Bulletproof Coffee | Keto Ghee Coffee Recipe || BodyProCoach || Praveen & Maahek Nair

Bulletproof Coffee | Keto Ghee Coffee Recipe || BodyProCoach || Praveen & Maahek Nair

warm welcome the macro-nutrients the fats
have taken over almost everything possible that’s taken over the
carbohydrates, the protein today we’ve got something very special on the on the
table here we’re going to show you how to use a fat appropriately and the good
thing is about that’s going to be ideally early the morning that’s going to give
you a prolonged energy for the complete day, A very warm welcome I’m Maahek Nair and
that’s Praveen and today we’re going to be showing you a bulletproof coffee you
must have heard that a lot the most spoken about thing in Fitness let’s
quickly run through with the ingredients so here I have a blender you can have a
normal blender or a nutribullet then I have a pink Himalayan salt I have taken
from the company called as urban platter you can also order the same I have a
already pre-done black coffee you can see the video here of the black coffee
I have stevia granules, I have desi ghee that’s by amul and then I have MCT
that’s medium chain triglyceride fats now quickly let’s run through the
science behind these products the first one being MCT it’s one of my
favorites why because MCT is nothing but a medium chain triglyceride oil it’s
really high in fats these fats are easily digested and they’re rapidly user
source of energy MCT are also being known as the ultimate ketogenic fat
because when you’re on a ketogenic diet and you use MCT your body easily
converts quickly you know ketogenic stage than using any other fat just add
a few more things in there is that it helps you to get the right kind of
energy for the brain as well so it become is one of the most important
thing in a ghee coffee, alright guys so we got the next one is ghee and of course for
Indians it’s a very valuable thing it is known to be something like a medicine so
the ghee has a lot of benefits it’s high in vitamins like A, D, E & K at the same
time the most common thing known for weight loss is about CLA so it’s very
high in CLA at the same time in butyric acid alright let’s talk about the
coffee we have known coffee as an amazing content that helps you to stimulate the
brain so that’s what we generally take it as pre-workout drink at the same time
coffee has got much more benefit that’s about it helps you the metabolize your
fat, take some fat into the bloodstream alright guys let’s talk about Himalayan
salt when you follow a strict diet plan like for example say a ketogenic plan or
a low carb plan we end up losing a lot of minerals so this particular himalayan salt takes care of those minerals and trace elements which are very important
to keep the muscle hydrated not to get many cramps while working out so that’s
a reason we majorly use a Himalayan salt oh yeah
so we gonna see that how do we prepare the ghee coffee right now let’s go have
a look, so i have a blender here and i have already made a black coffee which
is a bit warm right now I’m gonna add that
but I’m gonna add about one and a half teaspoon of stevia granules
– that’s an option if you prefer to have a kind of a normal sugar because again it’s all based on exactly what kind of plan you’re following right now if you’re on
a strict plan probably you wanna even avoid stevia if you’re following a ketogenic plan ideally we
preferably use stevia in almost all the food items or probably a kind of a drink
that you make it, I have added about two tablespoons of Desi Ghee yeah so you
know having all these ingredients majorly focusing on a lot of fats would
be ideal to have it as one of the thing that you’re getting up and having quickly, one tablespoon of MCT oil and last but not the least
that’s going to be a pinch of Himalayan salt and the ghee coffee the bulletproof
coffee is ready, we do blend it in a blender so that the ghee does not float
on top so this is my favorite everyday get up in the morning we generally
have this and then we start the day probably go for workout, go for cardio that kind of stuff starts after this so thanks so much turning in if you haven’t
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you in the next video thank you

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