Benefits of Moringa: A Nutritional Powerhouse

Benefits of Moringa: A Nutritional Powerhouse

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  1. I would ask those who use it daily in those areas of the see how safe it is..LOL..if it didn't kill them off..go for it..with limitations (as with all nutrients..too much is never

  2. I hope you don't live in Florida. Homeopathic doctors here tend to commit suicide by shooting themselves in the back a couple of times.

  3. I used to walk with the aid of crutches for 13 years and was in a wheelchair for 1 year. I had 13 operations in on and a half year to my knees and suffered from dvt and cellulitis.
    I was advised to take Moringa with my regular medication.
    Within 2 weeks of using Moringa, i walked unaided and could wear my suit and regular shoes cor the first time in 4 years!
    I don't know exactly what it does but i am firm believer in Moringa!

  4. Starting chemo to fight a super fast growing non Hodgkin lymphoma…. Can moringa be taken during chemo….

  5. Is moringa powder safe? They sell a couple different brands at whole foods. I am using the Sunfoods brand. Several different brands are selling moringa powder on Amazon, but how can we know if we are getting a safe product? Thank you for the informational video!

  6. Thanks so VERY 🙏💝❗much..hmmm. so what's a major difference between benefits of MORINGA VS BLACK SEED?

  7. thanks for sharing 🙋! have questions; does eating moringa deplets any of vitamins/supplement if taken in the same day ? and is it good for healing leaky gut ?

  8. Fantastic video! I learned so much. In the Philippines we call Moringa, Malunggay. I didn’t realize it was such a mega-food! I just bought two trees I will plant this week. Looking forward to harvesting it for the nutrients!

  9. I recommend growing your own Maringa tree. Plant 10, 20 whatever you have the space for and harvest and eat green and dried versions. Grow you’re on before the govt starts to make this tree illegal and/ orseeds become modified GMO. Thus tending this miracle tree less affective thus making the the pharm co to take advantage.

  10. Hi I am very much happy and satisfied with this information about the moringa products. Thanks for so nice/lovely video.

  11. What type of Vitamin K? K2 or K1. I have a clotting disorder so is K1 a problem? I take K2 in supplement form but don't know if I need too much K1. Also beta carotene is linked to lung cancer. Is this true? I just purchased some moringa but also take many other supplements and a few prescribed medications. Are there any bad interactions of moringa with other supplements or meds.. ?

  12. A word of Caution,I am 86 yrs old and was taking a Round teaspoon and learned that it is very POTIENT!! So I had to back off to a 1/2 teaspoon,

  13. Do you think that the soil has everything to do with how much the tree is nutritionally? If the soil is over worked like here in the US would it have as much value to our health?

  14. Soya Miso (or Barley Miso) I will happily enjoy all Winter long; but Natto…I cannot at all enjoy, in any season.

  15. If I was using just the powder how much daily do you recommend it calls for 1 teaspoon. I have severe arthritis in my hands and I’m in dental field. I am looking for relief from this pain thank you

  16. Can inflammation due to arthritis and leaky gut hinder, almost make weight loss impossible? I started taking moringa today and will continue it for the rest of my life

  17. I started Moringo capsules yesterday. I took two capsules, it had the most unfortunate reaction to my stomach, I had to stay home. I’ve cut it down to one today. Any advice, I want to carry on taking it.

  18. Thank you sooo much for the information. I have a Moringa tree I drink a cup of tea every day, it’s bust my energy.
    My question is how many times a day can I use it?

  19. It gives you a coffee high without the heart racing ,jitters , shakes , it’s amazing and it makes you feel great.
    It’s amazing and I have Severe ME-CFS @ the only thing that’s helped with my fatigue is Moringa @ ReMag Magnesium by Dr Carolyn Dean, [email protected] K2 . I have severe Gastritis, but I wish I could take Apple Cider Vinegar.
    So definitely take Iodine too . Liquid in glycerin base.
    Dr Edward Group is my go to man , I’ve told thousands of people about this wonderful Dr / man .
    Do you have any ideas for Gastritis/ @ blocked bile ducts . The ReMag bypasses leaky gut so no diarrhea.
    I get mine from Root Alive, is there a better site Dr ?
    I quit smoking and I try deep breathing,but I didn’t know that every single disease begins in the gut,and seratonin is made in our guts .
    I know so many people suffering from SEVERE DEPRESSION @ SUICIDE, @ PANIC ATTACKS.
    ANY IDEAS .?

  20. I quit smoking 2 years ago . I’ve taken a lot of antibiotics,over the yrs . I’m your age ,but my lungs are damaged. I ordered Moringa from Root Alive. Will this help my pneumonia?
    I’m taking [email protected] ReMag Magnesium Chloride @ Moringa. Anything else ,you recommend? I really don’t want antibiotics or vaccines. You are my go too Dr , because I cannot eat vitamin C , because of Gastritis. Any suggestions? I’m in Ontario Canada 🇨🇦. So zone 4 .
    I ordered because of your channel. I share your advice with everyone I know , thank you 🙏 do much Dr Group . Your an amazing man,@ Dr .

  21. Thank you so very much for your quick reply. I've shared this video yesterday and I've already gotten two replies. Hopefully, they too will spread the word about the Maringa plant. I have ordered it, and tea bags. I have a question concerning the iron mentioned as an ingredient in the plant. Watching Dr, Berg, he mentions how iron is corrosive or too much of it is in the body. In its natural state as in this plant, I assume its ok? Also, I take B17 the raw almond pill every morning, as a preventative to cancer. 100 mil, daily, which is arsneick, any opinions on that? I hope many others will also subscribe to your utube channel.

  22. Ciao Dr
    Yes I’ve been taking this now I have fybromyalgia and I need to lose weight as need surgury and no one will operate
    I don’t feal I’m fat …
    I’m 55 and had 5 children
    I m takeing this now see what happens

  23. Even though it has all these nutrients and antioxidants, the amounts are so minute that it seems impossible to reach the daily requirements unless you take several tbs daily, no?

  24. I was so tired all the time .Im taking 2 capsules of Moringa in the morning and 2 in afternoon along with 1 capsule of Spirulina for a week now .It's helped so much to get through the day .So glad I found out about this.

  25. I just ordered the oil from you. I'm desperately trying to alleviate the pain in my joints and body. I have three days I think, to wait for my order. I'm so excited and hopeful ♥️

  26. Moringa tastes like baby Spinach to me….air grow it, and we juice it, make Smoothies, dry and powder it, and add it to food, and the benefits are so worth investing in taking this amazing healing plant!

  27. Extremely informative upload, this is incredible thank you for sharing. I have heard a little about Moringa but did not release how many different things it could do . . . amazing. Also thank you for the other tips thrown in as well very much appreciated.

  28. So, thorough, thanks. Only thing I miss is the recommended daily intake — Can you, or someone give the professional RDA? I have a package of Moringa powder, but would prefer the professional/medical recommendation. Thanks!

  29. I got mine from Amazon.i have a caterack and I hope it puts it in remission. It says its grown in India and is also on the keto- carnivour diet so just in case I'm missing anything on the carnavour diet I take one half teaspoon and put it with my coffee and put mct oil with it! Then I add steva which helps cover the wakeful taste.i hope it helps lose weight.

  30. Being a vegetarian I eat the leaves almost everyday.i cook it as a vegetable.
    It is also amazing for pain.. I broke my bursa in my elbow and I had this big bulge of fluids. Dr said it had to be drained and will always leak.
    I crushed moringa leaves and made a paste , wrap it around my elbow for two days. My doctor was in schock. Nerver had a problem with my elbow.. same with my knee. Amazing moringa.

  31. This was AMAZINGLY informative!!!! Thank you so much, I just started my job as a supplements advisor and your video elaborates so much deeper than any textbook! I really appreciate it. I am happy to be a new subscriber!

  32. Please sir give me idea how can we consume moringga seeds daily . I have moringga seeds and I want to consume. Now i am eating 10 piece moringga seeds per day

  33. Dr. Group, I was looking for you input on graviola I haven't seen any videos yet or I haven't found anything , thank you for all the information you have given to us ..we appreciate it and you do make a difference .

  34. I took this for two weeks and had a severe bleeding in the stomach, what caused that. I spent four days in the hospital and had to take two pints of blood. Upper GI series revealed nothing. I did not tell the Doctors about Moringa. Please answer, as I think it did good as advertised.

  35. I've been celibate for about 35 years because of a medical condition but I'm going to look into this matter I find your platforms very educational knowledgeable and I definitely be looking at acquiring some of your products I like the part about call Dee pharmaceutical corporations. Teachers and other individuals who have no children I put it in so many children on psychological drugs destroying them and the other of a 2008 study finding that the drugs American Tree as well as pharmaceutical drugs of aluminum given to children. Ends up causing them to have autism. 1 million 500,000. Cases each year in America. These children will be long term and the social security system will not be able to support. These adults.

  36. Dr Group….thank you for everything you do for us. You are doing what you were put here to do. The informative information and researches you do for those who take their health serious and want to live as stress free as possible is awesome. You give in abundance everytime you speak out and reach out to those looking for a better way to live a healthier and happier life. I'm so grateful God put you in my path. I'm learning so much from your videos. May Your Blessings be as HUGE as the work you do for your communities worldwide.

  37. Thank you for this great video. I am sipping on a cup of moringa ginger tea as I listen to you. Raw ginger root and a pinch of stevia makes this a truly delicious tea.

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