4 Tasty KULFI Recipe – Using 2 Basic Ingredients | #Summers #Kids #Desserts #Healthy #CookWithNisha

I am saying this from my heart My Mami makes so yummy ice creams Get 50,000 LIKES to my Mami’s video you have seen the kids reaction kid’s favourite flavoured Kulfi and thats too with natural flavours and to make it required only two ingredients Now Watch the Recipes to these Kulfi so lets get started with this Mango Kulfi the two ingredients are Fresh Cream and condensed milk Condensed milk for sweetening beat well using a beater beat it for 1 minute if you use electronic beater or for 15 minutes if you are using a hand beater and our Kulfi base is ready and now to this we’ll be adding flavours according to our liking as here I am mixing Mango Pulp Mix well Keep it sweet as per your taste pour this base in Kulfi moulds and fix a stick keep it in freezer for about 8 to 10 hours if you do not have Kulfi moulds you can use Disposable Cups to make them add some dry fruits Today Anantya and Anaya enjoyed eating Kulfi two times and this Pan Kulfi is my favourite one and all of my family members demand for the same add chopped betel leaves in that base Add Gulkand in it and dry Paan Masala if you don’t have these ingredients you can even use a Meetha paan without betel nut mix well Now will make this chocolate Kulfi just need to add 2 tbsp of Cocoa powder mix well we need to have this creamy like consistency pour it in mould and Freeze add Almond pieces in base Vanilla Essence for Flavour Mix well then again pour it in mould and freeze In Summers Everyday Kids Demands for Kulfi have you ever think how much preservative they consume through them So I suggest must try these recipes at home and your kids will demand for these Kulfi’s everyday

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