10 KETO FOODS YOU SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE IN YOUR FRIDGE + 7 easy keto recipes to make with them

10 KETO FOODS YOU SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE IN YOUR FRIDGE + 7 easy keto recipes to make with them

one of the keys to being successful with
the keto diet is to always be prepared and I have foods on hand that you can
just make recipes out of moment’s notice so if you come home from work and you’re
starving or if you wake up in the morning and you’re hungry too or if you
just need a snack you always want to have foods on hand to keep you sticking
to your goals so I’m going to share with you guys my favorite foods to have in my
fridge today we’re gonna take a peek inside my
fridge and I want to share with you guys ten keto foods that I think everyone
should have in their refrigerator so let’s go take a look the first must have food in your
refrigerator is eggs unless you’re allergic to them then of course don’t
have eggs but I usually keep around two or three dozen eggs in my refrigerator
at a time and that’s because we eat them like crazy I use them for breakfast I
use him and baking my kids like him as a snack or pack them in their lunches to
their big hard-boiled egg fans so I usually have two or three a fresh
uncooked eggs in a fridge and then one carton of hard-boiled eggs so I usually
make up in my instant pot these are the eggs that I buy they’re from happy eggs
they are from pasture-raised chickens the yolks are orange they are so high in
omega-3 fatty acids and all these nutrients inside of them plus they’re
creamy too and delicious it’s my favorite egg the benefits of eating eggs
is that they are an excellent source of protein they’re a complete protein in
fact they have all the necessary amino acids that you need they have a large
amount of omega-3 fatty acids that is if you get the pasture-raised eggs and
saturated fat too they also have a lot of vitamins and minerals so there’s
selenium copper iron zinc vitamin B vitamin D and they have choline too
which is great for nerve function besides making eggs for breakfast I also
like to pack them in our lunches so I’ll bring him to work with me or pack them
in my son’s lunch he’s a huge fan of hard-boiled eggs I use eggs when I’m
making chaffles or pancakes or fat head dough obviously any sort of keto baking
that you’re gonna do you’re gonna need eggs and the yolks can actually be used
as a thickener so if you’re trying to make dressings or sauces you can use an
egg yolk as a thickener and then the whites you can actually whip those up
and form stiff peaks get them all nice and fluffy and you can make meringues
out of those or like a whipped topping out of the whipped up egg whites
excellent delicious I have a hot chocolate recipe that uses a meringue
whipped topping and all leave that video linked up here for you I mentioned
earlier that I like to make up around a dozen hard-boiled eggs for the week and
I usually make that in my instant pot I love making them up an instant pot
because it’s really easy it’s convenient I don’t have to babysit them and that
shells peel off so easily too you place your eggs on top of the trivet that came
with the instant pot and then you’re gonna add a cup of water and pressure cook it on high for five
minutes you’re gonna let the pressure release naturally for five minutes and
then immediately transfer it to an ice bath and let it sit there for five
minutes then you can peel your eggs some people store them just with the shell on
which is what I like to do others will actually peel their eggs right away and
store them on peels in the refrigerator if you do that you have to put it in
some water that you change out daily or ever that you can put it in a container
with a damp paper towel and that works too another food that is always in my
refrigerator is bacon we love bacon in my household my kids love to eat it in
the morning for breakfast so I usually have like two or three packages of bacon
on hand because we go through it so fast and Bacon’s delicious it has such great
flavor it’s fatty I mean most people love it
I mean who doesn’t love bacon everybody loves bacon if you don’t we’re not
friends I like to add it to a bunch of my savory dishes just to pump up the
flavor or also if I’m thinking that a recipe is lacking in some fat content
because I want to make sure it’s gonna keep us full until our next meal and
with bacon you can actually save your bacon grease stored animation jar or
they have those bacon containers that you can pick up from Amazon that help
store your bacon and keep it fresh you can use this bacon to cook other things
with like your eggs saute up some chicken with it and it
adds just like a little hint of smoky bacon a flavor and it’s delicious it’s
the perfect fat to cook any of your foods with I have lots of recipes on my
website that utilize bacon I have maple bacon cookies bacon Mayo bacon a blue
cheese doodles bacon-wrapped shrimp bacon wrap little Smokies stuff with
jalapeno poppers which is delicious by the way we’re actually making that this
weekend because we’re having people over and they’re so good all of mine on keto
friends love them too if there is one a big tip that I could
give you guys to make meal prep easier and making dinner easier that would be
to have all of your vegetables prepped out ahead of time so all the washing the
chopping the slicing and dicing and storing it all in a container that is my
biggest tip for you guys and that is why number three food on my list is to have
these pre chopped up ready to go vegetables on hand you can have pre
sliced onion bell pepper or cut into strips celery broccoli cauliflower any
of your favorite vegetables just pre chop them get them washed up ready to go
you store them in an airtight container with just a paper towel on the bottom to
collect moisture and that way you always have something to eater to snack on or
you can bring it out and throw it in your recipes when you’re making dinner I
like to have these all prepped up and ready to go it makes packing lunches
easier in the morning too because I can just grab a handful vegetables toss it
in a baggie sand the kid out the door well I mean I give them matter food too
but makes it so much easier so I’m not really scrambling in the morning trying
to figure out what to pack them for lunch I also find that if I have my
vegetables prepped up I’ll use them more in my recipes too so I can toss some
veggies and some scrambled eggs or toss them in a salad so it’s not just like a
plain lettuce salad we actually have some other pretty-looking vegetables in
there or you can just serve them as a side dish so you can toss some butter
and salt in with some broccoli and cauliflower put it in the microwave or
just steam it on the stovetop and it’s a quick side dish for your family at
dinner time another keto food that I like to have in
my refrigerator is some sort of leafy green vegetable so I usually get the
pre-packed salad mixes like either a baby spinach a 50/50 blend or the spring
mix and I like to have these on hand just because I can put together a quick
side salad for dinner it makes it really really easy I don’t have to wash
anything dry anything I hate pulling out my salad spinner I don’t even know why I
still have one because I don’t think I’ve used that thing in like three years
or so it’s been a long time so probably should get rid of it having spinach on
hand is great if you like to make smoothies if you’re a big smoothie
person in the morning or you can throw spinach and like
a soup or some sort of casserole or if you’re making like an egg scramble in
the morning – spinach is great or any sort of leafy green vegetable you can
throw in there one of my favorite leafy greens to get is chard and this is a red
chard I love it because I can throw it into soups for a little extra green and
you can actually cut this up and saute it with some butter and salt and it’s
delicious it makes a really good side dish
not very many fruits are allowed on the keto diet but the ones that are just
happened to be my favorite berries so I always have berries in my refrigerator
from strawberries raspberries blackberries blueberries we usually have
something mostly it’s strawberries and raspberries because those are our
favorite but occasional have the other ones too
if they’re in season berries are full of antioxidants that are low in sugar too
so I love giving them to my kids as a snack or pack them in their lunches I’ll
serve them on this side with some eggs and bacon in the morning – but I love
incorporating berries into my keto desserts there’s so much you can do like
I have a recipe for strawberry cheesecake bars on my website super-good
I also have a video on it I’ll link it up here for you and I have a recipe for
a raspberry crumble that is excellent it’s easy to make it’s really good for
summertime you can top it with some keto ice cream or some whipped cream it’s so
good but berries are great if you have a sweet tooth and you’re craving something
but don’t want to drag out all of your baking equipment or start your oven so
you can just have them by themselves as a good sweet treat or you can make up
some keto whipped cream which is just sugar free whipped cream and just mix in
some berries with it or you can make like an easy berry cheesecake fluff
which is where you add your favorite berry cream cheese some heavy cream
vanilla sweetener to a blender and you blend it all together until it’s smooth
and it’s just a quick easy keto dessert that you can make but this is one produce item that you
should not pre wash ahead of time so on meal prep day do not wash your berries
because if you wash them they actually go bad faster so keep them unwashed and
then when you want to have them just wash a little bit at a time just so that
the rest of them aren’t spoiling another food that I always have in my fridge is
some sort of precooked protein so this is something that all prep up during
meal prep day and I’ll have mostly its ground beef so it’ll make like a taco
meat have that all prepped up ready to go so we could have tacos anytime
throughout the week a lot of times my husband will take them
for lunch or we can make a quick taco salad for lunch I also like to have pre
cooked up grilled chicken if it’s cold outside and my grill is covered in snow
then I’ll just put my chicken in my instant pot and cook it up that way but
I always have some precooked form of protein in my refrigerator that way if I
come home from work I don’t have anything planned I could just easily
grab that grab some vegetables make up a quick stir fry if I have the precooked
ground beef I can make up a lasagna I know you guys have seen my little is on
your recipe before if you haven’t I’ll have it linked up here for you or down
below in the description box so easy it’s delicious you got to try it
heavy whipping cream and nut milks are pretty much the only milk options that
you can have on the keto diet so I like to have both on hand I like to have the
heavy whipping cream in case I’m going to make a quick dessert like whipped
cream and berries but it also works great as a thickener too so you can
thicken up gravies and sauces with heavy whipping cream it can make your eggs
super creamy if you like to have scrambled eggs in the morning the nut
milk that I like to have on hand is macadamia nut milk I preferred over
almond milk because it has a higher fat content and it’s lower in carbs plus
it’s so creamy and it tastes delicious they have an unsweetened version which
is the blue label that’s what I usually get I’ll use it in my savory and my
sweet dishes but I will also sometimes get the vanilla flavored one because
it’s delicious it’s unsweetened but it has just a hint of vanilla I like to use
nut milks and I’m trying to thin out something like a gravy or sauce or
smoothies and I don’t want to add additional heavy cream because I don’t
want more carbs or more fat going into it I think I lied when I said that
berries were my favorite fruit to have because I forgot there’s one other fruit
that’s allowed on the keto diet and that’s avocado now avocados are great
because 3/4 of the calories of an avocado come from fat so it’s the
perfect food for you you can just shave off a couple of slices top it on a taco
salad I like to sprinkle some salt on it and I’ll just take that to lunch
oftentimes I’ll just bring an avocado and a knife and some salt to work when I
am too busy to pack my lunch and it’s perfect I mean don’t tell anybody I
bring a knife to work because that could get me in trouble this is a sharp knife
but it makes the perfect meal because it’s super high in fat it’s loaded in
fiber has lots of vitamins in it too it actually has more potassium than bananas
so as a pharmacist that’s my day job I actually will recommend when people have
leg cramps I recommend they go eat some avocados I don’t tell them to go eat a
banana because there’s not as much potassium in bananas plus they’re loaded
with sugar so I’ll tell them to go eat an avocado and see if
helps and if not then we’ll talk about some other options for them you could also add avocados to smoothies
you could also make guacamole I have an easy Akita of welcome only recipe on my
website you can also make those little avocado boats where they stuff them with
chicken salad or you can just crack an egg and put that on the avocado put in
the oven and bake it it makes a little egg egg boat avocado thingy I don’t know
what those are called but they’re really good an avocado works as a substitute
for mayo too so if you’re trying to make a lettuce wrap or just a low-carb wrap
you can just spread some avocado down and it serves as like a mayonnaise to
help moisten your wrap I like making avocado fries they’re delicious or fill
alongside a bunless burger I’ll leave my favorite
recipe link down below for you and you can also use avocado in your keto baking
so it works as a fat replacer so it’s replacing any of the oil and butter that
might go into a recipe so for every one cup of oil or butter you’re gonna use a
1 cup of mashed avocado I like to store my avocados in the fridge because I
think it keeps them from going bad too quickly and as some are looking sad you
can actually freeze them to just scoop out the green insides toss in a ziplock
bag and freeze it I’m sure if you’re on the keto diet you probably already have
this in your refrigerator unless you’re lactose intolerant or trying to avoid
dairy but that’s cheese and I always like to have cream cheese and regular
cheese stored in my refrigerator and the cheese that I mostly like to have in my
refrigerator is mozzarella cheese because I like to use it when I’m making
fat dough if I’m gonna make up a pizza or chuckles a lot of my chocolate
recipes require mozzarella cheese I like to have it on hand so I’m gonna make
some key to lasagna too but the cream cheese I like to add in if I’m gonna
just I want a little bit of creamy factor into a recipe like if I’m trying
to make like a soup nice and creamy or some sort of a stir fry add some
creaminess to that instead of using heavy cream sometimes I’ll just add a
little couple cubes of cream cheese and it also can be used as a thickener in
the sauces too just similar to the heavy cream you can just use cream cheese
instead cream cheese is also great if you’re
trying to make up some quick keto snacks like taking celery spreading cream
cheese on it you can sprinkle some everything but the bagel seasoning on
top or make a quick salami roll-up with some cream cheese inside maybe a little
pickle slices and there’s delicious as well and the last keto food that I
always like to have in my refrigerator is grass-fed butter and I get the
grass-fed kind I don’t get the conventional butter because I want my
family to have that extra a little bit of nutrients grass-fed butter is filled
with conjugated linoleic acid or clas and this is an essential fatty acid it
helps with inflammation so it’s naturally anti-inflammatory it also
helps with muscle growth and grass-fed butter is filled with vitamin k2 which
is also essential for bone health plus grass-fed butter tastes amazing so I
love to use it in everything so anytime I’m sauteing vegetables even some meat
if you’re finishing off a steak throw some butter on there I use it in my
Aikido baking too I mean I don’t have to tell you what to use butter in because
you probably already know it’s butter it’s the keto diet it’s amazing just
make sure you don’t run out these were the ten items that I like to keep in my
refrigerator at all times so there are many more items that I could add some of
this list if you guys have some ideas make sure you comment them down below so
maybe we can get to thinking about hey maybe I should always have that in there
that’s a really good idea some of my other ones are chicken broth I always
have a barbecue sauce on hand too what else do I do pickles garlic I
usually keep garlic in there I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you liked it
please give me a thumbs up because that tells me if I should make more videos
like this have a good one bye

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