Chef Gordon Ramsay Reveals How He Lost 50 Pounds | TODAY

Chef Gordon Ramsay Reveals How He Lost 50 Pounds | TODAY

99 thoughts on “Chef Gordon Ramsay Reveals How He Lost 50 Pounds | TODAY

  1. She’s right…and if you love someone you shouldn’t be afraid to tell them the truth…worst conversations are the ones that are never had…

  2. No way was he ever 270 pounds! Also, this report doesn't specifically explain how he lost the weight.

  3. 5 meal a day myth. Keeps insulin pumps on overload. Intermittent fasting is where weight loss easy and type 2 diabetes is crushed

  4. He never ate at his restaurant to be remembered. He was afraid he'd be forgotten if he did what Gordon really wanted his dad to do. Scared little dad

  5. In the UK Gordon in a renowned bullshitter he never played for Rangers like he said, he was 270 pounds in 1995

  6. LOL , Lebron James is 6 foot 8 and weighs 270 lb , no way Gordon at 6' Tall weighed that much , Looks like somebody is promoting their New Book ….

  7. Good video clip! Up here at Y&S FOOD! we adore to run across these sort of contents. We make Travel & Food shows too, all around the world, so we are constantly aiming for inspirations and so ideas. Thank You.

  8. 270lb is 19+ stone. Has Gordon ever been that big? I've been watching him for years and never once though he was fat.

  9. Won't touch MEAT, DAIRY or EGGS. It's NOT just weight yet UNHEALTHY and I also know what is done to animals which is vile at any level when it comes to murdering animals. BOURDAIN was just as vile too. ALL ABOUT SELLING SLAUGHTER PRODUCTS FOR BLOODY MONEY. The media is also about BRAINWASHING. TODAY has Natalie Portman on their show promoting HER documentary which talks and shows the FACTS on FACTORY FARMS in 'Eating Animals' which was written by Jonathan Safran Foer … some 9 years ago which helped her decide to become VEGAN. LOTS of VEGAN CHEFS these days and they are NOT so hostile like Ramsey or Bourdain was. I was NOT surprised when he committed suicide being he was also a heavy drinker and an alcoholic in denial. His friends were no help either yet they really were NOT his friends.

  10. Today show liars. Years ago he weighed more, but not 270 pounds. Another non story from your make-believe sensationalism program of abysmal fools.

  11. Seriously, this guy lasted through training with the British Marines. He's workout best. This is complete bs.

  12. Not surprised he put weight on, look at his diet, CARBS, GLUTEN, REFINED VEG OIL, AND MORE , he wont keep the weight off if he eats 5 meals a day, you only need 1-2 meals a day. Paleo/Primal/Keto… Thats the way forward.

  13. This is almost painful to watch because it shows just how far off we r when it comes to understanding how we should be eating to thrive. It’s not about eating less. We should be eating in abundance and as much as we desire BUT of the right thing. Plant based. By consuming meat and dairy we r only contributing to inevitable disease. I don’t care how much one works out. Fruits and veg for the win ppl!

  14. @2:10

    his father dies of a heart attack at age 53, 5 years from where Ramsay is now and yet did you see that breakfast? Eggs, pan fried meat, bagels and bread on the counter….

    He may want to keep adjusting his strategy.

  15. He's had botex and surgery and probably liposuction, pretending it's his wife that trained him. Look at Stallone and Arnie hormones, steroids, hgh. His wife can't wait to bump him off, she doesn't want this old fart anymore. Fighting aging makes you look worse. Exerting himself, he looks older than his supposed 52 for sure. Be funny and great if he cut out his wife from the Will and leaves all his money to feeding the poor in the World.

  16. Eating several times a day is now being proven to be a bad strategy for weight loss. I wouldn't take nutrition advice from a chef.

  17. Chef Gordon Ramsay Reveals How He Lost 50 Pounds
    he paid for a starter in one of his own restaurants? BOOM BOOM.

  18. I lost 50 pounds too 🙂 It was nothing to do with Portion Size & I NEVER exercised 🙂
    I stopped eating Grains & ate Low Carb Veggies & increased my Animal Fats 🙂
    I lost 50 pounds but more importantly dropped my Fasting Blood Glucose down from American measurements of 130 to 73 eating EXACTLY what I like to eat,… Sausage, Pork Chops, Burgers, Steak, Chicken, Bacon, Butter 🙂

  19. What a stupid question. Are we eating wrong??? Just outside and look at people around you. They don't even look like people. Some kind of fat and sick animals. Go to other parts of the world and you'll see good looking and healthy population. In USA, no no, nothing good looking and healthy. Just sick and dumb.

  20. Chef Ramsay has done full distance Ironman triathlons over the years. HE has even even been featured in magazines as doing such. Maybe he slacked off and put on a few pounds, buts this piece seems like an overstatement to me.

  21. Chefs who cooks healthy foods (whole food plant based) are not overweight. This man cooks nothing but different variations of animals and their secretions.

  22. It’s amazing just stop shoving crap in your gob and it will come off. You have to have self control and lay off the booze . Little pickers wear big nickers lol love Tana 🙂

  23. I agree that restaurants should hone in more on quality than on quantity. However, I don't think it's a bad idea to take food home. The quality may not be as good hours later, but at least you're not wasting food.

  24. Gordon ramsay claims his father passed away from a heart attack however in one of the episodes of kitchen nightmares UK he claimed his father committed suicide.

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  26. I’m actually quiet scared…and nervous because Gordon Ramsay is my fav celebrity and chef he inspired me to start cooking at a young age

    I’m scared because his father died basically 3 years now away from him, well it was used to but I was scared because you know…he might die the same die his father died but thank goodness sake that he lived OVER! I am extremely happy because he is the chef of my life.
    If he wasn’t born I could have been right now eating chips and getting fat 😂 Love you Gordon! Ramsay!

  27. Ive been watching hos shows for over a decade where is the fat gordon ramsey they are talking about…unless he wheres a corsage

  28. There are beasts in the NFL that don't even weight 270, just for reference Rob Gronkowski was 6'6 265 and he's a beast. Godrons been on TV for over 10 years so idk where he got 270lbs from

  29. Eating 5 meals a day and then eating samples…
    I would die……….
    I have Anorexia, had it since I was 10…
    I'm so f#cked up

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