Best of Season 3 (Part 2) 📣 #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

Best of Season 3 (Part 2) 📣 #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

– All right, we’re gonna introduce some special guests. This beaster is widely
considered the best. Did you hear what I said? – The best! – The best cornerback in the NFL. Ladies, Terence Newman. (cheering)
– Oh, wow. Oh wow. Way to go! Way to go! – We’re not finished yet, okay. Standing at a solid 6’2″, this tackling machine has
led the Cowboys in tackles for the last two years, alright. Ladies, I’d like you to meet Brady James. (cheering)
– Alright, alright, alright. – Mr. Newman will be the
quarterback for the vets. (cheering) – And Brady James will be the
quarterback for the rookies. (cheering)
– We winning. – Alright, alright. – When Terence Newman and
Brady James walked out here, it was like wow, you know,
we’re actually playing with two Cowboys football stars. – So ya’ll ready to warm up? – [Cheerleader] We’re ready!
(cheering) – The vets really don’t know
what to expect from the rookies because they’ve only seen them cheer. Oh, you look–
(screaming) (high-intensity pop music) – We really don’t talk
to the football players. The only time we see them is
literally out on the field when we’re cheering, and we’re like, “Woo! There they go! Yay!” (high-intensity pop music) – We wanna beat them bad. I mean, the vets, they’re
amped up right now. – One, two, three! D-C-C! (cheering)
– We’re definitely gonna win. There’s no way that those
sissies in pink can beat us! There is no way. – Get up in here. We’re gonna win, on three. One, two, three! – [Cheerleaders] Win!
(cheering) – We’re here to bring it, and
we’re gonna take them down, and we’re here to win. – Let’s play ball. Alright, way to go, let’s go. (whistle blowing)
♪ You know I’m here ♪ ♪ for the party ♪
(screaming) ♪ And I ain’t leaving
til they throw me out ♪ ♪ Gonna have a little fun ♪
(cheering) – (mumbling) the lineman,
you guys all block them. Everybody blocks their right. On one. Ready, break!
(clapping) ♪ I’m here for the party ♪
– We gotta work on that break – Is everybody ready? (excited country music) (whistle blowing) ♪ You know I’m here for the party ♪ (shouting) ♪ And I ain’t leaving
til they throw me out ♪ ♪ Gonna have a little fun ♪ ♪ Gonna get me some ♪ ♪ You know I’m here ♪ ♪ I’m here for the party ♪
(whistle blowing) – First down, veterans.
♪ For the party, yeah ♪ ♪ I get knocked down ♪ ♪ But I get up again ♪ ♪ You’re never gonna keep me down ♪ ♪ I get knocked down ♪
(screaming) ♪ But I get up again ♪
(cheering) ♪ You’re never gonna keep me down ♪ – Touchdown!
(cheering) – [Cheerleader] Watch me you! – That’s alright. Let’s get ’em, ya’ll.
– Yes! – Go! ♪ I get knocked down ♪
♪ But I get up again ♪ ♪ You’re never gonna keep me down ♪ ♪ I get knocked down ♪
(screaming) ♪ But I get up again ♪
(whistle blowing) ♪ You’re never gonna keep me down ♪ – Okay, um, upon further review, that was pass interference.
– She didn’t even touch her! She had her hands in the air!
– It’s just the rules, sir. – She had her hands in the
air! She didn’t touch her! – That was a penalty. First down! – Touchdown play. Touchdown play. Ready! – [Cheerleaders] Break! – Go wide, Jordan. Kathy, go wider. – Ready? Go! ♪ Hey now, you’re an all star ♪ ♪ Get your game on ♪ ♪ Go, play ♪
(cheering) ♪ Hey now, you’re a rock star ♪
(cheering) ♪ Get your show on ♪
– Touchdown, rookies! ♪ All that glitters is gold ♪
(cheering) ♪ Only shooting stars ♪
– Rookies! Rookies! ♪ Break the mold ♪
– Rookies! Rookies! – Two, three!
(guttural noise) – Ready to go down? – I’m not goin down, you’re goin down. – Oh we’re taking you down, sweetheart. – Uh, huh. (wild laugh with rock music) (cheering) (screaming) (cheering) (screaming) – I had a lot of fun playing today. Uh, I mean we had a great time
and they had a great time. – You guys, give it up for
the professionals here, the guys with boots on the ground. Alright. Alright, alright. We’ve got some great Bedhead
products for the winners. – Bedheads.
(cheering) – Great game! Shake hands! – You got it, Baum-y! – This is the most
exciting moment of my life. I almost feel like I’m still dreaming, but I’m not, which is awesome! – Little elbow here. Alright, good! (rock guitar music) (camera snapping)
– Yeah, that’s good. Add a little, yeah, that’s good! You got it! Good.
(camera snapping) ♪ Pretty girls ♪
(camera snapping) ♪ Pretty girl ♪
(camera snapping) ♪ Pretty girl ♪
(camera snapping) (guitar solo) – I have never done
anything like this before, never in my life. I love it, I would do it
20 billion more times. – Thank you, good. – I do feel like a supermodel. I looked at myself in the
mirror, I was like, whoa, like who is that girl? – Well, we have a problem with Kelsi. There’s not a single one I don’t like. – The hardest part is giving them a range of different smiles
and a different look. They kinda want a good
range to choose from. ♪ Pretty girl ♪ – Okay. (relaxed guitar music) – That’s cute. – I don’t know what to do now. Actually having my photoshoot in front of Kelli was intimidating, as I know they really observe
and look at every detail, but she came over and
gave me some good advice. – And then you can also
just shift your weight from hip to hip, okay?
– Yes. – And move your shoulders–
– Okay. – And kinda loosen up.
– Okay. – Yeah. – Thanks. – Okay, great! (airplane noise) – Today, we’re at DFW Airport, and we’re here saying
goodbye to the troops. – There they are!
(clapping) – We went into the USO, and just seeing all these uniforms, all these bright faces,
so happy to see us. It was so neat. – Hi!
– How you doin? – What’s your name?
– Brian. – Brian, my name is Kaitlin. – Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. Where you from? – Today is an event that is one of the most rewarding parts of being a cheerleader, and that is doing appearances
with our military forces. – So where are you guys headed right now? – I’m on my way back to Iraq. – I’m goin to Afghanistan, back to Afghanistan
after my mid-tour leave. – This is one of those experiences that kinda develops the soul. – Meeting the soldiers was wonderful. Um, especially their stories
that they had to tell about their families. – Yeah, I’m married. Got a beautiful wife
and a 14-year-old kid. – Well I have a girl
who’s 18, a boy who’s 14, and a boy who’s 10. Because they’re here, it
shows the military that, you know, they certainly care. And to bring conversation,
laughs, and the high-fives, it certainly makes me feel like my sacrifices are appreciated. – The service members who actually get to meet the cheerleaders today,
have their pictures taken, I mean, they’re going
back over to theater. I can tell you right now, the ones who weren’t here
today are gonna be very jealous that they didn’t travel today. – Alright, here we go.
– Oh! (marching band music)
(camera snapping) – It’s okay, sir, you can take
all the time in the world. (laughing) – Baghdad got nothin on us! – Nice smiles. – This experience is probably one of the most important
things about being a DCC. It’s not about halftime performances. It’s about our community service. It’s about reaching out to people. – I’ll, I’ll remember it. I’m gonna tell everybody about it, too. Everybody’s gonna be mad, too.
(laughter) Aw man, I should’ve taken leave with you. – I’ll remember, I’ll remember this probably
the rest of my life, so. – Alright, listen up! I have a three-man front. Go ahead and file in! – Being able to talk to the troops and knowing that they’re going overseas and putting everything on the line for us, has really made me realize
about the little things that you take for granted, and your family, and your
time spent with them, and just knowing that they
made that sacrifice for us is just, it’s really exhilarating. And the most that I can
really tell them is thank you. (patriotic music) – It is our eighth week. You have to bring it tonight. First thing we’re gonna do is hand out your performance boots. – Alright!
(cheering and clapping) – Tonight is a special night. They get to put their performance boots on for the first time. ♪ These boots are made for walkin ♪ ♪ That’s just what they’ll do ♪ ♪ One of these days these boots
are gonna walk all over you ♪ – Well these boots are definitely
an iconic part of the DCC. It makes you feel one step
closer to being on the team. – [Cheerleader] My left foot’s in. (chatter) – I had a big problem
putting the boots on. I had to have like, two of the veterans help
me put my right boot on. We were like shoving it in
and I had to stomp on it and take it off and re-do it again. But I ended up getting it on
and then it was all exciting. (clapping) ♪ Can I get a yee-haw ♪ ♪ Yee-Haw ♪ – Today is 116 degrees in the shade. I couldn’t have ordered it better. You have four minutes to
collect as many pom-poms as you can. Here’s the way it’s done. You’re gonna run to the five-yard line, pick up the pom-pom, bring it back. You’ll run to the ten, bring it back, until you have completed
or the time runs out. – I wanna win this pretty badly today. I think we can do it. – On your mark! Get set! Go! (fast-paced rock music)
(cheering) – [Jay] Way to go! Way to go! Way to go! – Today, we are running suicides all the way down the football field, uh, picking up a pom on our way, and bringing it back to our team. (fast-paced rock music)
(cheering) – My strategy is to really go fast, get in front of everybody, and then pace myself. (fast-paced rock music)
(cheering) – I think this will definitely
help with uh, stamina on the field, um, here at Texas Stadium. – 30 seconds left!
(cheering) – [Cheerleaders] Come on! Come on! (cheering) – [Jay] Three! Two! One! (cheering) – [Cheerleaders] Good fight, Jordan! – [Jay] Four minutes! Go! (high intensity western music) (cheering)
– [Jay] Way to go! Way to go! – You have so much more
respect for these girls that dance out here at Texas
Stadium because it was hot. – [Jay] Way to go! Way to go! Three! Two! One! Four minutes! Go! – [Cheerleader] Alright, Jordan! You can do it, Jordan! (shouting) – I was running so hard that my arms were actually cramping, and that’s never happened before. – [Jay] 15 seconds! – [Cheerleaders] Come on! Come on! You can do it, Jordan! (cheering) – [Jay] Four minutes! (clapping) All right, you guys, this is the final round. Blue team has 35.
(clapping) White team at 36 points.
(cheering) And red team at 36 points.
(cheering) It’s anyone’s to win. On your mark! – We’re tied for first
and the pressure’s on, and I wanna bring home
a win for the red team. – Go! (cheering) Come on, we got four minutes, let’s go! – I’m feeling a little bit of pressure from my teammates right
now to get first place. (relaxed western music) – [Group] Five! Four! Three! Two! One! (cheering)
(clapping) – This is the final status
for pom-pom punishment. Blue team, 46! Way to go, way to go! White team has 46!
(cheering) Red team has 48! So the winners are the red squad! (happy drum beat music) – Tonight we will be in our indoor field and this is their last
chance to make an impression. – We could cut one, or we could cut six. We really don’t have to have a set number. – Tonight we will have to kind of be maybe heartbreaking to some
and dream-making to others. Make it the strongest
presentation of your life. – [Cheerleaders] Yes, ma’am. – I’m going to try to
show how confident I am, and how much passion
I’m willing to put forth to be on this squad. – [Judy] Five, six, seven, eight, and a one–
– When you first start performing on the field,
the training camp candidates sometimes can freak out because you feel like you’re
all alone on that huge field. – Three, four, okay, stop. Jordyn Ketchum, make sure
you know the sequence. Five! Seven, eight! And a one, two– Oh, Kaitlin. Kaitlin. Stay in line. – Yes, ma’am. – And a five, six, seven, l– Okay, stop. Alyssa, you were slow getting there. You weren’t pacing yourself, and then to catch up, you go up on your heel, so you’re real clunky,
instead of being on your toes. – Yes, ma’am. – ‘Kay, everybody come back!
(mumbling) Okay, group one! With your poms! – I’m very nervous because I know how much hinges on tonight. I feel like I haven’t earned
my spot on the squad yet. ♪ Ah, come on! ♪ (upbeat country rock music) ♪ I got diesel on my– ♪ – Finish your movements, Alyssa. ♪ And a cloud of dust ♪ – She’s not on the beat. ♪ From the party, saying get it in gear ♪ – Oh, come on, slow down, Sydney. ♪ Waitin for ya over here ♪ ♪ Come on ♪ ♪ Come on ♪ – Joannah’s–
– Joannah, lock! – Melissa still looks goofy.
– A little. ♪ Come on ♪ – And Jordan is, um– How do I describe her? – She skips through her
dances ’cause she’s happy. – Jordan Chanley is gonna be a tough one. If she doesn’t look like she’s performing like a cheerleader, tonight is going to have
to be her last night. – I’m actually a little
apprehensive about tonight because I know we’re gonna be making some heartbreaking cuts. That part of tonight is very
emotional and bittersweet. (subdued pop music) – Joannah!
(door opening) – I have always wanted to be
a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, and this is like a pivotal moment because it’s either gonna
be a yes or a no, right now. – Hey, Joannah.
– Hi. – We’ve watched you
guys and evaluated and, you’re not the strongest in the group, and you’ll be down on the
end and be very very visible, and that person has to
be one of the strongest. – Yes, ma’am.
– And you’re– you’re not. – Yes, ma’am. I think I can work on that. – I think you can work on it, and maybe be more convincing the next year, but tonight will not, I mean, tonight is your last night. And we’ve made that decision,
and the decision is final. – Yes, ma’am. Just wanna thank you guys. Very grateful to be here. Well, thank you.
– Okay. – Thanks. I’m just disappointed at myself because I know I let my
nerves get the best of me. I’m gonna miss the friendships
I’ve made this far. I mean, the girls are great, and just, everything, the whole experience. I’m gonna miss it all. (whispering) (door opening)
– Jordan, Sydney. – I feel like my life
is on pause right now, and I knew this moment was gonna come. The decision is made, and it’s been done, and the book’s closed, so, we’ll just have to wait
and see what they say. – Ladies–
– Hello. – Okay, um. Jordan–
– Yes, ma’am. – I continually get
comments from everybody else around you how much they love you. You are the worst dancer in the room. – I know I’m not the best
dancer, but I know that I can, I promise I can, I will
dance my heart out. – I’ve probably been your biggest critic. I just want your dance to
match the dance standards that we’ve set so far
and want to continue. Sydney, when you’re on, you’re cute and fun to
watch and fun to look at, and then when you’re not,
you’re boring and you blend. – Yes, ma’am. – Our concern is are you
gonna be great for four hours, for all the games, and you know, will you always have, you know, a real dynamic presentation. You have moments, and
moments aren’t enough. – Yes, ma’am. I understand. – So you two are, that’s
kinda the situation. You have some things in your favor, but we still need to talk some more and have some more decisions to make and then we’ll see you guys in the studio. – Thank you so much.
– Thank you. – My goal going into
tonight was to show them that I’ve made progress, and
I feel good about what I did. I feel like, everything
that I’ve worked for, I’ve put it out on the line. I put my heart out there and
the most important thing was for the first time throughout
summer, I had fun performing. – Hi, come on in. Alyssa, you have, given us your all, and we have seen some successes
in some of the choreography. We’ve not seen enough success. It just looks like you’re, um, struggling. – Yes, ma’am. – You’ve given it a good run. We’re still, though, not convinced, and we’re making our final cuts tonight. And what we’ve seen throughout the summer and what we saw tonight, just didn’t convince us you’re ready. – Yes, ma’am. – I’m sorry. – Thank you for the opportunity. Even without being on the squad, I won’t ever forget being here and I just wanna thank you guys for giving me every
opportunity to prove myself. – You’ve done well. – Thank you.
– Okay. – I like the way she–
– handles herself – Handles herself, and the way she looks. – They just said I wasn’t
ready this year, and it showed. I feel strongly that, I’ve made progress, and I feel good leaving here knowing that I did my best tonight,
and I had fun tonight, and there’s nothing that I can change now. – Ya’ll did well tonight,
but we’re still not ready. We still have some things to address. Okay, so when I call your name, stand up. Stefani. Here, let me just give you that. Jordan Chanley. – I’m thankful that I’m getting
another chance right now so, but you just never know, what if they wanna call me
back into the office again. I don’t know if I made it or not. – Jordyn Ketchum. Crystal Trevino. Melissa Kellerman. Sydney. – I have no idea if I
made the team or not. It’s completely in their hands,
and I trust their decision. It would be a dream come true. – We still have, goals to accomplish, standards to meet, and issues to correct. Those pictures are now yours. They’re your ticket to the season. Everyone in this room, is officially now a member of the 2008 Dallas
Cowboys Cheerleader Squad. (cheering)
Congratulations! These are your teammates! (cheering)
(laughing) (crying) (cheering) (speaking through tears) – [Cheerleaders] On three! D-C-C! Woo! – Today we are taking our squad photo. It is the photo that will become a part of Dallas Cowboys history forever. – One, two, three!
– This is a really big day for the rookies. This time, their uniform
has their names in it. This time, they get to
take their uniform home. – It’s awesome that this uniform is mine. It has my name on it, and they’re not gonna take it back. They can’t take it back. – Just remember, whenever
we’re out there, to smile, and they’re gonna take
a few shots, and then, they’ll give you direction,
like what you need to do. – Okay.
– Okay? – Thanks! – Well it’s really cool
that Trish and I get to be in the squad photo together. We’ve been looking at this
photo since we were little. – Ya’ll come up to the top platform. Lauren, Sydney, Melissa, Amy, Jordan Baum. Okay! Deciding where to place the
girls is a fun project for me. We try to put some darker-headed
girls on the outside so they stand out more,
and blondes on the inside. Kay, we already need boxes. – We do have some trade
secrets that we have to use when we’re taking the photo. We have to add boxes for height. We have to twist body angles. We add wind to give a little
breath of life to their hair. – Now ya’ll scoot out a tiny bit. I try to put some veterans
down in the front. – One, two, three!
– And we surround them with the rookies. – I don’t really have a preference on where they’re gonna place me as long as I’m in the photo, we’re good. – Let’s see what it looks like. – And, one, two, three. (camera snapping)
(happy country music) ♪ Just put a girl in it ♪ – While they’re actually
taking the photographs, we are looking at the computer, and we’re actually picking
the best photos at the time, and weeding out the
ones where maybe someone closed their eyes or not their best shot. It looks good ’cause we
can see everyone perfectly. – Okay, Kelsi and Cassie are
in kind of critical spots. Hey, Kelsi! Bring your right foot a little in. Little more. Right there. – It is really exciting that 18 years ago, I will bring Cassie up here and set her in the arms
of the cheerleaders and have her first squad photo taken. And now she’s actually in that uniform. I’m very proud. – Okay, let’s try one here. And, one, two, three! ♪ Just put a girl in it ♪ (country rock music)

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  1. If my maths are correct, and you post 1 video per week of those ''Best of'' moments, and you make 2 videos per season, when you are completely done with all seasons, it will be time for season 15 😍

  2. Seeing Judy hug her daughter Cassie after she made the team was so sweet – you could tell how proud Judy was as a mother.

  3. So, they play touch football with actual pros but once they make the team, if a player walks into a restaurant where they are, they have to get up and leave. Interesting mixed messages here.

    The show is so enjoyable but I can't get passed the BS these girls have to do as part of this team.

  4. That's absolutely sleazy how the girls are wearing cropped shirts and the professional players are wearing regular football jerseys.

  5. I never saw the episode where they played football. That was great. Those girls have some skills. Whoever said that cheerleaders weren't real athletes need to watch this.

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