5 Tips to Get Back in Keto Fast After A Cheat Day, Week or Month!! 🍦

5 Tips to Get Back in Keto Fast After A Cheat Day, Week or Month!! 🍦

So you are looking to get back on track with keto after falling off track or having a cheat meal well in todays video, we are going to go over 5 tips To get you back on track so you can crush those fat loss goals

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  1. Hi Ashley! I am a huge fan of you for your ketogenic lifestyle and you inspired me to go for ketogenic lifestyle . I lost so much pound while following this life style. Over a year I am in keto lifestyle. But I still did your more tips on that. I can go with keto food all day. But somedays I feel to eat rice or noddles. Please help me to over come those cravings. Love your tips and I am so proud of you. Keep it up.

  2. Hi please can u advise us if nursing mother can take apple cider vinegar, I had my 3 child Nd put a lot of weight trying to loose it ur video really helps

  3. Did you spy on me this morning? After having a sleepless night with a baby and toddler (they took turns keeping me up) and having to leave the house a couple times today, I ended up going off plan. I can't just "cheat" a little, I'm the type that just over eats the junk once I cheat a little. I need to do some meal prepping tonight so I don't have another day like today.

  4. Thank you so much, I really loved your video from past one year I keep trying different diets but never worked for me, but after coming to ur channel and saw ur videos it really helps me I am trying to sort out everything once again to get back to my normal weight so let see thank you so much for sharing all your experience it really really helps thank you

  5. Thank you for your quick and helpful replay of apple cider vinegar, thank you so so much I am going to start my journey from tomorrow hopefully it will work for me.

  6. The only non-keto food/treat I enjoy twice a month or so is movie theatre popcorn! And I agree with Ashley- because I’ve been doing keto for a while, my body doesn’t have issues getting back into keto quickly! There are so many awesome keto desserts now that I find no need to eat sugary treats. I don’t indulge in any desserts at family dinners, etc. but I had a past addiction to food so I have to be careful. I also never eat bread or pasta. I don’t ever crave these things, either, on keto.

  7. I’m in a keto diet right now for almost 2 weeks , but i’m not losing any weight yet ? I already check on all my food , and i haven’t cheated yet … should i do intermittent fasting?

  8. Hi Ashley, Just wondering what my best strategy would be to keep the side effects from eating carbs for 2 weeks in January when my family and I go to Japan. By that time I would have done healthy keto with absolutely no cheating for almost 6 months. At the moment I’m about 2kg away from my goal weight. I’m nervous about coming off keto, but Japan is a once in a lifetime trip and I really want to immerse myself in the culture and food. As soon as we get back I will get right back on keto. I’m just worried I’ll feel sick or really bloated while in Japan. My only plan so far is to continue to intermittent fast for 16 hours as I currently do, while in Japan. Thanks for any info you could give me, especially if you’ve done this on holidays xxx

  9. Those ketone packets are so expensive! Over $100 for only 20 packets. Do you have other brands that you would recommend for someone that is on a budget?

  10. How long does it take on Keto to start losing actual inches? I lost 3lbs in my first week but I know it’s just water. I’m excited to drop inches!

  11. I need to lose another 7kg but I am stuck in maintenance mode ugh. Been doing IF and keto for a year now. I cant seem to go under 40gm carbs per day 🥴

  12. Ashley:: I was hiding indoors – recluse after a recent week of getting off track and beating myself up! Then up pops this video— You are a blessing, you are changing lives with your journey and your hard work!! Grateful for you!

  13. Keto is a very restrictive diet. I know my body doesn't like it. It does not work for me at all. I do much better on a low carb approach. Also. Cutting out high oxalate foods really helped with my food cravings.

  14. I started keto with intermittent fasting 18:6 last aug 12 i was 160lbs and as of now im down to 123lbs my ideal weight is 110lbs. Any suggestion how i can lose the last 13lbs to reach my goal because what ive noticed im only loosing 1 lb every 2 weeks.

  15. Thank you for the tips! So happy I stumbled on this video since I just went back on today. I started my keto journey 3 months ago, and I’m down 20lbs. Told myself I wouldn’t cheat until my daughters birthday weekend (she turned 2 today). Well her birthday weekend was this weekend, and I went back on track today!

  16. I'm having a hard time getting back onto track,I did really well,lost 60 lbs,then end of this summer I lost my dad and lost myself and gained 10,then now lost 5 .I got back into my walks again and it's starting to feel good.Its just really hard to get back into ketosis. How did you start? And what happens when you get the keto flu,symptoms and body reaction?

  17. I have done keto before successfully!! I recently went back to keto to lose 30 lbs. I did it for 2 1/2 months and lost nothing!! I need advice!! Recently just stopped. I don’t know what to do!! Desperately want to lose!! Do you do meal plans for people??

  18. I am going back on Keto today after loosing 35 lbs and feeling great. today i sit after 2 months off keto and inflammation and some weight is back but feel horrible. thanks for this advice

  19. I am on my fifth cheat month, then tried doing only plant based food which lasted half a day, felt like crap and I do miss being in keto….just looking for motivational push to get back on track..now I am watching your video…really need to go back to keto…

  20. I lost 8 lbs in one week and I fell off today 🥺wondering if I’ll even lose weight going forward cuz of this. Very disappointed in myself

  21. I started keto been 4 days lost 6 lbs I cheated today drinked mango juice,Rice,alcohol I let myself go for one day I feel horrible!!!

  22. Your body can not store 3000 calories of carbs as glycogen, that is 750 grams. The muscles will store around 220 grams and the liver will store around 70-100 grams so at most it will store 320 grams; the other 450 grams not burned for metabolism will be stored in the adipose tissue

  23. Hi thanks for your inspiration video… I m keto diet since 3 weeks I was 55 kg and now I loose some kgs… but after having a baby my tummy is so fatty also I wanted to loose it but yesterday I had a beer which had a sugar unknowingly and the day after I felt I gain a weight and 1” tummy is bigger which is very disappointing 😕 so can you please suggest my how can I loose my tummy and how can I continue my diet please??

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