourself you got to be extra
and that’s what I’m doing right now so my first goal for 2020 is to you know
not complain as much you know complaining
honestly solves nothing really it’s like negative energy actually you guys I
don’t think I ever shared this was y’all know but in October I started writing
down in my notebook what I am thankful / grateful for y’all I just dropped a
little bit of my chicken you see that that’s negative energy right there
sometimes I keep my notebook with me let me see if I have it y’all yeah I do have
it so you know this is my big old notebook
it causes like literally nothing panic like I said I start it off I’m gonna
show y’all what I’ve been right now cuz I don’t want to like laugh at me but I
just started October 1st I don’t know if y’all can see it hopefully I can’t see
it it’s so embarrassing but then again is not you know I would really like to
continue doing this because it really helps me in being positive and to you
know basically not take anything for granted I will say I have missed five
days out of like writing in my notebook y’all and I really don’t know why I miss
those days I don’t know like I can’t remember what
was the reason if there was a reason or way I purposely skip those pages because
I want it to just basically you know document to myself where I could easily
know that I missed though days and I don’t need to do that again basically if
y’all like my earrings I got them from the 99-cent store don’t laugh me y’all
don’t do that but I just saw they’re really cute could I was like she kind of
reminds me of me so I was like I gotta get home my next goals for 2020 y’all is
to actually achieve my weight loss goals whoo-whoo so you guys here’s a moment of truth I
have never I think I don’t think I’ve ever like came out and told y’all what
my weight loss like ideal waiting situation would be because in a way
y’all it’s so hard for me to admit okay y’all
so it’s not for me just put my big girl panties on and tell y’all so I’m really
procrastinating right now if I told y’all it had to be like one time of what
my ideal weight would be because I didn’t want to come on this platform and
tell y’all that and end up not achieving it so Oh honestly y’all how can I
achieve my weight-loss goals if I’m too afraid to even admit um you know so you
guys I would really like to be in the 130 / 140 s range yeah but it depends on
my body because I don’t got me on a job if I start losing like you know the
booty the car you know my boobies as well we’re gonna have to slow it down
you know can’t be having all that and this is me just being real with y’all
that’s just how I feel haven’t received my scale yet y’all but
I have been really consistent with doing in a minute fasting and you know eating
healthy and eating keto friendly foods like and working out but I honestly
don’t know what damage I did before so you know when I was living in my own
little world and so yeah hopefully when I get on a scale whenever my skill gets
in it won’t hurt my feelings Pat tell y’all this before that I want toned arms
so bad that’s just so beautiful to me toned arms I want to get rid of this
back fat back fat be gone we don’t want any of that negative energy basically
but I still want to you know keep my booty you know maybe even grow my booty
that would be awesome yeah that would be a blessing I would like that I
definitely plan on keeping up with doing in a minute fasting y’all
as right now we are doing intimated faceting money through Fridays and on
the weekends I do not have to do in a minute fasting that’s right now I
haven’t been doing in a minute fasting on the weekends but I mean it’s still up
for debate on how I’m fill in on the weekends and on the weekends on right
now I haven’t been feeling like doing in a minute fasting but I will say
intermittent fasting is so like amazing for my brain and also my stomach and
like you know we love that over here so apparently what I’m doing right now is
working well with me so let’s not change it up next up you guys I plan on going
back more not plan I will be going back to school for the spring 2020 session
y’all so my bachelor’s degree is in psychology and I was going to earn my
MBA degree y’all but I don’t know right now y’all I’m not going back for my
masters I just don’t know in what I’m just being
honest so the master situation is TBA but it won’t be TBA for long y’all
because spring 2020 is basically here so I need to find a lot what I want to do
okay y’all so next up let’s talk about boys boys boys boys so the whole
relationship thing go I feel like it’s in God’s hands that’s really how I’m
feeling right now it’s clear with what I’m doing is not working out too great
I’m not trying to rush God at all but you know that’d be awesome
next up you guys I would really love to forgive those who have done some shitty
stuff to me for like a better word y’all I’m just being honest because 2019 was
war what I want to know was 20 night to you war for anybody else because I don’t
know what I did in my past life or what type of Karma I deserve
grouped to get back y’all but I was not that horrible of a person I refuse to
believe that I will never come on here are just like you know in real life and
act like I’m like Miss goody two-shoes y’all but I’m always so considerate of
other people’s feelings you know it may just be the Pisces in me or the way my
mother raised me because my mother is the same way but my mother is so nice to
other people and when I see them treating her wrong I get triggered like
this because I know my mother is a genuine person but y’all when it comes
to me I let so much stuff slide back and truthfully y’all that’s what really
helped to start me on this spiritual journey what because I could have just
to be honest y’all I could have easily have become a vindictive person or fell
into depression from a lot of stuff that happened in 2019 but I took back my
power and I was like no I’m not gonna let these people allow me to get into
that negative mind space and y’all I’m in it benefitted me truthfully YouTube
has always been like an outlet for me y’all Plus on top of that I wouldn’t
have met y’all and like I said I wouldn’t have probably started my
spiritual journey but I will say this though y’all just because you forgive
other people it doesn’t mean that you have to allow them the opportunity to be
back in our life and you know what that’s that on that yep next up you guys
I would really like to be more accountable on my social medias for real
for real y’all I’m not even just talking right now
like real so here’s the thing you know here on
YouTube I pride myself in saying I upload Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays
and I have not missing upload yet but when it comes to like Instagram and
Twitter your girl is solid as a Churchmouse like
I can’t even say that regarding those other two platforms because your girl is
just in my show you guys the dedication I give to my youtube channel I would
really and truly love to give that to my Instagram and Twitter because in all
honesty in my opinion I’ll say that in my opinion it’s more watching than
YouTube than Instagram and Twitter but y’all regarding my youtube channel I am
like truly truly thankful for you guys I even I write that in my journal y’all
that’s like one of the things I list I am truly thankful for you guys and I
would also like to hit 5,000 or more subscribers before 2020 ends I would
really love that that’s a goal of mine I really want to work on my editing skills
y’all know my Apple laptop is coming in and I’m gonna be using the Final Cut Pro
I think it’s called I don’t express I’m like that on that to
like edit my videos so like that’ll be fun um eventually I’ll get a camera I
keep putting that off y’all because I’m just scared like if I get a camera it
means I’m in this like for real for real even though I’m like in it’s real y’all
but like getting a camera like means like you’re like for real for real I’m
kind of scared of it at the same time but then like I’m not like I don’t even
know how to explain y’all I want to get a camera
eventually okay okay okay I would also like to do vlogmas for next year y’all I was gonna do it this year
but I was like now so next year y’all I really want to do blog miss ya next up
you guys for 2020 I would really like to tap into my baking and cooking skills
y’all now you know I’m no Martha Stewart but you know I do a little something
some in the kitchen you know before I keto I was just cooking noodles
and I was barely doing that y’all so I owe it to keto for pushing me into like you know cooking in the kitchen whipping it up in
the kitchen last year you guys I did do a vision board by myself for the first
time ever and I like doing that so I’m gonna um do that again this year that’s
the plan y’all why our chicken wings so good you
know you guys 20:19 in my opinion was all about plans
and 2020 we put some action behind those plans period I want all my blessings
don’t say you guys as you can see I a all of Little Caesars eight-piece
buffalo wings they were so good yum-yum-yum
we only got a little bit left of this Coke Zero y’all so good I would love to
know y’all’s plans slash goals for 2020 so you know let’s share them down below
in the comments and you know of course I’m gonna reply back because that’s what
we do over here we talk back to one another yeah there’s not a one-sided
conversation at all over here no no no it’s about any chance you are new to the
channel welcome to the fam the mother here documenting my keto weight loss journey your girl is sharing everything we are
combining strict keto and lazy keto so join me by clicking that subscribe
button plus the notification bell as well so you won’t miss out on any future
uploads here I do upload three videos a week so you can’t expect a video from me
on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays and we have not missed and upload yet to my
amazing beautiful unique YouTube family thank you so much for watching this
video as always if you don’t hear it from anyone else I love you so stay
blessed and I will see you in the next video which will be Monday now you guys
like I told y’all I will be doing a vision board so if y’all plan on doing a
vision board as well let me know but yeah y’all I hope y’all have it
wonderful and safe weekend and stay blessed and yeah I’ll see y’all on
Monday love you so much! BYEEEEE 🙂

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  1. Happy Friday!!!! What are your plans/goals for 2020?!? Always remember this is a judgement FREE zone. I love you all forever and always

  2. You’re beautiful and yo lips are poppin 😋😋😋😎😎 you keeping me motivated check out my instagram i follow you it’s Polo_Marley38

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