5 Months On The Keto Diet: My Final Thoughts

5 Months On The Keto Diet: My Final Thoughts

– Hi there, Katherine here
from Greenthickies.com, and today I am sharing my five
months on a ketogenic diet and my final thoughts. (upbeat music) So, why did I go on a ketogenic
diet in the first place? Well, this was because I was sick with chronic fatigue syndrome. I started reading some chronic
fatigue syndrome books, I, for some reason I didn’t go back to the diet that I had
been on the previous times. Well, I know why actually. It was because I had an
infection in my implant and I was a little bit
worried that too much sugar would not, you know, would
cause damage to my teeth and would not make my infection heal and would prevent, you know, would cause further
infections in the future so I was a bit worried, and I
forgot everything I learned, basically, about good
health and started to panic and think, oh my goodness,
what am I gonna do now? I can’t eat fruit, I can’t
do this, I can’t do that, so I started reading books
on chronic fatigue syndrome and everywhere I seemed to read was that people were pointing
to the ketogenic diet. It is definitely in fashion at the moment, it’s a trendy thing to do
and it seems to be everywhere and I thought, well, maybe
it’s worth giving it a go, lots of people seem to
be getting good results with healing on the ketogenic diet, so I’ll give it a go. So did I enjoy the food? And I’ve got to say, at the start I did actually enjoy the food. I really enjoyed eating
high fat plant food. I’m not really a fan of meat, I just don’t really like eating it, so I would tend to just
have one meal a day that was based on meat and the other meals had a lot
of plant-based fat in them. But, and at the start I did really enjoy the plant-based fat, but after a couple of
months of eating this way I’ve got to say that I just could barely stomach the food anymore. Like, my body was just sending me signals that this is not what
you want to be doing, and I ignored it and I just kept on eating this fat all the time, and my body was craving
lighter foods, fruit, I ignored it, I thought I
can’t eat too much fruit, it will not be good for my teeth, and I just carried on
with the ketogenic diet. So, at the end I just got
so, so, sick of the food. I just couldn’t stomach anymore
fat, to be honest with you. Now, what did I struggle
with with the ketogenic diet? And there’s actually quite a few things that I struggled with,
and no diet is perfect, there’ll always be pros
and cons of every diet, and this is what I struggled
with with the ketogenic diet. First of all, it’s very, very complicated and I had bought all kinds
of gadgets and gizmos and ketogenic blood metres and strips telling me whether
or not I was in ketosis or not and that’s supposedly very important. If you’re not in ketosis, then you’re a big failure
on the ketogenic diet. Not, I mean, I’m being a big melodramatic, because a lot of people
who do it in a healthy way would say that actually the
numbers don’t matter so much, but most people on the ketogenic diet say, you know, you have to stay in ketosis otherwise you’re not going
to start burning fat as fuel and that’s our primary aim is to switch from burning sugar as fuel to burning fat as fuel, and you’re only going to feel better, lose, weight, heal, whatever it is you’re trying to do on the ketogenic diet, you’ll only be able to do
that when you’re in ketosis and that means making sure that you hardly eat any carbs at all so that you can get into ketosis, and then you’ve got to
buy all these monitors to make sure that you’re in ketosis, because what’s the point in going through all the effort to stick to a strict diet if you’re not going to be in ketosis? So you buy all these
expensive metres as well, and I must admit that I did, well I bought some of
these, the keto oils, so I bought some of
those, I was taking those, and I did get into ketosis even though I was eating quite a lot of carbs for a keto diet because I could not give up my vegetables and a lot of people say that you’ve got to go really low carb and give up your vegetables, or give up most of your
vegetables to stay very low carb and I just refused to do that because I know how healing
plant food is for your body. Another thing that I found really hard is that it’s not flexible at all. I mean, it is a very strict diet, it’s a very extreme diet. When I was on the raw food diet that was also a very extreme, strict diet and I did struggle in the same
way to eat out, be sociable. I found the raw food diet slightly easier because the food was much more simple. Like, you could tell somebody I just need a big plate of fruit, or, you know, I just need a salad and maybe a couple of bananas, and most people understand that, you know, that’s, you can go to a restaurant and you can ask for that type of food, you can ask for a salad, and it’s easier to
stick to a raw food diet and there’s raw food restaurants, you can go to a vegan restaurant, you can usually find raw food. So you can go to a supermarket or store and you can buy, you
know, plates of fruit, you can buy fruit already chopped up, you can buy grapes,
bananas, whatever it is you want to buy in a hurry on a raw food diet you can buy that, whereas on a ketogenic diet I just did not have a clue what to buy so I had to be even more
organised than I ever was and travelling is completely
out of the question on a ketogenic diet as
far as I’m concerned because I didn’t eat dairy, because I’m intolerant to dairy, so that rules out a big food
group in the ketogenic diet and I’m not so keen on meat either, and when I do eat meat it was, you know, pasture raised meat and you can’t usually buy
that in standard stores or in restaurants or anything, but if I did order, you
know, a big slab of meat I wouldn’t have liked it ’cause I used to hide my
meat in sauces and stuff ’cause it’s the only way
I could tolerate eating it so I couldn’t really, I tried going out and just ordering a slab of meat and I just, I took one look at it and I just couldn’t even eat any of it, I couldn’t stomach the thought of it, it just looked disgusting, so that was a big fail,
was the sociable aspects unless I took my own food with me. I tended to make kind of dips out of nuts and take some cucumbers, which probably is too high carbs, anyway so, yeah, that was very difficult was the social aspect of it. Another problem was that I was just craving fruit all the time. I went to see a naturopath and she said have you got any cravings? And I said just watermelon, I’m dreaming of watermelon night and day. And I was trying to put
it to the back of my mind, but what I’ve come to learn is if you are craving junk food, then that’s an addiction, its not your body trying to tell you that you need junk food in your life, you need something different to junk food because nobody needs junk food. But if you’re craving something natural like especially fruit and vegetables, then it usually is a sign
that your body needs that so I should’ve listened to my body and I should’ve eaten some watermelon, because that’s probably
exactly what my body needed. And another problem is I
tried to make green thickies, which are my complete meal
green smoothies, for my family and I would put lots of coconut oil and nuts and avocado, mainly
kind of plant-based fats, and a small portion of berries, like blueberries or strawberries, and maybe some stevia to sweeten it up and I didn’t mind them,
I thought they were okay. They weren’t absolutely delicious, they weren’t the nicest
thing I’ve ever tasted, unlike my normal green thickie recipes that are really sweet and nice because they’ve got
loads of fruit in them, so I was kinda missing my
normal green thickie recipes, and my kids just really wouldn’t eat them. They ate one of them, I think, and then they just wouldn’t
eat the rest of them at all, they just refused them, and when I started making
my normal recipes again they started eating them again, so I’m really happy that now
my kids are eating fruit again and before they were not really drinking my green thickies,
so they weren’t getting the leafy greens or any
of the other goodness that was in the green thickies. Another thing I found
that they ketogenic diet, I was having to buy lots
of very expensive products. Fat is very expensive, especially when you want it
to come from a healthy source, so everything’s organic,
everything’s pasteurised, everything is more expensive and especially fats and expensive oils that I was going through
very, very quickly. I was buying loads more coconut
oils than I usually would and it was all adding up, because it is more expensive
than anything else. I was buying lots of expensive
sweeteners like erythritol and making things like, because I was craving sugar so badly from, you know, it was probably ’cause it was the fruit that I was craving I was making things like these homemade chocolates, but healthy ones, just sweetened with sugar or erythritol and the cacao butter, and all that was quite expensive as well. Another problem was
that I was still having ongoing health problems, and it just didn’t seem to
really get that much better. The only slight improvement I noticed was when I started drinking
this liquid vitamin, and I’ll probably do another
video just on that vitamin but I will link to it on the blog post that’s related to this video, and that was called Liquid Gold Vitamin and it’s a drink, and
it’s based on whole foods so it’s all whole foods,
plant-based ingredients and when I started drinking that I did notice a slight
improvement every single day when I started drinking that, and that was the only thing
I noticed an improvement on, the rest of the time I was just sluggish, exhausted, I still had
the chronic fatigue, my health problem, my digestion
was really, really awful and very, very sluggish and I was having brain fog and just wasn’t feeling very good at all. And when I went to a hypnotherapist who said you’re now
healed of chronic fatigue and I did feel like my
chronic fatigue went, but I felt fatigued like
a normal person (laughs) like somebody, you know,
all your friends, I mean maybe you’re the same but all
your friends might say to you oh I’m so tired, I’m so tired, and that was a kind of normal, like, you can drag yourself through
the day ’cause you have to, not like chronic fatigue where
you literally can’t move. But you’re tired and you can
drag yourself through the day but you don’t feel good,
you don’t feel right, you don’t feel energetic, you don’t feel like, happy, full of life, I just didn’t feel any of that at all. I did not feel right, and I thought, what is happening here? Because, you know, I’ve
stuck to this strict diet, a gluten free diet, strict whole natural
food for five months now, and in the past when I’ve
stuck to very strict diets it’s been a minimum of one month and a maximum of three months until I was completely back to, you know, full energy, full boundless energy, life, vitality, feeling myself, and I just wasn’t feeling
that after five months so I just thought,
something’s not right here, I’m just not, you know, I’m
just still feeling wiped out and it’s just not, I’ve
got problems with my cycle and everything gets worse at
different times of the month and it’s just, I just
wasn’t feeling right at all and I just thought, I don’t know, I just don’t think this diet is for me. So a question you might be asking me is, did I lose any weight on the keto diet? Because that’s what most
people go on the keto diet for, and the answer is no, it
stayed pretty much the same. Went slightly up, few
pounds up, few pounds down, up, down, up, down, as it usually does, and no I didn’t lose any weight. I wasn’t trying to lose weight because I was so sick, I needed
to keep my energy levels up, I had very, very low blood sugar for a few months on the diet and I think this was just
because I was feeling so sick I was having to eat every few hours and that wasn’t like
me at all before that, I could, you know, manage to
go from one meal to another before I went on the keto diet and I didn’t have any blood sugar levels before I got sick, so
I just couldn’t, yeah, I just wasn’t thinking
about weight loss at all, wasn’t trying to lose weight, I was just trying to keep my
blood sugar levels stable, so no, the answer is I didn’t lose weight, it didn’t naturally fall off, I just ate until I was full
up and I didn’t eat anymore. I didn’t feel like I needed to eat more because I wasn’t, you know,
it’s hard to overdose on fat so, well, I found it is anyway. So I just stopped when I was full up, and no, I didn’t lose any weight. And for me, the thing is,
would I recommend keto to my clients or to my friends? And the answer now is
probably, probably no, but it depends on what
else you’ve tried first. I think most people unfortunately do keto completely unhealthily and that’s the reason why
I wouldn’t recommend it because most sources out there are based on eating junk food, basically, in my opinion just loads of dairy, loads of junk food, meats, and that to me is just not a sustainable healthy diet and yes you might lose
weight in the short term but there’s plenty other
ways to lose weight and plenty other easy ways to lose weight, so why choose that method? Just because you like the food, probably, because everybody likes to make a pizza just out of cheese,
you know, for the base, and then more cheese on top and then some meat on top of that, so, you know, why wouldn’t
you want to eat like that if that’s the way you normally eat? So yeah, it’s probably, it appeals to people because it’s tempting because you don’t have to move
away from so much junk food if you do it the standard way, but I would say that I wouldn’t, I just wouldn’t recommend
it doing that way at all. Now there’s a couple of people who do it in a very healthy way, and one of them is Leanne Vogel and if you want to get her resources you can go to greenthickies.com/startketo and I really like her approach because she uses whole
foods in her ketogenic diets and I really enjoyed her recipes. They include vegetables,
they don’t include dairy, the meat is from healthy sources, she cares about organic and, you know, healthy forms of oils and things so I really like her approach
to the ketogenic diet, but most people are leading
you up the garden path when it comes to the ketogenic diet because I just don’t think that it’s generally very
healthy unfortunately. The advice that I would
give to anybody who is sick and considering a diet for health reasons, I would say to them, listen to your body. Try different things
and listen to your body and see how you feel on different diets, because I know that my
body, it wants fruit. It’s been sending me that
message for a long time and I didn’t, it was my own fault, I didn’t remember how good I felt, I didn’t do enough research to know that the teeth problem
didn’t have to be an issue and I’ll do a different video on that. But if you eat enough
leafy greens, which I do, because obviously I keep
drinking my green thickies which have loads of leafy greens in them, so if you eat enough leafy greens you get enough minerals,
you get loads of calcium, and your teeth are protected and the fruit is actually
good for your teeth as well. So you just have to not brush your teeth straight after fruit meals so that you don’t wear away the enamel, but I’ve done videos on
protecting your teeth when you drink smoothies, so go and look at those
on my YouTube channel and yeah, so for me, I listened to my body and my body is screaming
out for me to eat fruit, and I blocked it and
blocked it and blocked it and then I prayed and I said, God, tell me which diet is right for me because I am so sick of this, I’m so sick of feeling this bad, I just want to get my life back, and he said you already know
what diet is right for you and you’re just not
listening, you forgot it, and you’re going off on the latest fads because you’ve been brainwashed and told that fruit is bad for you,
and it’s not, so (laughs) that is my lesson, and if I ever, ever, if you ever see me posting another video that says I am trying a new diet then stop me and say stop it,
you know what’s good for you, just stay with what you know works for you because you’ve proven it
three times now in a row, for long periods of time,
that high fruit works for me. So yeah, just listen to your body, try different things, pray about it, don’t believe everything
you read on the Internet because it’s not always
what’s right for you, but I think leafy greens
are definitely right for everybody without a doubt, I just can’t imagine why anybody would want to not include
leafy greens in their diet and in my opinion fruit too, but a lot of people’s
mindset will stop them from eating fruit, unfortunately, and you know after a couple
months of eating keto, even my meat loving
husband was saying to me, I think I might go vegetarian, maybe I’ll actually go vegan, and that was just a complete shock to me, I never thought I would hear those words coming out of his mouth, and lately I have been
making some plant-based meals and I’ve moved away from the fat and we’ve all been loving it. Everyone has been so enjoying this food because I think we just had so much fat that we just couldn’t
cope with it anymore. So that is my one and only experiment with the ketogenic diet, and hopefully the final episode when it comes to the ketogenic diet. Never say never, because you never know, I might change my mind, I tend to do that, but at the moment I don’t plan to ever go back to the ketogenic diet, so let me know what your thoughts are, have you tried it, do you
not want to ever try it, what kind of diet is right for you? Let me know in the comments, and take care, and, oh,
one thing before you go, if you want to share this
message with other people who may be struggling with their health and, you know, health problems please share this video, like this video, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and if you want to get the
diet that has worked for me, that will work for me, that I always keep going
back to time and time again and I created my own meal plan, so I was a bit silly not to
follow my own meal plans, but if you want to know what I’m doing now then you can get a free
month of meal plans by going to greenthickies.com/leafsystem and that’s my meal plans
and my whole system there that I’m going straight back to. So take care, and I will see you soon. Bye! (upbeat music)

6 thoughts on “5 Months On The Keto Diet: My Final Thoughts

  1. Interesting – I think you gave Keto an unnecessarily inaccurate bad rap. I lost 60 pounds and 6 inches off my waist with no effort at all. Not saying is right for everyone

  2. Interesting. I’ve never purchased any of those gizmos and I’ve had a great time on keto. Restaurant serve salads that I ask for olive oil on, I bring pumpkin seeds and pecans, hemp hearts that I put on. My plate is full of veggies. I eat about 7 cups of veggies a day ( low carb, low glycemic) check out Dr. Berg or Leanne Vogel for recipes and inspiration. I love making homemade chocolate! Glad to hear you tried that. I think the keto diet you were aiming for wasn’t built for you, you enzymes etc. (I’d never recommend eating just a plate of meat)

  3. Here is some more info on the relationship of the gut relationship and how to rethink Keto by listening to your body. There are so many ways you can make Keto work for you and I’d encourage anyone starting the keto diet to really do your research and approach it by listening to your body. I think of it as a lower carb paleo. I hope this helps. https://youtu.be/LsPggvieHek

  4. If your body was craving carbs and sugary things, you weren't keto adapted, even after 5 months. Vegetables carbs ( greens) don't count on keto. But, here's to you for giving it a try.

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