Do Interval Training And See What Happens To Your Body

Do Interval Training And See What Happens To Your Body

Hey there, viewers! You may be working hard to get fit. For some people, it’s just the beginning. They want to build more core strength. This is where interval training comes into
play. From building your stamina to keeping your
heart healthy, it has a lot of health benefits. In this video, we’re talking all that AND
more… #1 Increases Speed One of the main improvements you will notice
from interval training is that you get faster. Interval training puts more strain on your
body and extends its anaerobic capacity. This enables you to increase speed. It is a very intense exercise. Usually there is one very tough session of
workout, followed by a resting session you will need for recovery. After that, you get another intense session. This, along with the small intervals helps
your body adapt. An interval run is divided into different
sections of a lap. It starts with a slow jog and slowly moves
to a faster pace. By this time, the runner must be at least
halfway through the lap. Once they have made it past that point, they
need to go for a sprint. This circle will continue again until you’ve
completed at least a mile. You will then need to rest. As we stated earlier, you will have to rest
to restore your energy. After all, you will need more energy for the
next session. Since we are talking about running, check
out another video, “Running Daily For 30 Minutes Will Do This To Your Body.” As you may have expected, interval training
puts a physical strain on you. Please be careful not to injure yourself. In case that happens, we suggest you visit
the doctor. #2 Improves Stamina In the beginning of the video, we said that
interval training improves stamina. Here’s how it works. During interval training, your body goes through
many physiological changes. Specifically, the intense sessions with resting
intervals in the middle help to increase your body’s anaerobic metabolism. Another major factor is the variation of the
speed at which you run. Because of those changes, the body is forced
to constantly adjust. As a result, it burns a lot more calories
than a normal lap. Along with calories, it also burns lactic
acids. This allows your body to work harder for a
longer period of time. It doesn’t mean that the fatigue will not
affect you. Although, you will be able to recover easily. After a few regular sessions you will start
feeling the difference, as your interval periods will reduce. You will realise you require a lesser amount
of breaks. By this time, your body would have started
getting used to your workout routine. It would have started evolving to the point
where it can handle all the pressure more efficiently. This will help you become quicker not just
with running, but other activities as well. For example, riding a bicycle, hiking and
even skiing. Speaking of which, have you noticed that all
of the activities we mentioned were cardio? This is because it’s… #3 Good For Your Heart While it may put a lot of strain on your body,
it is also be good for your heart. Walking, running and riding a bicycle are
all cardiovascular exercises. When your body is involved in these exercises,
they improve blood circulation. This decreases the amount of pressure the
heart needs to pump blood. More importantly, it puts less strain on your
arteries and veins. This helps to control blood pressure. So it is not just the heart. If you have hypertension then you can also
try interval training. Speaking of blood circulation and hypertension,
check out our video on the things you can do to lower your blood pressure. It will help you get a better idea of what
you can do to lower your blood pressure. Coming back to the topic at hand. Due to less strain on your heart, your body
is able to perform better. This is why interval training is so helpful. You are getting a fitter body with less trouble
on your heart. Another interesting thing is that interval
training can make your heart stronger over time. So, next time you think about trying cardiovascular
exercises, try interval training instead. Just make sure you don’t skip those recovery
sessions in the middle. #4 Burns More Calories Whenever your body goes through a round of
interval training, it has to use more energy. As a result of that energy release, your body
is forced to burn more calories. So if you’re worried about your calorie
intake then this is the exercise for you. Even experts agree that the bursts of intensity
increase the caloric expenditure. You see, your body doesn’t only burn calories
when active. Sometimes, after a very heavy physical exercise,
it needs to burn calories to recover itself. This is a common occurrence if your body’s
going through interval training. In other words, you will be burning calories
even after a session. So make sure you have enough to burn. After all, the goal of this exercise is to
make you healthy and build your core strength. If you don’t have enough calories in your
body, you won’t have enough energy to carry on with the exercise. So make sure you have enough nutrients and
calories in your diet. It will help you with your training. Don’t worry about your shape, you will burn
the calories anyway. Speaking of which, check out our video on
exercises that can help you get in shape. #5 Very Time Efficient So how long does your work out session last? Different people usually have different workout
patterns. Some prefer to have a short session, while
others prefer going for an hour long. It all depends on the amount of time one is
willing to invest. Of course, you might be thinking the longer
you can do an exercise, the more benefits you will reap. That isn’t necessarily true. You see, your body doesn’t require to be excessively
strained to get stimulated. Additionally, the amount of stimulation you
get from 15-minutes of training should be good enough for you. As a matter of fact, a 15 minute interval
training is actually more efficient than an hour session on a treadmill or a jogging session. This is because of the enormous amount of
pressure that the body had to endure in about 15 minutes. So you might have a 9 to 5 job and other activities
to look after. You could live by yourself and be stuck with
your daily chores after work. Even then, interval training is possible for
you. The short sessions of intense workouts with
intervals in the middle are what many of us hope for. In case you’re wondering how efficient interval
training is in comparison to treadmills, a 10-minute interval training session burns
the same amount of calories as a 30 minute session. Checkmate treadmill! #6 Has Anti-Aging Properties There is an understandable amount of obsession
that people have with youth. Think about it, we are stronger and more active
when we are young. What if we told you that you could change
that? Yes, that is possible with regular interval
training. It has been observed time and again that a
longer life expectancy is connected to exercise. People who exercise regularly are usually
more fit in their old age then. Their muscles and tissues still function properly
because of the constant amount of activity. Mind you this isn’t just any amount of activity. Your body is pushed to a great extent. As a result, it adapts quickly to make sure
it doesn’t incur any damage. More importantly, interval training boosts
your body’s production of human growth hormone. These hormones are responsible for keeping
your tissues and muscles active. Apart from that, these hormones help to repair
the damaged cells in your body. That is one of the major reasons why you look
younger if you do this exercise. Although that is not the only reason, while
growth hormones may repair cells, there is another component that is equally important. We are talking about telomerase. Telomerase is an enzyme in the human body
that slows the aging process. If you do this exercise regularly, your body
will produce more of this enzyme. Thus slowing down the process and making you
look younger. Along with that, it also reduces p53 expressions
in your body, which is responsible for tumors and cancers. So have you tried interval training yet? Would you consider it after watching this
video? Let us know in the comments, we would love
to hear from you.

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