Diet Chart ( 2 Min.) | Panga – Motape se | Best Formula | Keto Diet | Motapa Kam Kare

Diet Chart ( 2 Min.) | Panga – Motape se | Best Formula | Keto Diet | Motapa Kam Kare

Hello friends, I am Suman chauhan, welcome to my channel Health city As you are watching many foods in front of me I am going to tell you everything You ask me about diet plan like what you should eat and what not to decrease weight. Who have increased weight , want to lose in the 90% cases , it depends on the diet what we eat daily what we eat and how we eat creates effect 90% on the diet to decrease weight. Next 10% helpful is our exercise or our activity. So, food is very important , what we eat or what we don’t eat , this varies when we want to lose weight or want to gain. All were asking about the diet plan This is about I can tell diet plan for specific 1 person but can’t mention same diet plan for all the people. Because, everyone has different systems of activity and working procedure. Same way , each should have different diet plans Impossible to tell for each So I have brought a system of how to count calorie. You will know about calorie contained in foods and how much a person needs whether male or female You can count in your home yourself that how much calorie you need I am going to tell you one formula by which you can figure out whether you want to keep your weight as much you have or within a balance that is your ideal weight , neither you want to decrease nor increase Through this formula you will know how much calorie you need Just that much you need to take a day But , if you get 1500 calorie by this formula according to your weight but you want to decrease the weight. Then you will take 20% less than you have found through this formula and do exercise as well, but someone needs to gain weight for him the calorie what he has got 1500 calorie, needs to increase the calorie He can increase any much he wants , no problem in increasing, thus he can gain weight. Now, the carbohydrates and the protein and fat , these 3 contain calorie and others like water 0 calorie in it, no calorie in it. Now talking about the carbohydrates 1 gm carbohydrate contains 4 calories same for the protein and in 1 gm fat 9 calorie Listen for a more time, 1 gm carbohydrate contains 4 calories same for the protein and in 1 gm fat 9 calorie, you may note these I am telling you now , how to solve the calorie through the formulas, This is the formula , how you will solve This is for male and this is for female For female, multiply 22 with the body weight. Multiply 22 with the body weight How this 22 has come ? by the formula No need to find out this 22. Next multiply 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 and so on till 1.7. Now how to calculate People , who work very little, maximum time take rest like the office people don’t need to work much. They will multiply with 1.2 For the housewives only do domestic works. 1.3 is for them 1.4 is for them who have a little more work to do, 1.7 is for like the athletes, they need to run or work more They do exercise 2-2.5 hours in the field This 1.7 is for very hard exercise doing people According to this, for men 24 multiply body weight multiply 1.2 and later multiply according to your activity Now , I am telling mine. I will take 22 my body weight is 50 kg Weight is to be taken in kg , so mine is 50 kg. multiply like I do exercises and do many domestic works I will multiply with 1.4 Multiplying here This is 1540 calorie has come I have taken my body weight for me , it has come 1540 kg , I need to take Some more or less can be seen no problem You can take little more or little less You will know the estimate , how much you need to take Thus, you can calculate You can calculate according to your body weight and you can note down the result Now talking about , which foods contain how much calorie How you will know , which foods you need to eat I am showing you Which contains 0 calorie? water Any water liquid contains o calorie any liquid doesn’t mean juice. You are making juice using sugar in your home, that is something else Only water contains 0 calorie. Any much you can drink, no problem Now talk about the vegetables Like this is a tomato Suppose this weighs 100 gm. and 90% water in it . So 10% material is left in it. I told you 1 Carbohydrate contains 4 calorie According to this , we can assume , there is fibers in it Leaving 90% water , Left 10% you can assume 5% We will multiply it with 4 results 20. So, you can assume 20 calorie in it Anything you take now, like onion, tomato, or green peas any salad food like cucumber or cabbage, bottle gourd, if we don’t use oil in these , if we eat only boiling them if 100 gm green peas or tomato or 100 gm onion or any vegetables like this, this 100 gm carrot If you eat 100 gm carrot without oil or spices or if you eat raw you will get 20 calorie of it But if we use oil or spices , then calorie increases Now, you must have understood Any vegetable you take leaving only potato , this is such a vegetable if you take 100 gm of potato there will be 100 calorie properly Remember, all vegetable contain 20 calorie in 100 gm leaving potato But in 100 gm of potato , there will be fixed 100 calorie. Now talking about the fruits Like, orange grapes This contains 50 calories , if you have taken 100 gm orange or you have eaten or 100 gm apple or you have eaten 100 gm grapes You will get 50 calorie by this This is guava, this too contains 50 calories But in banana, these contains little sugar more bananas and mangoes These contain 100 calorie Bananas and mangoes , and chikoos these are sweeter , these contain 100 calorie rest of the fruits like pears and watermelon or , which have more water contain 50 calorie But sweeter fruits like bananas it contains more hard matter as well as mangoes with more sweet contain 100 calorie, if you eat 100 gm you will get 100 calorie, now breads This is normal size bread, anyway this is a aloo-poratha I will tell you , normal size of bread not aloo-poratha , because, it contains potato so, calorie increases a little bit. How much potato you have mixed Suppose, you have mixed one potato of 50 gm So, calorie increases 50 more, I am talking about the simple breads, add according the that way Normal bread weighs about 30 to 35 gm normal size bread, and 10 gm water so carbohydrate left 25 gm We will multiply 25 with 4 25 multiply 4 means 100 calorie in a simple bread So, 100 calorie bread and suppose we have mixed 50 gm potato in it as I have made poratha So, how much calorie this poratha contains 150 calorie Means, a potato of simple 50 gm weighs have mixed in it after boiling So, this is a 150 calorie poratha or if you eat simple bread, that is 100 calorie If you eat 2 breads that will count 200 calorie Now, pulse , any pulse you are watching these pulse This is mung pulse, if made with little water if made properly, that too will contain 100 calorie Now , Gram , if you eat 100 gm of Gram you will get 100 calorie Breads made of anything like
Millet or of Gram Flour, made of any flour minimum that contains 100 calorie maximum if you mix potato or do anything else will increase calorie So,
Gram that you make you make rajma , in 100 gm of vegetables you can add 100 gm vegetables. Like you have taken 100 gm chick peas that increases after boiling and in rice Like you have taken 100 gm rice , increases after cooking absorbing water, so separate the water If you are eating a normal bowl of rice you are eating 100 calorie Now Samosa it contains fat, fried in oil , flour Means , it is made of using ghee potato is in it too As all these ingredients have been mixed by oil fried , so this is of 500 calorie So, if you eat 100 gm Samosa , you will get 500 calorie If you eat one Rasagulla, contains 300 calorie Because, it contains sugar, soup of sugar and made fried with oil and flour too many things are mixed One Rasagulla is of 300 calorie two means 600 calorie Now, any fried foods like Bhujia or namkin very much oil fried foods out of our home , all are of 500 calorie One more thing like you eat bakery bread two slices of them is 100 calorie If you eat two bakery breads , means 100 calorie 4 biscuits, with minimum sweet which are called sugar free if you have eaten 4 of them you have eaten 100 calorie 4 biscuits 100 calorie I think all foods have come leaving one food, that is ghee Suppose this is butter Look Like I said 9 calorie in fat 9 calorie in one gm fat So, you have eaten 900 calorie if you have eaten 100 gm fat If you have eaten 100 gm fat , ghee or oil in a day you have taken 900 calorie So, eat ghee in a limit Take one or two spoon , that is good because, all are good for the body not like you will leave fat totally Take fat too, like one spoon of butter you have taken a day or two maximum some days, no problem but if you cross limit will increase fat If you count calorie and eat according to calorie , as you need to take that will keep your weight there but if you need to lose weight you will have to eat less than you have got in the calculation. How much to decrease ? Decrease 20% of that, then eat slowly not like , you have found 1500 calorie and you have decreased 600 – 700 calorie instant and eat 700 800 calorie. This will lead you to weakness . Don’t decrease at a time, eat decreasing only 20% of the calculated calorie do exercise but must take in proper quantity all the things Take Carbohydrates too fat too but in a proper way like these Samosa from outside avoid these , Because, these are very harmful Instead take normal ghee on your bread that will be better. In my opinion the more you eat fruits or salads this is the best Nothing can be compared with it All have different penchant , different like If you have liked the video, hit like share and subscribe if you haven’t subscribed yet Press the bell icon as well , see you again in the next video Till then bye bye and take care.

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  1. informative video,nice.can u please tell me if I m using warm water with lemon juice in morning,i m not doing exercise and I reduced my diet then my weight will be reduced immediately in a month.please zaror answer den.shukria

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