7 Foods High in Potassium (NOT bananas!) – 2019

7 Foods High in Potassium (NOT bananas!) – 2019

Hey, this is Dr. Berry, let’s chat for a second about which ketogenic foods are highest in potassium and also we’ll talk for a minute about what potassium is, why you actually need it, where it’s kept in the body, etc. Now if you know anyone who is trying to eat a low carb high fat ketogenic diet, please share this with them on their Facebook page, on their Instagram, on their Twitter, on their Vero, Share this with people who need to know because it helps me so much to spread the word. Now, let’s talk about potassium, why it’s important and where you can find it on a low carb healthy fat or ketogenic diet. So potassium is a mineral it’s an element it it works as an electrolyte in your body approximately 98% of the potassium in your body is inside your cells. Only a very small portion of it is out in the bloodstream at any given time. Your body tightly controls how much potassium is in your serum or your bloodstream because too much or too little can cause problems your body is very good at controlling this if you have normal kidney function you almost can’t eat too much potassium because your body just regulates it. It’ll put as much as it needs to inside the cells for storage and then you will urinate the rest away the potassium inside your body is very very important for many many functions okay mainly for muscle function but it has many many other functions in the cell. the way you’ll know if you don’t have enough potassium is you’ll have muscle cramps, you’ll wake up in the middle of the night and do the muscle cramp dance. it’s no fun to do this dance, it’s very painful and this is your body saying hey dummy, feed me more potassium so potassium is vital for nerves to conduct efficiently. So if you want your brain and your nerves to work very efficiently you need to feed them plenty of potassium. Your muscle function also is the same way and hence the cramps that’s kind of your body’s signal that you need more potassium the standard American diet and the modern Western diet in most countries is very low in potassium and so you can come to a low carb or a ketogenic diet already deficient in potassium. If your doctor checks your potassium level, remember what I said earlier, it’s gonna be normal okay that does not mean that you don’t have a potassium defficiency your cells can be very depleted of potassium and your serum level still be normal so a blood test just isn’t the way to do this you just need to eat more potassium okay your heart is a muscle don’t forget that. Heart contractility or your ability for your heart to pump and to push out blood hinges upon your potassium content, it’s vital for heart health to have plenty of potassium in your diet, there’s also research that potassium probably helps to lower blood pressure, there’s research that shows it probably helps prevent osteoporosis, it probably helps prevent heart attacks and strokes and it probably helps prevent dementia as well. Potassium is vital for vibrant health so make sure and eat plenty of the following foods. So here are the seven foods really some are foods and some are food groups but I wanted to give you as much information as I can in this little video. So the most famous ketogenic food of all is the avocado probably and that’s because it has a ton of good potassium in it. An avocado has more potassium as more potassium than a banana and way less carbohydrates. Now, avocados do have a few carbs and so watch the carb count but there’s lots of potassium in an avocado. The next is leafy greens. Any leafy green is going to have plenty of potassium and many of the leafy greens have more potassium than a banana. The brassicas that’s the 3rd one, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, asparagus, all those guys have lots of potassium and other good nutrients for you and they’re relatively low carb. Several different fish have a goodly amount of potassium, the 3 highest potassium content I could find were cod, halibut and tuna. All those 3 have good potassium contents and very low carbohydrates. There are 2 nuts that are relatively low carb and have relatively high potassium I wanted to include and that’s Brazil nuts and hazelnuts. Now if nuts are relatively low carb food compared to your previous snacks, but some nuts, eventhough they have higher potassium like almonds, also have higher carbs so you want to probably limit those unless you’re doing well eating your almonds and then continue to do that untill you stall. But the two that are the lowest carb are Brazil nuts, hazelnuts and then pecans are the next. Now what about meat ? yeah, any red meat, especially the liver of the red meat animal is going to have plenty of potassium. Liver, typically pork liver, beef liver, even chicken liver have potassium and other vitamins and minerals that you really need. Seafood, other than the fish I mentionned above, clams are a rich source of potassium and they’re very low carb so eat your clams. Now, if you enjoyed this video and you’d like to see more like it, consider clicking the subscribe button and there’s a little button that looks like a bell right beside the subscribe button. A lot of people don’t know what that is but if you click that, then every time I post a new video, you’ll get a notification so you won’t miss one and a lot people that that matterrs to them. If you’d like to really join my fight in the terrible way we currently feed citizens of the United States and of the world, you can click on my patreon link [financement participatif], it’s right down below and you can sign up quickly and throw a buck or two my way to help me have more time to make videos just like this. This is Dr Berry, I’ll see you next time.

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  1. I am just getting started with Keto. I've been hearing about it from so many people. I have watched so many of your videos in the past 2 days. Going shopping tomorrow. Thank you for passing along all of your knowledge!!!

  2. I am Not doing keto (because of Fh/ inherited cholesterol issue), and I eat kale, bananas, etc. all kinds of potassium rich foods, take a multivitamin, 600mg of potassium daily in a supplement and still I cant manage to get more than 2000 mgs a day. Must be doubly difficult on keto to get that much a day. if any one has a trick…. I'd like to know.

  3. i have high bp and i am on meds (which i dont like) and the doc says i am low on potassium as well i do eat bananas but i dont think they help is there a more detailed list of things i can eat OR drink to get it on up there?? tysm in advance and happy 4th!! <3

  4. The avocado is high in B5, fat, copper, folate, B6. fiber, vitamine K, E, and C, before potassium. It is absurd to try to get your daily intake of potassium out of an avocado. You will be eating 230% more fat than you need. Coconut water is much better, and sun-dried tomatoes

  5. So why on the show "the doctors" that the doctors were freaking out when a man told them he 8 20 30 bananas A-day they were saying hes going to overdose on potassium?

  6. I used to wake up at night screaming from cramps 😖 but it's gone since I started paying attention to what I eat ❤️

  7. Wonder if my small intestine apparently will not except B12 and maybe B6 which might be a loop of what the video I just watched about several ways to reduce blood pressure mine is extremely high the older I get the higher it gets been this way since I was in my thirties don't take no medication don't want the side effects took a blood test mine my folate was 17.4 what I research is 5.3 is high I read this might be a false reading so how do I start changing the loop when I don't accept B12

  8. Dear health ninja. I have been striving to increase my potassium levels for two years. Doing heavy excercise as well . Still showing low P symptoms.

  9. You didn’t mention beans and legumes. Lima, pinto, kidney and lentils are all rich sources of potassium. Which is good to know if you’re a keto vegetarian.

  10. The link for the electrolyte drops said if you are a California resident please read this and it said they found this product to be high in lead as far as California standards go. Just a FYI.

  11. Nobody wants to live forever .. too much stress just trying to figure all of this out … one doctor says one thing, a different doctor says the opposite?? …. I'll just keep eating my peanut butter sandwiches, an orange, and a glass of milk every day … turned 90 and still feeling great. Too much BS on the internet, that's for sure. Good luck everybody !!!

  12. I was recently in the hospital where they found I had low potassium…anyhow. posting here because I wish someone would do a documentary on the crap food served in hospitals and physical rehab facilities which I was also in.. I am still trying to recover from this crap food, lack of sleep, and lack of physical and mental activities while there. Avoid these places if you can or get out as soon as you can..

  13. Whoa, there, Pardner! I've benefited from several of your videos so far and I thank you for them. I already knew most of what you said but needed a good jolt to my system. However … before you counsel everyone to eat and drink the way you do–and the way my parents did, fortunately for me, by the way, as one of your viewers–you need to be reminded that we're not all alike any more. Your Anglo-Norman forebears were hunters and scavengers and later became known as "beefeaters" well after they conquered Britain in 1066. But vast swaths of the world's populations, including the majority of Americans now, whose Latino and African forebears did not have access to the western diet until centuries after Europe did, do not hail from families like ours. The kind of introspection you engage in is helpful to many, but it can destroy many, too, by overgeneralization. Recall also that our parents' habits become ours to a large extent, not because of their DNA but because of their histone proteins that modify gene expression and whose configurations are passed down to children along with the DNA sequences themselves. Furthermore, our own ability to metabolize foodstuffs is itself "habituated" by the diet we were raised with, so that by the time we move out of our parents houses at 18 or 22 or 25, we have conditioned ourselves to be more receptive to metabolizing certain foodstuffs efficiently more than others. And most significantly, conditioning our bodies to change away from the diet we were raised with takes a good deal of time; receptors in the kidneys, liver, spleen, etc., need to be up-regulated as well. So, what does this mean? It means that before you tell everyone to lose weight by switching off carbs, you've got to qualify your statements in several ways. (1) It will help for your viewers to know something about their ancestry and their eating habits. (2) Even when a Youtuber fits neatly into your model metabolic system, (s)he needs to be told that adaptation and regulation take different amounts of time–sometimes, in fact, forever. (3) Above all, if at all possible, your YouTube audience needs to be reminded that their bodies (and the brains to which they're connected and controlled) have "a wisdom" of their own that takes precedence over even the most well-intentioned advice. For example, after spending an entire day on Tuesday without carbs as I did when I was 16 or 20 (I'm 65), I realized not only that I felt weak but that my heart seemed to need more energy than I was getting. (I went out this evening and picked up some B12 to counteract the metformin I'm in the first week of taking after showing up with an A1C of 7.4 last month.) What was I going to do? Have a heart attack because Ken Berry (the name of a popular actor in a 1960s TV Western parody called "F Troop") told me not to eat carbs if I wanted to lose weight? Of course not. I combined a complex carbo with my dinner and had the strength to carry on. You, my friend, are "God" because of all the bad things that happen in the world you don't seem concerned about, including my potential for an MI with a BMI of 35.6! Qualify your statements for a minute or two at the beginning and ending of your videos or you're asking for scads of legal trouble in the near future. And for Pete's sake see a rigorous-minded psychiatrist, if only to give yourself an alibi when someone in your audience turns on you in the most painful way. Good luck.–Richard Bloom MD

  14. I may have a pth issue . No coverage going cold turkey your videos are greatly appreciated. Im type 2 dia etic 67 years old

  15. Brazil nuts also are a good source of selenium which is great for heart health and cancer resistance. I also bought a year ago, saw a list of foods in order of their potassium content, coffee was number 10 and bananas were number 1610.

  16. Thank you!! I am allergic to bananas and almost no one has other suggestions. I have to rely on seasonal fruit or veggies.

  17. I recently heard you talk about intermittent fasting (eating small meal once a day (low carb) and have dropped my BS to 155 from 210 in only 5 days. I am a fat man (300 lbs, 6 ft tall). You mentioned Potassium being high in clams. What about oysters for Potassium and magnesium? I hope to be able to report to my MD in a month super results with BS and weight. You are right, I don't have hunger pangs by eating once a day small meal, low carb, usually eggs. What do you advise concerning oat meal? Thanks for answer.

  18. My husband, age 80 is Type 2 diabetic for 30 yrs now. His potassium lab level is at the top of the range. His nephrologist tells him to keep him diet very low in potassium and if his potassium gets much higher he could have a heart attach. He says his kidneys are not filtering put potassium like they should. Based on your comments about the positive effects of keeping your internal potassium levels higher, what are your thoughts about my husband's situation?

    Thank you for all the insight you share to those of us following the keto plan.

  19. Omg I've had PVCs all day everyday for the last 5 years . I'm talking 10 to 20 per minute. (Skipped beats) I refuse to have surgery and stopped taking meds for it almost immediately after being diagnosed because it just made me feel worse. There are periods of time where they lessen but I can never figure out why. Noone ever said to try upping my potassium. I'm going to try it. I'll be back to let you know if it works . I'm desperate.

  20. What about soy bought some green soy noodles and it had a huge amount of potassium. I forgot off hand. Because of that I was thinking of buying more of it. Is their a good reason I should avoid it? (I'm not saying Id eat it every day.)

  21. GET TO THE DAMNED POINT…ya got some good ideas and videos..but hot damn..i can read the description, I know the set up…get on with it.

  22. When supplementing, should I choose Potassium Gluconate or Potassium Chloride? NOW Foods has both in powder form and I'd like to know which form is better absorbed.

  23. The topic mentioned in the title of this video—7 foods—don't start to get described until after the midpoint of the video, i.e., 3:33 out of 6:12 min. The first three minutes are just blather.

  24. Can you do a talk on adrenal function and the keto diet. My sister has Addison's disease. I also have another sister with adrenal fatigue.
    Will the keto diet be good for them?

  25. I live in nashville tn. Where can I buy liver?
    Obviously I cannot get it a kroger – as those animals were treated poorly and their liver's will be full of toxins.

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    Well-wisher @ Peace

  27. Hey Doc I’m sorry if you’ve made a video on this and I’ve missed it, but how many net grams of carbs a day would keep a 6 foot, 190 Lb man in ketosis? I’ve read lower estimates below 20 grams and higher estimates at up to 30 grams per day. Is 30 too much?

    The reason I ask is because I want to consume as many nutrient rich leafy greens and nuts as possible without breaking taking myself out breaking a state of ketosis, given the obvious health benefits of those foods.

    If you’re too busy to respond to my question and anyone else with experience wants to weigh in, please do.

  28. I mentioned to a friend that I was glad that Weight Watchers was no longer against foods like avocadoes and that avocadoes are higher in potassium than bananas.

    I was informed that Weight Watchers counts bananas as zero point food. I pointed out that bananas were higher in carbs and sugars than bananas and I was informed that bananas are a zero point food because you are less likely to overeat them. Maybe so but for me, since they are less satiating, I'm more likely to overeat other foods.

  29. I have been trying to get the RDA for potassium a day. I ended up eating so much spinach I was blessed with kidney stones. So I have been trying to calculate the amount I am eating but steering clear of all the green leafy kidney blockers. I am not sure how people get 4,000-4,500 mg a day of potassium. Yesterday I did meal prep based only off of trying to get enough potassium and I ended up only with 3,150 mg. I have been watching what other people are eating as well and calculating it out. I do not see how any one is getting anywhere near the 4,000-4,500 a day. I also do not want to eat salt substitutes due to dextrose. I don't know how our ancestors kept track of all this stuff while running from predators!

  30. You fool, you and your senseless Keto diet.
    Look at human teeth and you notice that Humans are not made to eat mostly meat.
    You are a disgrace. Who is paying you? The meat industry?

  31. Why potassium and magnesium deficiency seem so alike, and both are helped the same way?. I've seen combined supplements, of course upping the eating game, would the duel supplement be good rather than 2 more bottles of supplements?

  32. I remember my Mom who was from Mississippi loved brazil nuts and liver. It didn't pass on to me but this video surely reminded me of her. And I need more potassium in my diet. Thanks once again. ,👵🏾

  33. Omg,just had a dr. Appointment and my bloodwork showed potassium deficiency,not on keto but solid paleo and very low carbs.there is the answer.thanks👍

  34. I totally agree with the idea that foods are a good source of minerals, at least they used to be, but with prevalence of "modern" farming, or crop production methods, most farms have soil so depleted in them that they simply can not be in the crops they produce… Add to that the profound affect Roundup has on the availability of those same minerals to be used by the plants… Roundup ties up those minerals so they aren't available to the plants… that's why they die… They're starving for the minerals needed for cell growth… the same way our cells starve when we don't have those same minerals…

  35. I've determined that I can't physically eat and hold enough food to get my determined recommended daily value of potassium. And if I somehow could, then I would surely be ingesting appx 3x my daily caloric intake, which is about 2kcal for the average size male which I am. Frustrating.

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