300: Only the Hard, only the Strong (Legendado) [HD]

300: Only the Hard, only the Strong (Legendado) [HD]

36 thoughts on “300: Only the Hard, only the Strong (Legendado) [HD]

  1. I love that last look he gives her. He's looking at her face as if to memorize it, knowing that he's never going to see her again.

  2. No I did not. I'm just saying I would have had a romp in the weeds right there and then before I left. Seeing as how he never see her again and how she a fine as bitch. That's all

  3. There is no room for softness. Not in Greece. No place for weakness. Only the hard and strong may call themselves Greeks. Only the hard. Only the strong.

  4. Those words have so much relevance to the Western world of today. There is so much softness and weakness it seems we have lost our sense of being hard and strong.

  5. This can be interpreted in more than one way return with your shield or on it could refer to just plain return to me let me not wonder what happened to you that whole hard interpretation of it is just one interpretation it just shows how quickly people are willing to drink whatever people feed them

  6. Aaaannnddd now we have millennial hipsters. This was the beginning of the West and they are the end of the West.

  7. Somehow, this makes me realize how weak i sometimes am. It gives me strength to keep going. Masterpiece of scene.

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