5 Steps to Achieve a Healthy Weight – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

5 Steps to Achieve a Healthy Weight – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

today I want to talk about what we
actually need to do to set appropriate weight goals hello everyone welcome to
Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet I’m Violet I’m a psychologist the reason
I make these videos to help people to understand that your physical health and
mental health come together to create that overall sense of well-being the
most important thing about setting an appropriate weight goal is having the
right goal to begin with your goal should be about health not a number on a
scale not the size of clothes you wear and then I’m going to go through the
steps of how you’re gonna figure out what your actual goal weight is going to
end up being very basically being overweight means that you’re eating more
fuel than your body needs now this can be an indication of metabolic issues so
insulin resistance inflammation issues it can also be an indication of
emotional use of food so eating when I’m bored eating when I’m sad eating when
I’m frustrated these things can actually be predictors of future health issues so
heart issues hormone issues other problems can arise when we’re actually
living our life overweight first you need to determine your current food
needs how much food am I actually eating right now that means taking some time
and paying attention to when I’m eating and what I’m eating how much of it I’m
eating by paying attention to that we’re gonna start with a baseline of this is
how much food I ingest that’s going to help you because at some
point we’re going to need to change the foods were eating and we’re going to
need to change the amount of food we’re eating and we can only do that if we
have a baseline of where we started from now the other thing I want you to keep
in mind is that every food counts whether it’s a meal or a snack and even
the drinks count a lot of the times the stumbling block that I see people get
into is that they are counting every meal but they’re not counting the
granola bars that are happening between meals and there for sure not counting
sodas juices and coffees that they’re drinking during
are particularly important to pay attention to because sweet drinks add a
lot of carbohydrates to our body in a very easily digestible form which means
that that’s a lot of energy that we’re getting in a very fast and easy way to
get ingested that causes weight gain the other thing to keep in mind is that
doing it with fats is no better if I am allowing myself to drink
fatty coffees that fat in the coffee especially if it’s MCT oil is much
easier for my body to absorb and digest and use but also to store because if
it’s excess it will get stored so let’s pay attention to our drinks the second
thing that you’re going to do is choose a new meal plan so it’s not a diet
you’re going to take the time to choose a meal plan that’s gonna work for your
life of course I recommend low carb I especially recommend a ketogenic
lifestyle however you need to choose the lifestyle that’s actually gonna work for
you perhaps paleo will be more your line you need to do the thing that keeps your
metabolic issues in check so I’m asking you to take the time to choose a
lifestyle that’s going to solve metabolic issues that means I’m going to
be looking at solving insulin resistance I’m gonna be looking at solving any kind
of inflammation that I’m having I’m choosing a lifestyle that’s gonna help
my body to heal itself and to build itself in the best way possible we also
want a diet that’s going to help us to solve any possible carb addiction that
we might have so if we might be addicted to carbohydrates planning how you will
manage to eat out in this new meal plan planning how you will do holidays using
this new pino plan the basic idea being I’m committing long term to this meal
plan and in the short term I’m problem-solving how will I make it work
for me I’m also problem-solving any emotional
things that might happen while I’m trying to accomplish this new meal plan
I want you to keep in mind there’s a very good possibility that while you’re
trying to accomplish you might find yourself having a hard
time in situations where you used to eat carbon fuels like pizza or burgers or
whatever going into that situation with the idea that I’m going to eat better
quality meats and I’m not going to have fries so I’m gonna have something else a
salad or something and in the time that is taking me to get used to that what am
i doing to help myself how am i creating the situation where I’m comfortable
eating the foods that I’m trying to eat now so I need me to problem solve those
emotions the feelings I’m gonna have around the fact that I can’t eat so I
can’t I’m choosing and let’s change that cuz I want you to think about it as I’m
choosing to eat better because my health is important to me but in that choosing
I might have some feelings about that the fourth thing that I’m going to ask
you to do is pay attention to the changes and the progress that you’re
making what that’s going to mean is at the very beginning of this process you
all need to take some pictures and then once you’ve taken the pictures you’re
going to use those images to help yourself to see the progress you’re
making you’re gonna use your weight so yes you are gonna weigh yourself you’re
gonna use your weight to see the progress you’re making but the reason I
want the pictures and the reason I want you to pay attention to yourself is
there are going to be changes there are gonna be improvements that you’re
actually gonna make that are not going to be reflected on the scale right
you’re gonna have better feeling in your body so you’re not gonna have as much
inflammation you’re not gonna have the aches and pains those improvements are
not gonna be able to be reflected they on the scale
you’re going to have difference in the way your clothes fit that’s not gonna be
reflected on the scale the interesting thing about when we change our diet is
that oftentimes the improvements that are happening in our body is not just a
loss of weight it’s an improvement in the quality of the body that we’re
building meaning that we’re actually growing muscle tissue
we’re actually engaging in more activities because we feel stronger so
by paying attention to the improvements to my extra energy to paying attention
to all the benefits I’m gaining by changing my diet then I
get a better image a better picture of where my gains are coming from and
that’s gonna help me first of all to stay on track because it’s gonna be
exciting to me that I’m actually improving in the way that I’m improving
but the other amazing thing that you’re gonna get from paying attention to the
non number so the not the scale number but the actual benefits of eating better
is that if there happens to be a stall or if there happens to be a change in my
progress I’ll notice if I was feeling amazing and then all of a sudden I’m
feeling achy again I’m gonna notice that and maybe I’ll be able to tell oh you
see I ate something that was a little bit higher in carbon look how I felt
maybe if I if I do notice that my weight isn’t moving but my my body is changing
that’s gonna encourage me to keep moving forward or it might tell me that there’s
something off in what I’m eating and it helps me to look at what I’m doing and
manage my progress because all of this is about progress you want to build the
best quality body that you can so that your life is easier and happier and that
you’re doing the things that you want to do long-term now the other thing that I
want you to be able to do is know when your goal is attained
so that will healthy weight goal what is it actually and here’s the thing
by using markers that help us to understand our health then we all know
when we should stop losing weight so of course we have the range that you know
the doctors tell us that we should be within effort to be healthy on top of
that we’re going to add the waist to height ratio so trying to get your waist
to height ratio to be 0.5 or less the reason that we do that is that doctors
have figured out that when you have a waist to height ratio of 0.5 or less you
have less chances of cardiac issues and you just generally have better health so
it’s a marker of good health that doesn’t depend on your weight now here’s
interesting thing I could have a waist to height ratio that’s 0.5 even though
my weight could be at the higher end of the scale for the the the scale range of
the doctors suggest and the reason for that is
having more muscle will mean that I would be on the higher end of my weight
range at the same time it would mean that the body weight that I’m carrying
is being carried in a much more dense way so I would be slimmer and still
weigh more part of the reason that I really do encourage people to be careful
about only looking at the number on the scale is that that number on the scale
doesn’t help us to really understand where our body is gaining and where our
body is still struggling if I’m increasing my muscle mass and that’s
gonna help me to feel stronger that’s gonna help me to have more energy and
that’s gonna help me to stay slimmer then having that little bit of extra
weight but having it as the good lean weight that we want is really important
so it’s not all about the number on the scale so when we’re actually healthy our
healthy weight shows itself our healthy weight is a product of eating ourselves
towards good health feeding ourselves towards building a good body I want
everyone to be a wellness warrior and understand that when we have
inflammation when we have aches and pains when we have problems happening in
our body then obviously we won’t be at the good weight that we need to be right
because inflammation has along with it water retention an achy body means I’m
not going to be able to be out there active and building muscle but when
we’re good to ourselves wellness warriors feed themselves well exercise
spend time with friends spend time with family do the things that help us to
feel good all around and then your healthy weight is a byproduct of that so
feed yourself with high quality nutrient-dense food and see what happens
I want to thank you for watching Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet if it’s
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7 thoughts on “5 Steps to Achieve a Healthy Weight – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

  1. I really like using the waist to height ratio. It helped me to set my end goal weight. I took my height, divided by two, and could recall how much I weighed with that waist size (decades ago). It's much easier to explain to people and calculate than BMI. Plus it focuses on belly fat.

  2. I really like the shorter format better. 15 minutes is about right for a YouTube video. 30 minutes would make a great Podcast. Thank you Doctor for all of the excellent information.

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