【FUTURE SUITS!】Plan Your Diamonds! Pigeon, Round 3!

【FUTURE SUITS!】Plan Your Diamonds! Pigeon, Round 3!

Hello, this is Iri, and surprise, today we
have a long-waited future suits video! I figured that since a collab is coming up
on the English server, it would be helpful for us to check out some future suits and
organize our wish and diamond planning lists. So let’s get right into it – first we have
“The Dream of Unicorn,” a very new lucky bag suit that came out on the Chinese server. I got it the day it came out in early February. Yes, it comes with a purple skin and I have
used it 3 times in competition already and I have to say that she does reeeally well. She is usually the last tier of the lucky
bag series though so even if LN makes her a cumulative recharge instead she’ll still
sadly be around $75 for most people, though you do get 4 other suits with it. Such as…this next one “White Feather Dreamscape”
– At first most people on the Chinese server were a bit thrown off because it’s yet another
yellow suit, but very soon the pose took over, because it looks like she’s asking you to
hug her. Very precious background item too. More things for Nikki to sit on. The next few aren’t really future suits
since the English server is about to have them in a few days and you know, I talked
almost 12 minute about them in my other video that I hope you enjoyed. But this next one is new, it’s an association
shop suit, there is no recolor so it’s merciful on your assoc coins. This waist item she has can also save an outfit
if Nikki’s legs look too skinny for your liking. Then we have the popular Miss Beverly, with
an entire whole window alcove and blue-eyed cat. Needless to say, very much used, and it’s
an event suit of 1,752 diamonds and around 432 stamina. No need to save stamina beforehand. Love of Luna river is next – If you’ve seen
my Instagram, this is a collab suit with the series Abandoned Empress. Her sleeves are not my favorite but the blue
makes me happy. I’m not sure if the English server will
get this one but if it does, the suit’s free! ‘ Another essentially free suit here, “Time
Collector”, this is a chapter suit from volume 2, chapter 7, with the clock / gear
look going on. My favorite part about Pigeon suits, a part
from the big Pigeon dresses. Next to her is “Nature’s Ridden”, also
a chapter suit with a coat pose! Granted I don’t use it a lot, but the fact
that a chapter suit has a pose and a recolor that’s so detailed that even the gem she’s
holding has a different color in the recolor, that makes it a very well-meaning suit. And we also have “Afternoon Sweet Dreams”,
another chapter suit and it’s so, SO good! This hair? Soft and highly styleable, the dress isn’t
really my aesthetics but it’s got that nice gradient going on too and the hats. I use these hats too much, as you might have
seen from my past videos. They’re now a go-to for me whenever I need
something gentle or flowery to stack on Nikki’s head. This isn’t free but it sure is refreshing
-“After the Rain”, a hell event minor suit, the pick and choose one. Its accessories look absolutely spectacular
on darker skins and I’ll show them to the max when the English server gets it. We also have Cinderella, another Disney collab
suit, I talked about her sparkles in my Frozen video already and the fellow suit, Ariel,
from the same round of collab, she has these animated bubbles instead of sparkles. These two together were like 8,000 diamonds
though haha, so definitely not cheap. But at least this next association shop suit
isn’t too expensive. “Crimson Knight” It’s not a stunning
suit but I love the “handsome” theme and really wish we have more of it in-game. “Tidal Night Travel Song” is another chapter
suit, so at least she doesn’t cost diamonds. And yes, she is that tall. Her handheld mixes well with many styles of
outfits. So does her hat. I’m continuously surprised at how much I
use it. She also has a recolor. “Prayer of Peace,” is another chapter
suit. Love that pink, the gentleness, the sister
theme. And if you don’t, well here’s the purple
version for you. “Light of Freedom,” is not a chapter suit. It’s a hell event minor suit again, based
on the NPC Ransa. Again, not an extravagant suit, but it’s
super reliable and might be exactly what you’re looking for sometimes. “Language of Stars,” yay we’re back
to chapter suits again. A special chapter suit too because she comes
with her own makeup and coat pose, which we don’t see that often. There is also a blue version and what I like
about it is that you can tell that they recolored the hair so that it has a different hue for
each version, even when the original hair can easily look nice on the recolored dress
too. So that’s today’s talk on future suits,
Pigeon edition. We went over a whole 16 suits and I hope they
at least gave you an idea of some suits that you may want to save up for, or not, whichever
fits what you’re looking for from the game more. If you can like and subscribe, I’d really
appreciate it. It does inform me whether one type of video
is more helpful to you. Thank you so much again for watching and I’ll
see you next time!

77 thoughts on “【FUTURE SUITS!】Plan Your Diamonds! Pigeon, Round 3!

  1. ❤️ Subtitles available!
    ❤️ Hehe since multiple really nice players asked – there are no hints! I wouldn't dare tbh 😆I really just wanted to talk about future suits last night 🤗 And thank you so much for the support!!!

  2. Aah I have expensive taste again… I hope I have diamonds left after Frozen because I'm waiting for the Butterfly suit that came with Miss Hester. I think it comes back in march?

  3. Thank you for this video ! I'm definitely skipping all of the Disney Collab suits because they are so expensive and not my style but I love those chapter outfits, can't wait to use them !

  4. I really want the unicorn elf one so much! And there’s others I like too! But don’t care that much for Frozen and Disney Princesses x3

  5. Thank you so much for this video. Looks like I'll save my dias and don't spent all of them on the Frozen event. Sure, I like it but I have only a little bit over 2000 and there is no way I can save enough for everything. I'll try a few pulls and then I'll be fine with what I get.
    Now that we have the chance to get other Disney suits and the window one… Yeah, I guess I'll save

  6. I wish they update sooner, just to have those wonderful chapter suits, and miss Beverly? yes please she is so charming, such lady, really impressed how detailed these suits are

  7. Great video, these future suits videos are my favorites! I cant wait to see what's hopefully coming to our server one day 🥰

  8. Thanks for the info as always. And yup definetely skipping Frozen collab. Even if it's not coming back, there are a lot of stunning upcoming suits anyway. And there's a rumor that the next event is a hell event? Definitely farming diamonds!!

  9. Oh, I pray you continue this for all of them. Because I've got all official pics sorted in folders to be able ot check quckly when considering what to get. But often these lack recolors and I won't know if e.g. the pose is the dress or coat etc.. So it's very helpful if you can keep opening the item windows even for a short bit and show recolors for 2 secs. Just enough to screenshot n add to the storage! Pricing for event suits is ofcourse extra appreciated. <3 Thank you very much for going through the work of creating videos for us.

  10. these are all so pretty! i love the one with the big window and the cute white kitty! and the first one! if our next lucky bags have that suit i won't hesitate getting it, it's just stunning. thank you so much as always iri ❤️❤️

  11. That last chapter suit with the makeup is so gorgeous!!! Most of my favourite suits here were association or chapter suits~~~ yay

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  13. Thank you!! I think this is the first future suits vid of yours that's current XD I started playing when the others where already in progress. Ms Beverly looks cool! And the chapter suits look really good!! Altho knowing our server… If we get them all within a year that'd be a miracle ;___; Just give me more chapters and dreamweavers dammit. It sucks when a player that's been playing for nearly a year has now caught up to all the game mechanics.. The ones that have been playing for longer must be so bored with nothing to do other than events. I wish they'd release things on a better schedule. And none of this back to back same expensive stuff BS. (yes eyeing you collabs).

  14. Anyone know what the next hell event might be? It’s been a while since we had a new one and there’s been talk of a new one coming after the frozen collar.

  15. The future chapter suits are so good! I've been so impressed with the increasing quality of chapter suits as the story goes on, and I'm glad to see that the trend continues!

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    My head starts to wander in the realm of “what can I create next with all these future accessories”
    Always so fun to see stuff like this 🖤 thank you

  18. First thought: I want that window item.

    Second thought: Their update schedule is abominable and the way they treat the English server is alarming with how slow they are to react to updating anything. We're already way behind yet they already skipped a Hell Event to get to the second part of it which I still don't understand why they did it. Didn't help that it was costly either.

  19. Umm I just wanna ask (if its ok) where did you get the background because its so pretty it reminds of the song sister's enternal mercy

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    I only need to worry about the Ariel and Cinderella suit because i want them. At least some parts of the suits. I don't think i need the full suit.

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