Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba 196 Chapter Review. No Escape. – [鬼滅の刃]

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba 196 Chapter Review. No Escape. –  [鬼滅の刃]

One hundred and ninety six chapters and they’ve
finally done it. Our girl Nezuko is finally, finally human again.The chapter opens up with
Nezuko in a half human half demon hybrid state, stumbling through rice fields presumably on
the way to the battlefield to find Tanjiro. And on this journey, she is effectively dragged
along by Muzan’s memories, infecting her with visions of him killing her family and
injecting her with his blood. This is her origin story – and it’s absolutely brutal. And it’s made clear that this attack on
the kamado household and demonisation of Nezuko was entirely deliberate. With Muzan hoping
Nezuko would be the one to conquer the sun, all that time ago. Now with nezuko battling this anger, she has
flashes of the other side of the coin, her remembering everyone she has met that has
helped her along her journey of regaining her humanity. Urokodaki, Tomioka, Tamayo, Yuushiro, the
butterfly estate girls, Zenitsu, Inosuke, even the arsehole brothers Genya and Sanemi
get a mention. But as Nezuko is on the cusp of reversing
her demon transformation, it’s Tanjiro that pulls her through. And with his dorky smile
at the forefront of her memories, she does it. Her claws retract into regular fingernails,
her fangs fade and she has a pair of regular ol’ eyeballs. She’s human again. Now as leisurely as Nezuko is taking her stroll,
Muzan and Tanjiro are fighting for survival and it’s total warfare over there. However,
Muzan is on the backfoot, so far on his backfoot, that he’s tripping over himself. His fatigue
is reaching its maximum, he’s out of stamina , it’s do or die. Time to split his cells and go nuclear. An
expulsion of Muzan chunks projectile vomited in every direction, guaranteeing at least
some will escape and be able to reform. But, he can’t. He’s fugged. He’s running
his mind over the poisons that are coursing through his body wondering how they could
be stopping him from his final escape move. And then it’s all explained to us by a visualisation
of the absorbed Tamyo cradling the head of a horror-stricken Muzan. That rotten horse, what has she done?! The
final nail in his coffin. There were in fact 4 poisons in total and the last one is to
suppress him from splitting and escaping. Perfect. Now predictions for next weeks chapter from
me can be split into two different scenarios: Route A.
The happy ending. Tamayos poisons cripple Muzan and quite simply with no twists or turns,
Tanjiro ends Muzan with Breath of the sun forms in succession destroying all of Muzan’s
hearts and brains. Nezuko arrives to watch him burn as the sun rises for Dawn. Tanjiro
is stitched up, and they all live happily ever after. Route B.
It all goes to shij. Nezuko arrives, only to be absorbed or consumed by Muzan, and with
both nourishment and his new immunity to the sun, he isn’t effect by the sun’s rays
at dawn and perhaps gains resistance to the effects of redn’d nichirin blades. Allowing him to escape and allowing Kimetsu
no Yaiba Demon SLayer to be serialised in Weekly shonen jump and print volumes for another
10 years and make a butt ton of money. And that’s what I’m thinking for this
week. This was anime fried chicken, I cover Demon Slayer and Black Clover weekly, and
do all sorts of anime discussion videos throughout the week. Thanks for watching and I’ll catch
you guys next time. Cheers.

4 thoughts on “Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba 196 Chapter Review. No Escape. – [鬼滅の刃]

  1. There's also C nezuko arrives gets absorbed but because she's cured muzan gets no immunity and dies by either the sunlight or breathe of the sun tanjiro either gets stitched up or dies depending on how tragic the author wants to go

  2. it's demon slayer we're talking about, a manga that has thrown convention out of the window time and time again. this entire final battle has felt like a straight line to muzans death, i think the author is just toying with us and is gonna throw something really shocking in our way. i also have a feeling in my gut that iguro won't make it

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