In this video, I’m going to show you seven
things that you should always do when intermittent fasting. Listen, I’m a numbers guy. If you’re watching this, then you already
know that intermittent fasting is awesome. So now it’s all about stacking the odds to
success to your favor by doing all the right things that go along with it. All right. Let’s dive in. What’s going on, guys? Carlo Macapinlac here from NewbieFitnessAcademy.com. I help busy professionals lose weight so they
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every week. OK, let’s start with the low hanging fruit
that you can instantly fix right away, but quite possibly has one of the biggest impacts
when it comes to your health and weight loss in that you should always get adequate sleep
when you’re doing intermittent fasting. Listen. Getting adequate sleep is part of your baseline
when it comes to your lifestyle choices. If you don’t get this part right, it’s gonna
be very hard for you to get results. And if you’ve been struggling to lose weight,
even though you’ve been doing all the right things. This is why. Not getting enough sleep is one of the biggest
reasons why people don’t lose weight. Here’s all you need to know about sleep. Lack of sleep has a direct correlation when
it comes to weight gain, obesity, and heart disease. It’s that important. What this means is that people who don’t get
adequate sleep tend to weigh more than those people who get adequate sleep. Sleep deprivation is so detrimental to your
health that shift work is now considered carcinogenic. That’s right. It could cause cancer. The problem is, is that people impose, you
know, some sort of shift work schedule on themselves. And this is a very common thing for a lot
of people. Right. You see people they go out Friday, Saturday
night or they they binge watch on Netflix and they stay up until some ungodly hour. Here’s a couple of crazy stats for you. People who sleep for six hours are 27 percent
more likely to be overweight than those people who slept between 7-9 hours. If, however, you’re a little bit more hardcore
and you only get five hours of sleep every night, you are 73 percent more likely to be
overweight. 73 freakin percent. And if that’s not enough, sleep deprivation
also messes up with your brain chemistry, your hormone regulation. It messes up your ghrelin levels, your hunger
hormone and makes you eat bigger portion sizes. Notice how you’re always craving the worst
food and you have zero willpower to avoid treats and snacks after a weekend bender. All you have to remember is this. The less you sleep, the more you weigh. Do not stack the odds against you by not getting
adequate sleep at night. I have literally never met anybody who’s ever
complained about getting a full quality eight hours sleep every night. Moving on. Number two, you should always eat a nice,
nutritious meal when you’re intermittent fasting. And this is kind of a dead giveaway, but I
always have to mention it on every video because it’s that important. This will always be true no matter what kind
of diet you want to follow or what kind of intermittent fasting schedule you want to
follow. You need to eat properly. And that’s the beauty of intermittent fasting
is that you can combine it with any diet. You can go paleo low carb, keto. You can go vegetarian, you can follow a vegan
diet or you can go carnivore. They all work with intermittent fasting. But there are obviously rules to this, right? Like you can say that, you know, you follow
a vegan diet, but then you’re eating a lot of vegan junk food like that kind of defeats
the purpose. Or you can go keto and eat a lot of keto desserts. If you eat too much of that you’re not gonna
lose weight. Listen, you can’t eat like just because you
fasted. It doesn’t entitle you to eat as if you were
in a hot dog eating competition just because you fasted for 16 hours. Like you can easily undo all the benefits
of intermittent fasting by one or two meals. Intermittent Fasting is a tool. It’s not a silver bullet to weight loss. There are rules to eating. Mainly you want to revolve your diet around
plants and animals. You want to eat whole mainly unprocessed foods. Vegetables are good for you, but if your goal
is fat loss, you want to avoid the starchy kind. Like peas, potatoes, carrots, squash, that
kind of stuff. You want eat a lot of cruciferous vegetables
because they tend to be lower on calories and lower on carbs. You want to avoid foods that are high in anti
nutrients. And that’s why I’m a big proponent of eating,
You know, do your best, to eat grass fed meat and pasture raised eggs. And some people say that, oh, my God, you
know, grass fed beef is so much more expensive than grain fed beef. I know. But here’s the thing. We are over proteinized as a society. Like, we tend to eat so much more protein
than what our body actually needs. I want you to think less but better in terms
of your meat consumption. And the other thing is that so what if it’s
a little bit more expensive? Your health depends on it. You’re absolutely worth it. Like whatever money you save right now by
eating cheap quality meat, you’re going to pay for it later on when you get sick. You’re buying all this medication because
you’re too cheap to invest in yourself right now. You know what I mean? Now, On the other side of the rules, when
it comes to eating a nice, nutritious meal are things you want to avoid. And it’s the usual suspects, right? Like you want to avoid processed carbs, refined
carbs, added sugar, artificial sweeteners. If your goal is fat loss, you want to limit
your fruit intake. And I always get a lot of comments every time
I say that. You know, you should avoid fruit. So let’s talk about a couple of consequences. OK. If your baseline is you eat McDonald’s for
breakfast, lunch and dinner, and then in between you eat chips, cookies, candy, chocolate and
what not. If you replace some of those foods with fruit,
then yeah. Fruit is good for you. But honestly, that only gets you closer to
the Baseline, right? That only moves the needle a little bit. But if you really want to get results, if
you want to lose a lot of body fat, you want to limit fruit. Here’s the thing. Our ancestors back in the Paleolithic times,
ate fruit seasonally. It wasn’t available 365 days out of the year
and they mostly ate fruit to fatten up for the winter. The problem is fruit is available to us 365
days out of the year. You eat it. You gain weight. And based on my personal experience and all
the results of my students, the less fruit you eat, the more weight you’re going to lose. You just have to follow this one rule. What you stop eating has far more impact on
your health than what you start eating. Stop eating so much junk. Number three, you should always follow a fasting
protocol that is 16 hours or more. This is worth mentioning because sometimes
I talk to people and they say, Carlo. I started doing intermittent fasting. I did a 12 hour fast. I’m like, OK, cool. That doesn’t really do anything. What I mean by that is doing a twelve hour
fast and a twelve hour eating window is your baseline. The benefits of fasting actually doesn’t start
until the 16 hour mark, which means that your bare minimum is 16 hours. If you want any results from intermittent
fasting, I always get this too. Oh my god, I get so hungry. Yeah. No kidding. You’ve trained your body to eat a certain
way like for most of your life. Obviously you’re going to get hungry when
you fast, but you’ll get used to it. Like we as a society are so afraid. We’re so afraid to feel hungry. We’re so addicted to food. We live in such an interesting time these
days where there are more overweight people than hungry people. We don’t have a hunger problem. We have an obesity problem. So, again, a 16 hour fast is your bare minimum
number four always schedule your fast around your life, not the other way around. Intermittent fasting is not a diet. It’s a lifestyle, which means that it’s something
that you want to do for the rest of your life. As long as you want to stay healthy, I’m going
to put things in perspective for you, because sometimes I get I talk to my coaching clients
and they say, Carlo, I wasn’t able to do my 24 hour fast. I failed. You know, they’ll say I only made it to 20
or twenty two hours. Cool. You didn’t do a 24 hour fast. But guess what? You still did so much good because you still
did a 20 hour fast or twenty two hour fast like. That’s awesome. What I don’t want you to do is I don’t want
fasting to be this all consuming thing in your life that you feel deprived to do anything
because you’re fasting. Don’t schedule your fast when you’re going
to a wedding. And I always say that there is a time to feast
and there’s a time to fast. Fasting Balances feasting. Nobody likes the guy who says no to cake when
they’re at a wedding because they’re fasting. Like if you ever feel deprived because you
can’t enjoy yourself in, you know, special occasions because you’re fasting, you’re doing
it wrong. Like one of the best benefits of fasting is
its flexibility. Use it to your advantage. Make sure you’re always scheduling your fast
around your life and not the other way around. Number five, you always want to complement
fasting with exercise. Exercise is great. I love exercise. I love working out. Actually, I like to train. It’s kinda like brushing your teeth. You should do some form of it every day. You know, like if you do cardio, then it improves
your cardiovascular health, your heart become stronger. It’s able to pump more blood throughout your
body. If you do resistance training, if you lift
weights or if you do body weight movements, then you’re building muscle. And that’s one of the biggest points that
I’m trying to make. Is that one of the best things that you can
do for your overall health and fitness is to be as physically strong as humanly possible. Now, I’m not saying that you should look like
the incredible Hulk, but building a lot of lean muscle mass in your body has a lot of
physiological benefits in your body. One of them being, building muscle and retaining
muscle by working out is one of the best things when it comes to keeping your metabolic rate
as high as possible. And one of the best markers of long term health
and lifespan is how much lean muscle mass you have in your body. So it’s not always just about, you know, having
muscles and looking good shirtless, although that’s always a nice bonus. Like, it’s good for you to be strong and build
muscle. So let’s talk about that real quick and I’ll
give you a couple of scenarios why that is like you’re when you’re physically strong,
you’re just a way better functional human being. You can carry your groceries, you can play
with your kids without throwing your back. You can outrun a potentially dangerous situation. You can pull yourself out of a burning building. You can climb a tree to save a kitten. You know, all sorts of good stuff. Now, I want you to think about elderly people. They’re not as active. Their bones aren’t as strong anymore because
they don’t work out. They don’t have a lot of lean muscle mass. They fall and they break a bone right away. That’s why you want to avoid being sedentary
for long periods of time. We are not sedentary beings. We evolved to move. All you have to remember is this. Fasting is for fat loss. Working out is for building muscle. They work hand-in-hand. They compliment each other like peanut butter
and jelly. Number six, you should always stay well hydrated
by adding sea salt to your water. This is an obvious thing, but it’s always
worth mentioning because sometimes I forget to drink water myself. Your body is made up of 60 percent water and
usually this is not a problem when you’re doing a 16 hour fast. I’m talking about dehydration, but when you
do a 24 hour fast or longer, some people tend to get headaches. And the reason for this Is that when you do
a fast, your body gets rid of a lot of excess water. That’s a good thing. But that also means that you lose some electrolytes
in your body and it causes some people to have headaches. A simple fix for this is just add a pinch
of Himalayan sea salt in your water to replenish some of those electrolytes. Again, this is really important when you do
a 24 hour fast or longer. And last but not the least, you should always
experiment with different intermittent fasting schedules, like I mentioned earlier, that
the bare minimum is a 16 hour fast. But don’t think that you should be stuck doing
that forever. Remember, the longer you go, the better. What I mean by that is it’s good to throw
in a 20 hour fast, 24 hour fast, 48 hour fast every once in a while. And this is especially true if you have a
lot of weight to lose. You’ve got to remember that body fat is stored
energy. It’s not just there for looks. It’s stored energy waiting to be used. And that’s what you want. Fasting is so powerful because you’re then
able to tap into your fat stores for energy like you’re not going to die if you do a 48
hour fast, for example, if you’ve never done one before. It’s okay to go to bed without eating dinner,
without eating all day. You’re not going to die like your body is
super smart. It knows what to do. And this is how we evolved. Again, I’m a big fan of evolution and always
trying to pattern how we evolved because we evolved as human beings two and a half million
years ago. We haven’t evolved since. In fact, our brains have gotten smaller since
the start of modern agriculture. But that’s another topic for another video. What I’m trying to say is that fasting has
been around since the beginning of time. And back then it wasn’t really by choice. Right. Like when our ancestors couldn’t catch animals
for like a day or two. They were forced to fast and they were fine. They were still physically strong. They didn’t become weak. They were all naturally lean. So don’t be afraid to do the same. Like, don’t be afraid to do a longer fast. In fact, there’s a lot of research out there
that a yearly seven day fast is great when it comes to cancer prevention because you’re
triggering autopahgy in your body. Your body gets to get rid of old damaged cells
and that could possibly include cancer cells. Again, it’s all about stacking the odds in
your favor so you can be successful with this. And if you follow all seven things that I
just mentioned in this video, it’s not a matter of if. It’s only a matter of when. The next question then becomes, how are you
actually supposed to eat if you want to lose weight? Because let’s be honest, 80 percent of your
body composition is determined by your diet. You can’t just freestyle this part. Do you have a proven plan that you can follow? To help you with that. I want to give you a free copy of my lean
body blueprint. This is how I melted all the fat around my
stomach and turned it into a six pack without going on a crazy diet or wasting hours at
the gym. It’s a simple four step process, specifically
designed for busy professionals. And it’s the exact same blueprint that I teach
all my private coaching clients and they’ve all gone to see some amazing results. If you want to be the next success story,
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  2. Itryed the 16/8 fasting for 3days already and i got results already. Right now im getting 20hr fasting. I always watch ur video.. im from philippines i have fat belly,iwant to lose some of my fat belly! I hope i can learn more about your video..

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  5. I started at 16/8 then 18/6, and now I'm at 20/4 and I love it. My eating window is from 2 -6 pm. Tomorrow I start with cardio. Slow and steady is what helped me. IF4LIFE

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  9. I’m 100% AGREE about the sleep schedule! I used to sleep at 2 or 3am and woke up at 7am and I WAS OVERWEIGHT 😂 since i lose weight i sleep 9am-6am i feel better, stronger and feels my days are better than before coz i have time to work out in the morning while my kids at school (which i usually sleep or nap coz i was tired n sleepy) and i already lost 17kg ☺️

  10. I do quite a bit of intermittent fasting and low carb but the scale still rarely moves in my favor unless I exercise on my StairMaster about 30 minutes to an hour a day. Exercise does not come naturally for me so I try to do everything I can to lose weight without doing it. In the end I always lose the battle with that type of attitude. I drive at my job so unless I make myself exercise I won't get any, and it's killing my weight loss efforts. But when I consistently exercise It always seems to get the scale moving in my favor again, maybe it's because the blood is pumping faster through my body. What's your thoughts??

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  12. Speaking of which, those of you who is new to fasting or intermittent fasting.
    When the hungry hormone ‘ghrelin’ kicks in. I would recommend to drink lemon water, water, tea or coffee. Minus the creamer, milk, sugar and artificial sweetener. You feel hungry because the body not yet conditioned with fasting and not eating during the window of your usual eating. Let your body get used to it and eventually the hunger will be much easier to go by. Good luck guys

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