Previously on Cartoon Hooligans. Why can’t you just gimme one of your iron suit? I hate to 3,000! Alright! Screw it! Friday, fricking give this boy scout a suit! Hey Tony, why the long face? I don’t wanna talk about it…Leave me alone… Hmmm… Let me guess. You must be upset that Captain tricked you into giving him an iron suit, aren’t you? Dude! Who told you that? And Cap was like “you think I don’t have the gut to wear that?” “I will willingly give you an Iron suit then.” I’m willing to give you an iron suit pin Grghhh! Peter, Traitor!! This is gonna be a permeant stain on my track record. Tony, don’t be upset Look at it this way. IF….I mean IF you gave ALL of us iron suits. Then giving Cap a suit accidentally wouldn’t be too much of a big deal after all. Am I right? Huh? C’mon dude, that is literally the most stu… Hmm…that might actually work! That’s a great idea, thanks so much, Thor! Now let me find out how you guys would look like in my Iron suits! Check this out! ( Iron Fury. This suit is a walking embodiment of the entirety of S.H.I.E.L.D. Primary attack: Employs a photon blaster rifle that deals damage with highly focused energy blasts. Ultimate move: Airborne barrage of ballistic missiles capable of wiping out large groups of enemies. The War Widow Natasha’s very own War Machine armored suit with Black Widow insignia. Primary attack: Employ various built-in weapons such as a badass wrist-mounted machine gun. Ultimate move: Unleashes a destructive flurry of missiles and rapid-fire pulse bolts. Armored Hawkeye A lightweight version of the War Machine armor that won’t hinder Hawkeye’s movements. Primary attack: Switches between long range bow weapon and dual plasma daggers. Ultimate move: Manifests floating array of automatic firing plasma bows and neural-reactive plasma sword. Armored Falcon Vast improvement from the prototype Falcon jetpack. Primary attack: Employ twin fusion canon blasters that have a widespread and deals high damage at short range. Ultimate move: Manifests a powerful multi-targeting long range tesla rifle Armored Captain America This suit greatly enhances Steve Rogers’ super soldier stamina and agility. Primary attack: Engages with hand-to-hand combat and takes down opponents with a powerful flurry of charged punches. Ultimate move: Materialize a war hammer akin to Thor’s Mjolnir, combined with expert shield fighting. Stealth Winter Soldier This torso armor is an extension of Bucky Barnes’ cybernetics arm. Primary attack: Employs a versatile sniper rifle that fires homing explosives. Ultimate move: Fires a single powerful laser-like beam with lethal accuracy using a high caliber sonic rifle cannon. Upgraded Vision This already powerful sentient android only requires additional shoulder plate armor. Primary attack: The shoulder plates act as an override control device to activate Vision’s “Berserk” mode. Ultimate move: Generate four energy storing panels that grants him a temporary stat boost. Iron Maximoff This crimson suit is a symbol of Wanda fully embracing her cursed destiny as the Scarlett Witch. Primary attack: Deploys long range hex energy projection in the form of dual Claw Beams. Ultimate move: Generate two giant energy emitting panels to unleash a widespread chaos magic pulse capable of disrupting reality. Armored Dr Strange This enchanted armor that has certain power-negating properties. Primary attack: Conjure floating array of golden arms to perform complex spells. Ultimate move: Summon extra-dimensional energy of mystical beings from multiple dimensions to empower his spells. Upgraded Black Panther A collaborative product born from the brilliant minds of Tony Stark and Princess Shuuri. Primary attack: Fast-acting blades charged with Repulsor energy that double as shields. Ultimate move: Discharge concentrated Repulsor beams that also greatly enhances the slashes and stabbing powers of the blades. Winged Ant-Man Ant-Man can now fly! This suit is equipped with bio-synthetic wings . Primary attack: Manipulate an army of Nano Ants. Ultimate move: Assumes Giant-man form and releases a disturbing swarm of vicious mechanical ants on their opponent. Iron Wasp This iron suit is infused with neural-reactive Pym Particles. Primary attack: Generate wrist blasters that projects highly destructive sonic waves. Ultimate move: Deploys multiple ion cannons and plasma blades for Quantum Realm exploration. Armored Gamora This suit amplifies Gamora’s bionic and cybernetic enhancements. Primary attack: Employs floating blades that can be manipulated with deadly precision Ultimate move: Materialize an extremely powerful Repulsor cannon that can deal a killing blow at point-blank range. Iron Star-lord This suit is equipped with ion thrusters that enables Star-lord to achieve warp speed. Primary attack: Simultaneous firing of fiery quad blaster bolts and Repulsor rays. Ultimate move: Rains a hellfire of concentrated flame and lightning omni-beam. Iron Destroyer A rampaging combatant with cybernetically enhanced physical prowess. Primary attack: Lunges forward and stun enemies with close-range knife attacks. Ultimate move: Bypass armor safety circuits and goes onto an intergalactic murderous rage. Iron Raccoon Weapon-loving Rocket Raccoon finally gets his own weaponized exo-suit. Primary attack: Employ a twin-plasma blasters on its arm and tail. Ultimate move: Materialize a giant, highly charged ionized plasma canon capable of destroying warships. Armored Groot Stark-tech nanite suit fully-encase Groot, insulating him from harmful environments. Primary attack: Subdue enemies by charging at them and unleashing a swarm of binding tree vines Ultimate move: Generate a near-indestructible shield wall formation that is spiked for offensive purposes. Armored Daredevil This armored suit improves Daredevil’s adaptive close-quarters combat. Primary attack: Wielding a plasma-charged Billy Club that can slice through metal. Ultimate move: Manifest floating array of spiked fists that can deliver massive seismic punches. Iron Punisher A skilled weapon master is now a living weapon himself. Primary attack: Manifests a weaponized arm equipped with auto-firing blaster and multi-targeting missile system. Ultimate move: Turns into a heavily armed powerhouse that unleashes a hail of highly destructive plasma beams Armored Hulk This suit allows Hulk to achieve his full potential as a being of immeasurable strength. Primary attack: Pure unrestrained brawling aided with aero-rigs and cybernetic leg armor for increased mobility. Ultimate move: Unleashes a Rocket Punch that can take down a Chitauri warship. Iron Captain Marvel A perfect fusion of Stark and Kree tech. Equipped with shoulder and hip thrusters. Primary attack: Optimize ambient energy absorption and storage which prolongs space combat. Ultimate move: Deploys a deadly array of photonic razor blades, slicing and searing at every turn. Armored Thor This suit is modeled after ancestral Asgardian war armor. Imbued with Odin force that boosts natural strength and stamina by tenfold. Ultimate move: Employs a lightning-charged Mjolnir and a golden Asgardian long shield. Unbelievable! I’m the most good-looking guy in all of nine realms now! Hey, Mr. Stark You know…since you are giving everyone a suit, I was thinking… you know, my Iron Spider could use an upgrade too! An upgrade? Alright, alright, give me a second. Here you go! Iron Spider Model X Peter Parker’s iron suit gets another upgrade with the ever-evolving Stark-tech! Primary attack: Utilizes mechanical spider arms from the back of the suit controlled by neural-reactive interface. Ultimate move: Deploy an arsenal of various other mechanical arms assimilated from defeated enemies. Upgraded War Machine This is War Machine’s very own winged Hulk-Buster suit. Primary attack: Employs a plasma-powered war axe and a missile-deflecting shield. Ultimate move: Assumes a heavier artillery assault armored suit equipped with a turbo laser and plasma blade. Rescue Mark II Improved version of Rescue armor completed with wing blades. Primary attack: Employs a neural automated defense mechanism for safe planetary travel. Ultimate move: Manifest a turbo laser canon capable of delivering a highly concentrated energy beam. Thank you Mr Stark! I love this so much! I’m gonna show this to Aunt May now! Have fun, kid! Hellooooooo Tonyyyy! What do you want from me? Dude, since you have given everyone a suit, how about giving one to me too? Hmmm… I dunno about that. C’mon, any one of your suits will do. Alright then. My freaking gawd!! This is freaking AWESOME!! Of course it is. Hey hey hey, something is not right. I can’t move my body! What’s happening to me! Tony, Tony! Dude, help me! I’ve always wanted to do that.

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  2. Now batman needs to give the League members their own Batsuits minus the 9 minutes of unnecessary explanations of the suits to stretch the videos watch time

  3. Is it just me or does armored Doctor strange look alot like Doctor Fate 🤔 cartoon hooligans is going to have a field day with Warner brother entertainment

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